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Chapter 1

February 2002

"Oh My God! I am so late!" she said to herself as she ran through the entrance of the hospital. I'm still in my first week and I'm late already". She ran to the elevators that were just about to close "HOLD THE ELEVATOR" at which point the end of a cane was wedged in the elevator door to stop it from closing. She ran into the elevator "Thank You!" she said, but got no response. She leaned against the wall of the elevator and went to press her floor number, to find it was already lit. She closed her eyes and put her head back against the wall. The elevator stopped on each floor and finally number 4 was reached, she opened her eyes and the guy with the cane was also alighting at the same floor. "Excuse me sir, patients are not allowed up here, you must have the wrong floor number" he turned around and glared at her and then walked off. She called after him again but he ignored her completely. She watched him walk off – well more like lumbering off she thought, he didn't look very comfortable with the cane and he leaned on it very heavily. She was about to go after him, when she saw that he was heading towards Dr Wilsons office aahhh- cancer patient, they did sometimes come up to Dr Wilsons office – must be a bad one she thought.

She blinked herself out of her daydream oh my god that was 10 years ago, that was my first week in HR at PPTH and I'm still here now she gathered some files to take to Dr Foreman on her way out. She put on her coat and locked the door to the HR department. She stood there for a second or two, she liked it at this time of the evening, not a lot of people around and you could get so much more done. OK lets go home, but lets go the long way she smiled to herself. As she got part way down the corridor she could see there was a glow of light coming the Diagnostic conference room, she stopped for a moment to catch her breath was he going to be there she stood back against the wall, which was just in the shadows, just like she always did, she stood just watching what are you 16 or something, for god sake woman your 40 years old, you have been doing this for 10 years, you have loved this man 10 years and he doesn't even know who you are - get a grip As she stood there telling herself off in her day dream, she was suddenly jolted back into reality and the files she had in her hand went flying – "You know you should just take a picture it lasts longer" he said and walked on past her "I already did" she said just loud enough for him to hear. She heard him stop for a moment then he started walking again. She turned her face around to watch him. He was so graceful now with the cane – years of practice I guess she thought. She gathered her files up off of the floor and walked promptly to the elevator, so she could deliver them to Dr Foreman on her way out.

House was sitting on the couch in the conference room staring at a blank white board, he had no case at the moment, but he didn't really want to go home either, although he would have to soon because of the damn curfew. But atleast there were only 6 weeks left, then he could go to a bar or go bowling or get dinner – he was getting really bored at being on tag and being bored just got him into trouble.

His leg was also getting stiff from sitting in one position for too long, he decided to move around, maybe he could do a lap of the floor and then go home. He hoisted himself up and as he did so he caught someone watching him from the shadow "ooohhh goody time for some fun" he thought.

He walked up to her quite noisily but she didn't seem to see him and then he said "you know you should just a take picture it lasts longer" in the most sarcastic voice he could muster, he almost laughed right there and then a she jolted back to reality, dropped the files and went bright red, but he held on and carried on walking "if only she could see his face" then he heard her say "I already did" and he stopped and he couldn't help but chuckle to himself and he carried on with his lap, then he took another one, but his time she was gone. He was back in his office he and kept thinking about the woman from earlier, he was sure he knew her face from somewhere but didn't know where. He gathered his backpack, coat and files and headed down towards Foremans office on his way out.

As he went through the clinic towards Foreman's office he could see her in there, so forward he went, as he got to Foremans door she came out, she looked straight at him – not that she had a lot of choice in that – "Goodnight Dr House" she said and walked out. He just nodded to her. He gave the files to Foreman and sat down "who was that- I think she's stalking me"

"Yeah right, course she is, her names Andrea, she's been in HR for the past 10 years, I'm surprised you don't know her on first name terms!"

"Funny" Said House "I don't want to know her if she works in HR and she definitely won't wanna know me that's for sure"

"Well actually that's about to change, she's been assistant manager in HR for 3 years now but has also been covering as assistant manager in finance which is where she will be transferring to next month when Booker leaves, so she won't be in HR any more so she will be free " Foreman said with a smirk on his face.

House gave Foreman a slight glare and got up out of his chair "Night Foreman" and went home. He was still sure he knew her from somewhere – but not HR!