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3 months later

House sat in his car inside his garage, it was 2am he had just got home from the hospital, he often just sat in the car – day dreaming really. Everything in his life was so good right now, he had to pinch himself occasionally to make sure he wasn't hallucinating or having an illusion. But then he would look around himself – new car, new house, new family – new life. He pulled himself out of the day dream and out of the car, went upto the door pushed the button so it opened, chucked his keys on the side and went straight to the fridge to get a beer. He took a slug of beer and went through to the lounge, nobody was up – that's good he thought, atleast they hadn't waited up for him. He went to the bedroom and saw Andrea asleep, then went to Daniels room he was asleep too, then to the last stop of his routine before he showered – the nursery. He always came to check on her, they had been lucky so far, the blood had just been an infection, but they still had a ways to go before they knew for sure if she had any brain damage, as they didn't know how long she had been without oxygen – but so far so good. He entered the room and went over to the crib, he pulled down the side bars, "Hey Mia my princess, hows it going?" he whispered as he held her hand. He hadn't seen her properly for a couple of days, he wanted to pick her up and cuddle her, but he would get so told off for it and he didn't want that in the middle of the night, so he was content to just hold her hand. After a couple of minutes she started stirring, he looked at the clock and thought it must be time for a feed.

This was his special time with Mia, he liked doing the night feeds and it gave Andrea a rest. He picked her up and snuggled her to his chest, took her to the changing station and changed her bum, talking to her all the time. Then they went out to the kitchen, he made her bottle and then went into the lounge. He put her gently down on the couch and moved himself to the couch too and proceeded to feed her, wind her and sing gently to her.

Andrea had stirred when she heard whispering on the monitor she knew who it was and just listened, she loved they way he spoke to her. Then when she knew they would be confy on the couch, she went to the lounge doorway and just watched. She still like to watch him from a distance, even at work still – although he normally knew when she was there – he just amazed her all the time. You knew when he had a particularly troublesome case, he would 'pace' the 4th floor on crutches and every so often he would stop at one of the benches and sit and absent mindedly be rubbing his thigh, on one occasion when she had been watching him she had laughed out loud at the sight, he hadn't quite realised why she was laughing until she told him – he hadn't even realised he was doing it! She smiled to herself, went back to bed and left them to it, she dosed off to sleep but not for long, she put her arm out to cuddle up, only to find his side of the bed still empty. So she got up again and went to the lounge – sure enough there they were sound asleep together on the couch. She bent over, gave them both a kiss and put a throw over them to keep them warm. Then went off to bed again. It wasn't the first time it had happened and she doubted it was be the last – little Mia was definately going to be a daddys girl – she would probably still be finding them like that when she was 10!...

3 years later

House sat in is car in the car park, he had plenty of time, he was early for once. Wilson came up to the car and tapped gently on the window.

"Hey House, you ready for this?"

"I think so" He said as the opened the door.

"Well come on then, get your butt out of the car and get in there"

House got himself out, Wilson knew not to ask if he needed any help, these days if he needed it he would ask. "Wilson can you get the crutches out of the back"

"Yeah sure, you still planning on using them?"

"Not sure what to do yet, that's what I originally wanted – now I'm not so sure!"

Wilson looked at House as they made their way into the building and he raised his eyebrows.

"Yeah I know, I'm actually happy with the way I am now, I don't have a problem with the chair – or people looking at me. I've been to 2 conferences and spoken at both, the 1st one I stood up for and then sat down straight away for the Q & A session, hoping that no-one would notice my lack of movement, indeed no-one noticed anything or atleast they didn't say anything and I felt like a fraud. For the 2nd one I did it all from the chair, even stayed for dinner and no-one seemed to care and I felt better"

"I think you just answered your own question House" Said Wilson

"Yeah maybe I did – but what would Andrea prefer?"

"I think she would be comfortable with whatever you decide on"

"mmmm, I think I'll stand, can you just make sure the chair is close – just in case"

They went to the front of the room and got themselves sorted, guests had started to arrive – it wouldn't be long now. They were having a small wedding they had only invited about 20 guests, but that was plenty enough. He heard the music start for Andrea & Daniel to walk in, his stomach tightened, he got himself up and moved to the registrar and watched as Mia walked down the isle throwing petals out, closely followed by Andreas friend Lianne pulling a wagon all decorated with flowers with their son Calum who was now 8 months old sitting in cooeing at everyone. Closely followed by Andrea & Daniel, he actually had tears in his eyes already.

As he stood there watching, Mia was just finishing her duty and came straight up to him and tugged at his trousers.

"Why are you standing up daddy, you should be in your chair silly?" pointing her finger at him.

"Its ok for now princess, I wont be standing for long and Uncle Jimmy has the chair ready just in case"

"K daddy, not too long you promise, love you" With that she walked over to Lianne and sat on the seat next to her and made a fuss of her brother.

Andrea & Daniel walked slowly down the isle so that everyone could take in how beautiful she looked. As Daniel handed Andrea to House he patted House on the back "Looking good Pop"

Andrea had a huge smile on her face and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "You didn't have to do this you know, the chair would have been fine"

"Yeah well, lets get on with this cos I'm not gonna last forever" he said with a smile on his face.

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today….

I now pronounce you man and wife – you may kiss the bride….

They leant in for a kiss, initially barely touching each others lips, but their eyes said it all, all the love in world.

Just as they finished their kiss Mia tiptoed to Wilson "Uncle James can you get my dads chair I think he needs to sit down now, hes been standing too long – I told him just a little while!" she whispered.

"OK sweet-pea ill get it"

House turned around to see what was going on, when he realised what was happening he just smiled even more. He moved himself towards Mia "Hey Princess I'm fine you know"

"No daddy you promised – just a little while you need to sit down NOW!"

"I'm fine Princess just a little longer, help Uncle Jimmy take it up to the end of the isle OK"

"K, but I'll be waiting"

With that House and Andrea made their way up the isle slowly together, she even managed to hold onto his hand aswell to lots of cheers and confetti. As soon as they reached the end Mia was there waiting. She tugged on his jacket.


"Ok, ok, I will hold on" he turned to Daniel for help as he really did feel ok. Daniel just shrugged his shoulders and whispered "I don't think you have a choice, she's not gonna let it go" he loved the way his sister could get their dad to do almost anything. She may have had a few physical developmental issues but her very active brain was definitely all in tacked.

When they all got outside they had a few photos done and then they were all together by the car, Mia and Calum were on Houses lap and Andrea was bending down to them

"Now you two, are you going to behave for Daniel, we will only be gone a few days"

"We are gonna be fine Mommy, you and Daddy have fun"

Wilson put the children into Daniels car, House shook Daniels hand and made himself scarce by getting himself into his car.

Daniel gave his Mom a big hug "So how does it feel – you finally got him"

"It feels ….FANTASTIC…. I feel like the final piece of the puzzle has been put in place" she said with the biggest smile you could imagine….