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Chapter 1: Reunion

Haruhi Fujioka stood in front of the full-length mirror as she looked over her outfit for the night. She wore a white pants suit with a powder blue shirt underneath with her black heels. Her hair, now shoulder length hung loosely as her diamond stud earrings shined brightly. She grabbed her black clutch as she looked over what other things she would possibly need for this class reunion. She also wondered who she would see when she got there.

She knew she would see the twins; they had been in her graduating class. Mori now instructed martial arts at Ouran so she was almost positive she would see him. In addition, Hunny-sempai wouldn't miss the chance to reunite so it was safe to assume Kyouya would possibly make an appearance as well. Then there was the now chairman of Ouran High School Tamaki Souh. As much as she was not looking forward to that happy reunion as Chairman, he was obligated to be there.

Haruhi gave her bedroom one last look over before turning out the lights. It was time to get this night over with, because no matter what she was looking forward to seeing all of her old friends again.

1 Month Prior

Haruhi sat in her behind her desk in her office as she looked over the paperwork from her case. Her paralegal, Yui Hayashibara sat quietly typing up the memo that Haruhi had instructed her to send out. Haruhi put down the paper work and rubbed her eyes sleepily. She had been working for 10 hours straight and was ready to stop for the day. Being a family lawyer was hard work. She had to deal with custody cases, divorces and all of the emotions that came along with the cases.

Haruhi began to straighten up her desk when suddenly her phone rang. It wasn't unusual for clients to call late so she picked up the phone and mentally reminded herself to switch her calls to do not disturb so they would go straight to voice mail after this call.

"This is Fujioka Haruhi."

"Hello, this is a reminder from the Ouran High School Alumni association of the upcoming class reunion…" the automated voice began.

Haruhi was surprised that it called so late, but then again they had probably called her house so much and had not received an answer.

After listening to the rest of the message Haruhi hung up the phone softly, Ouran's ten-year reunion. She could not believe it had been that long already.

Her mind instantly wondered to the former host club members and she couldn't help but wonder what they were up to now. She had some idea about Hikaru and Kaoru because she had read that the twins had become the C.E.O. of their mother company while she stepped back into the Chairman role.

Other than the twins, she had not heard about anything concerning the others. However, more than likely they were doing just fine in their lives no matter if they had inherited their family businesses or not.

I wonder how he's doing? She thought to herself as she thought about her blonde haired sempai. It had been eight years since she'd seen him and it wasn't a day that went by that she didn't think of him even when she tried her hardest not to.

"Hey Yui," Haruhi began as she looked over at her paralegal.

The girl looked up from the laptop she was typing on and looked at her boss expectantly.

"Yes ma'am?"

"Can you please mark in my calendar that my ten year class reunion will be a month from today. And make it a high priority and do not schedule anything the day of the reunion."

"Yes, I will do that," Yui replied as she clicked her mouse and began to do as Haruhi instructed.

Haruhi stood up and stretched, she was tired and in need of some rest.

"Yui, let's call It a night ok."

Haruhi pulled up to Ouran High School and parked her car. The lot was already full and by the looks of it, she seemed to be one of the last people to show up. After a few minutes of trying to find a space, she managed to find a spot fairly close to the entrance. As she got out of the car, she began to shiver and wished she had brought a jacket with her. Earlier it had been a lot warmer but since the sun had gone down the early fall chill was beginning to kick in.

She locked her car door and began to walk towards the ballroom. As she got to the door two men, who contained a list asked for her name. When she told them her name, they crossed her off the list and let her inside. When she opened the door what greeted her was no surprise, Ouran was always over the top.

The ballroom was decorated with the school colors. There was a huge monitor near where they had built a stage showing the high school pictures of everyone and stating what they were doing now. Haruhi watched in fascination as they pictures popped up and showed what they were doing.

She then watched her own picture pop up and it stated what she was doing now.

The picture they had shown was her senior picture, and it was after she'd come out as a girl. A great deal of people had been surprised that she was a girl but Haruhi herself was shocked that she received more positive output than negative.

Many things had happened during her senior year of high school, more good than bad.

Her chocolate eyes wondered from the monitor and began to look around the ballroom. Many familiar faces but it seemed that no one had noticed her yet. She felt a bit grateful and even contemplated leaving when suddenly a voice behind her caught her by surprise.


The lawyer turned around and looked into a pair of golden brown eyes that were looking at her thoughtfully. A small smile crept upon her face as she felt nostalgia looking at her former classmate.

"How have you been, Kaoru?"

Kaoru looked down at her and smiled warmly, "nice to know you can still tell us apart, Haruhi."

Haruhi extended her arm to shake his hand but instead he grabbed her and wrapped his arms around her.

"It's been such a long time, Hikaru and I have always wondered what had happened to you."

Haruhi pulled back from the hug slowly and looked up at him, "well I became a family lawyer like my mother. I have my own law firm downtown. It's small but we have a good reputation by word of mouth so I get a lot of clients," she told him proudly.

"What about your family? Husband? Kids?"

"Neither," Haruhi replied abruptly. "I don't exactly have the time."

Kaoru nodded understandably at her statement, he understood that situation perfectly.

"Well look at who we have here," a sultry voice interrupted their conversation.

Haruhi turned around and found herself looking at a woman who she thought she would never see again.

"What are you doing here," she stated ignoring formalities.

"Why shouldn't I be here? My husband is the Chairman of this institution after all," she stated smugly.

Haruhi looked over at Kaoru who sighed loudly, "where is Chairman Souh at by the way?" Kaoru asked ignoring the obvious questionable look on Haruhi's face.

"My Husband," Éclair began as she emphasized the word husband. "Is over by the stage greeting former graduates of the school. I believe your brother is also over there with his pregnant wife right now." Éclair stated as she stared at Haruhi.

Haruhi felt overwhelmed. She knew everyone had grown up and would possibly have families of their own. It had been ten years since she'd seen everyone. The news of everyone getting married and having families was a bit much, considering all she had done was buried herself into her work all these years. But what really shocked her was that Tamaki had married Éclair of all people! It had to have been an arranged marriage. And knowing Tamaki's kind heart he had agreed to it and treated her kindly regardless of the arrangement.

"Haruhi let's go over and greet everyone," Kaoru said grabbing her hand.

"I think I need some air first," Haruhi said as evaded his grasp and began to walk towards the door.

What had she been doing all these years and what for? Being successful was important but the things that had mattered the most she had brushed aside. But was that really what was bothering her? Or did she think after all of these years she would be the center of their attention?

Haruhi shook off the selfish notion as she took a deep breath and inhaled the crisp fall air.

Kaoru watched as Haruhi stormed out of the ballroom. He wanted to run after her but felt that it would be best if she had a few minutes to herself.

"Don't you think it would have been best if Sempai had told her that news himself?" He asked turning around and looking at Éclair coldly.

"Wow so overprotective, you would think that would have gone away after all these years."

Kaoru rolled his eyes, "cut it Mrs. Souh," he said sarcastically. "I'm sure the chairman would have preferred to tell her himself."

"Or not tell her at all," Éclair cut in nastily.

"That woman's ghost has been a thorn in my marriage. All he thought about was her, all he considered doing was finding her. It took him almost a year to be intimate with me because he'd rather work and think about her than spend time with me. I worked too hard to get her out of my marriage and I refuse to allow my husband to see her and lie about his life with me whether it was arranged or not."

Kaoru sighed deeply, he understood her point but he was more concerned about Haruhi's feelings more than anything. He knew that she had developed feelings for her sempai but decided to walk away from those feelings because of the pressures of his family and his lifestyle.

"Give her some time, she'll get over it," Éclair stated coolly. "The princess needs to realize that the men of the former host club lives does not revolve around her."

Kaoru glared at her and as much as he hated her being right he knew she was. She every right to protect her marriage that she had tried so hard to make right with her husband, however, there was a right and wrong way to do things and that definitely was inconsiderate on her part.

"I'm going to let sempai know that she's here."

Éclair glared at the twin but followed him over to where Tamaki stood, talking to guests.

"Chairman Souh," Kaoru cut in rudely into the blonde's conversation.

Tamaki's eyes lit up, "Kaoru, glad you could make it."

"There is something I need to speak to you about," the younger twin stated as he motioned for Tamaki to follow him.

Tamaki excused himself and followed Kaoru over to a quiet corner. Kaoru soon realized Tamaki wasn't the only one who had followed, Hikaru had followed as well.

"Where have you been Kaoru? Kina and I have been looking for you, remember we brought her cousin here to meet you…"

"There's no time for that at the moment," Kaoru said cutting his brother off.

"Sempai," he began turning towards Tamaki. "Haruhi is here."

Tamaki's smile wavered a bit, "well… where is she I haven't seen her in eight long years."

"She went outside to get some air, after hearing the news of you and Éclair."

Tamaki sighed, "Éclair told her?"

"Yes, pretty much rubbed it in her face."

"That woman…" Hikaru mumbled.

"I will go and find her," Tamaki said as he walked away towards the ballroom exit.

Kaoru noticed Éclair following him with her eyes and began to pursue him.

"Hikaru, let's go out there as well."

"Ok," the older twin responded.

Haruhi sat in her car, a moment of air turned into a moment of regret and she soon decided it was time for her to leave. The twins would not be hard to contact and she was sure she would be able to meet up with the other guys after that.

She turned the key in the ignition but was interrupted by a knock on her window.

Her eyes turned up and was shocked to be staring into the pair of blue eyes that she had thought about obsessively over the years. The same eyes that for two years of her life, looked at her with nothing but admiration and affection. The eyes of the man she had decided to walk away from because she was unable to handle the pressures of his life.

"Haruhi, open up the door," he asked softly.

Everything in her wanted to say no, but she found herself unlocking the passage door. Tamaki climbed in and locked the door.

"Can you please drive somewhere so we can have a bit of privacy?" He asked pleadingly.

Haruhi looked over, saw the twins and Éclair looking for around, and figured they had been trying to find Tamaki.

Haruhi put her car in reverse and drove away quickly. In her review mirror, she saw the three of them staring at the car and suddenly Tamaki's phone began to ring.

"Hello," he answered.

"Yes I was in the car, but I'll be back in a few minutes I promise, don't worry." The blonde paused as he listened to his wife on the other end.

"Yes I love you too," he replied.

Haruhi felt a sting in her chest and slammed on the brakes. They ended up in front of a park a half a mile away from the school.

"What did you want to talk about?" She asked looking straight ahead.

Tamaki hung up his phone and turned it off. He sat it down between them and let out a heavy sigh. "I'm happy you decided to show up tonight, I didn't think you would."

"I really wanted to see everyone tonight, it's been so long since I've seen everyone," replied Haruhi.

"How have you been?" Tamaki asked quietly.

"I've been good, started my own firm. I have a lot of clients…"

"Exactly what you wanted…"

"Not quite," she replied leaving the rest of her thoughts lingering in silence.

"Can I say something to you without you getting annoyed?" Tamaki asked turning towards her.

Haruhi turned her head towards him silently as she waited for his question.

Tamaki smiled warmly at her as he reached over and took her hand in his. "You look absolutely beautiful tonight, my memories of you give you no justice."

Haruhi blushed deeply as she tried to pull her hand away from him.

"Sempai please stop it, that's highly inappropriate for a married man to say."

Tamaki looked down sadly, "yes I am married, but not to the woman that I originally wanted. I respect Éclair but… I've always loved only one woman."

Haruhi felt her heart skip a beat. She wanted a second chance with him but how could that happened with the marriage, and the business arrangements?

"Sempai I…"

"Haruhi, I'm not your sempai," he said softly as he leaned in and kissed her lips gently.

All her thoughts and worries melted away as she lost herself in his kiss.

End Chapter

Author Notes: There are probably a lot of questions about their past and those questions will be answered in the upcoming chapters. I hope whoever read this chapter enjoyed it.