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Chapter 4: Tension

"Yui," Haruhi buzzed the intercom and waited for her paralegal to answer. She sat at her desk as she looked at her calendar. She had quite a few important cases coming up and realized that she needed more manpower than just her and Yui now. For the past two years since she had started her firm she had been saving up quite a bit of money in the company account for when she decided to hire more people. Now was the best time to start doing that.

After a few seconds, her paralegal buzzed back, "Yes Miss Fujioka?"

"Can you come in here for a minute?" She responded letting go of the button.

Less than a minute later, Yui walked into her office, ready to take notes as usual. Haruhi motioned for her to sit down as she picked up her pencil and began to tap on her desk subconsciously. Her medium-length brown hair was flowing loosely today, different from the bun she always put her hair up in, maybe she needed a haircut?

"I think it's time that we start hiring more people. When are you going to graduate from law school?" Haruhi asked inquisitively. She always knew that when Yui graduated that she wanted to hire her into the company as a full-time lawyer.

"Ma'am I'm actually done with my work, my graduation ceremony is in a month and a half."

Haruhi's eyes widen, "I'm so sorry I didn't know! Congratulations!"

"It's okay; I just finished a little over a week ago."

"So what are your future plans? "

"W-well Miss Fujioka, I was hoping that I could be hired as a full-time attorney once I graduated."

Haruhi smiled and felt a sign of relief upon hearing that. The truth was she had been waiting for Yui to graduate so that she could hire her as a full-time attorney. However, Haruhi had been unsure whether she wanted to continue her career at her law firm or not.

"Great! How about this, until your graduation ceremony you will now shadow me. I can't allow you to give any legal advice, or accept any cases until you have officially graduated. But you can still interview clients and research as you were before. Only this time you will accompany me when I'm dealing with a legal case. I will hire another paralegal to replace you in which I will allow you to perform the first interview and I will perform the second interview. And when you graduate I'll hire you a paralegal because then you will be allowed to take on your own cases. How does that sound?"

Yui's brown eyes lit up, "I love the sound of that Miss Fujioka! I would be more than honored to work with you."

Haruhi smiled, "I'm honored as well. You have been with me ever since I started this firm. You know the ins and outs I don't have to train you much at all, only to help you learn more skills to be a successful practicing attorney. I'm happy that you want to continue your legal career with me."

Yui smiled, obviously happy about her future promotion.

"Oh and two more things, we will discuss your future salary when you receive your degree and I would like you to post a job ad for a paralegal. Since you know what it takes to be my paralegal, I will trust you with the details of the job description. However, I will like to see the final draft of the job ad before you post it okay?"

"Yes Ma'am, I'll get right on it," Yui responded standing up.

Haruhi smiled and nodded signifying that her paralegal could leave the office. When Yui left out and shut the door the brown-haired woman could not help but to smile to herself, she was expanding her business. Slowly but surely it was becoming more and more of a success.

The brown haired girl stood up from her chair and walked over to her office window. The view outside was breathtaking. Fall was definitely here and nothing screamed fall more than the changing of the leaves.

"Haruhi Fujioka, it's been a while," a calm smooth voice said breaking the comfortable silence of her office walls. Haruhi turned around to find herself staring into the eyes of Ootori Kyouya. He had aged well. He still had his short haircut and still wore his glasses but he had gotten taller, his features had matured making him even more handsome than he had been back in high school.

"Kyouya-sempai, it's been a long time," she said as she smiled at him warmly.

"It has," he stated as he sat down in the chair in front of her desk and crossed his legs. He pushed up his glasses calmly as he stared at her. "I've heard you've been getting into a bit of trouble lately."

Haruhi sighed as she sat back down in her chair, did everyone know what had occurred between her and Tamaki? But then again she wasn't surprised since the two men had lunch together recently, it was bound to come up.

"I guess you can say that," she said trying to gather her thoughts. This wasn't something she desired to discuss anymore. "It was one time, it won't happen again."

Kyouya stared at her in silence and it was hard to tell what he was truly thinking. Was he going to warn her to back off? Or was he going to go the good guy route and take her word for it?

"Haruhi, you've grown into a very beautiful woman, no wonder Tamaki desires you so much."

That caught Haruhi off guard, desirable?! Kyouya was flirting with her?!

She looked at her former sempai curiously, what was his game?

"Sempai that was definitely not what I was expecting from you."

"Oh really? Well it's only to be expected, you were the host club's princess after all you didn't expect only the twins and Tamaki were attracted to you did you?"

Haruhi was at a loss for words.

"Well the real reason I stopped by was to invite you to a birthday party next week. It's my sister Fuyumi's birthday party. She wanted me to invite the former host club and technically you were in the host club so I'm inviting you as well," he leaned over and handed her the invitation.

Wow a birthday at the Ootori residence, that should definitely be an interesting night.

"Just so you know you can bring a plus one, so be prepared to see Éclair again," he added as he observed her closely.

"So that means Mori-sempai and Hunny-sempai will be there as well?"

Kyouya stood up as he straighten out his jacket, "yes they will be there as well."

"Well I'll be there also, with a plus one," Haruhi added.

"Good," Kyouya said as he flashed her a smile.

Haruhi didn't like his smile, she could tell there was something behind it.

"Well I have to be going; it was nice seeing you again Haruhi."

"It was nice seeing you too Kyouya-sempai."

The tall brunette walked over to her and Haruhi was expecting a handshake but instead she got a kiss on the forehead. She looked up at her sempai and blushed slightly. "You know, you are still our princess, even though some of us are married, or engaged, you are still important to us."

"Sempai…." Haruhi trailed off.

"Well I can do you a favor before I leave," Kyouya responded pulling out his cell phone. "I overheard your conversation with your paralegal earlier; I can get you some help over here to help clean out that office."

Haruhi nodded in appreciation, some help definitely would be nice.

When Haruhi's "help" had arrived, it was in the form of the twins, Mori and Tamaki. Kyouya walked over to the blond who had a change of clothes for the brunette so that he could help clean the office in more appropriate attire.

Yui was shocked by the former members of the host club's beauty, Haruhi watched as she starred at all of the members dreamily.

"So where is this office we are supposed to help clear out?" Hikaru asked coolly though he looked a bit irritated. Even Haruhi couldn't believe that Kyouya had called these guys to help clean.

"I'm shocked you guys are really going to help clean the extra office?" Haruhi asked in disbelief.

"If we weren't going to help we wouldn't be here," Kaoru said as he smiled slightly.

"I figured we could do a few favors for you sometimes," Kyouya spoke up as he walked back into the waiting room area that everyone else was standing in.

Haruhi looked at him but was cut off by Mori who had walked up to her and blocked her view. He looked down at her and smiled gently.

"It's been too long Mori-sempai, it's great to see you again," Haruhi said to him warmly. It was obvious to her that Mori was still a man of very few words.

"Ok let's get this office cleaned out!" Tamaki said excitedly.

The twins rolled their eyes as Kyouya nodded in agreement. Haruhi looked at everyone in deep appreciation; they should not spoil her like this.

Haruhi hung up the phone; she had just gotten off the phone with a client and she was mentally exhausted. She was prepared to go into the extra office and help the guys out when Kaoru entered her office.

"Haruhi," he said her voice in a singsong manner, "I am here to find out what you wanted for dinner, Hunny-sempai is bringing it over."

Haruhi's eyes lit up, "Hunny-sempai is coming?"

Kaoru chuckled, "yes he's sad that everyone is here and he isn't so if you don't tell me what you want for dinner he's going to buy you anything and hurry on over."

"Well I still love Otoro a lot, so some of that with green tea."

Kaoru smiled warmly at her, "you're still the same." Kaoru pulled out his phone, called Hunny, and informed him of everyone's order. When he got off the phone, he turned back to Haruhi and sat at the extra chair in front of her desk.

"Kaoru if you're tired you can just lie on the couch over in the corner," she said as she pointed over at the brown couch.

Kaoru walked over to it and flopped down tiredly onto the couch. Haruhi could tell he was extremely tired. As she worked on paperwork, her quiet office gave away to Kaoru's heavy breathing, signifying that he was now asleep. Haruhi put her phone on do not disturb and she dimmed the light so that he could sleep comfortably. She pulled out the blanket that she had used from time to time when she decided to stay overnight and put it on top of the younger twin. She leaned out and kissed him on the forehead before exiting her office so that she could help the everyone else with the other office.

When she closed her office door and turned around, she jumped slightly because she was surprised to see Hikaru right behind her. He looked down at her and back to her office door. "If Kaoru in there?" He asked curiously.

Haruhi nodded, "he fell asleep, he seems like he was really tired."

"Thank you," Hikaru said simply and he did not need to say anything more. Haruhi knew that it touched him that she was looking after his younger brother.

"Where is Hunny-sempai I'm starving!" Tamaki said as he walked out of the office that they were cleaning.

"I'm here!" a cheerful voice called out. However, she was not expecting to hear a deep voice come from Hunny. Nevertheless, when she turned around and looked at the blonde-haired person she was in for more of a shock. He had grown taller; he was definitely much taller than Haruhi. In addition, his boyish good looks were now manlier; in all honesty, he could give Tamaki a run for his money.

"Hunny-sempai," Haruhi called to him. The blond looked over at her and quickly sat the food down. He then ran over to her and wrapped her into a tight hug, lifting her off the floor. He gave her a quick peck on the check causing Tamaki to stand up suddenly and Hikaru seem to look uncomfortable.

"Haru-chan I missed you," he said casually.

"Hunny-sempai don't you think the way you just greeted her was a bit inappropriate?" Tamaki said nervously as he coaxed the blond to sit Haruhi down as he edged in-between them.

Yui looked at the situation curiously and kind of had an idea why Tamaki was acting the way that he was acting.

Hunny frowned at Tamaki, "this isn't like high school you can't keep Haruhi all to yourself!"

Tamaki brushed deeply, "Hunny I wasn't thinking about it like that!" he said as he raised his voice in embarrassment.

Hunny grinned, "Well you can't have her anyway because you're married," he looked over at Hikaru, "Also, Hika-chan's married and Kyouya is engaged. Takeshi is engaged as well, I'm the only available one." Hunny turned towards Haruhi, "so how about it, do you want to go out? He asked her casually."

Kyouya choked on his tea as Hikaru looked up at Hunny dumb-founded.

"Mitsukuni, you should probably calm down," Mori said to him in docile tone.

Haruhi stood there blushing as she looked at her former sempai.

Hunny smiled warmly as he wrapped one arm around her waist keeping her close. "But Takashi, if Haruhi has someone to treat her right, she won't run away again!" He debated with his cousin.

Tamaki looked offended by that comment.

Yui just sat there quietly but she was itching to ask what was going on. It seemed like all of these beautiful men had feelings for her sempai. She scanned the room and looked at all of their reactions and even Kaoru's reaction. It seems that no one had noticed that he had opened the door to Haruhi's office.

"Okay, call me dumb but not to be blunt but are all of you guys in love with my sempai?" she said out loud getting everyone's attention.

Haruhi turned redder, "Yui!"

Kyouya sat there calmly as Hunny smiled still holding Haruhi close.

"I wouldn't say we're all in love with her," Kyouya began as he stood up slowly. "I think we all care for her very deeply, some of us are infatuated with her, but only two of us in this room are genuinely deeply in love with Miss Fujioka," Kyouya stated pointedly.

Yui frowned, so which were which? She looked around at all of them men and then it hit her.

"Ah I see."

"You do?" Hikaru asked doubtfully.

"Yep but and now that I have my answer I'm not butting into any of this anymore," she said as she sat down at her desk and sipped on her tea.

Haruhi pulled away from Hunny as she looked up at him nervously, "Hunny you've become very…"

"Forward? Honest? When I was younger I looked a lot younger than you and I couldn't compete with those two," he stated pointing towards Hikaru and Tamaki.

"But now that I've grown up, I'm definitely putting myself in the race."

"But there is no race, as you said; Tamaki-sempai and Hikaru are married now."

"Then why didn't that stop you and him from sleeping together," Hunny asked seriously, suddenly creating tension in the room.

He looked over at Tamaki, his expression no longer happy and carefree. His gaze held a bit of resentment for the blond. Haruhi felt a bit uncomfortable, it had become painfully obvious that Hunny and Tamaki had not been the closest friends in recent years.

"Mitsukuni, let's go outside and get some fresh air," Mori said as he stood up and led his cousin out of the office, "we'll be back in a minute," he said to everyone calmly.

"Now that was awkward," Kaoru said out loud finally getting everyone's attention.

Tamaki just stood there guiltily as he looked at the floor.

"I think… we should all call it a night okay?" Haruhi said forcing a smile.

"Hunny-sempai is really angry over that," Hikaru whispered.

"It's okay because he doesn't want her to get hurt again," Kaoru said boldly looking at the blond. "And neither do it," he finished.

Kyouya sighed, "This didn't turn out exactly as I expected."

The room became quiet and the tension became more obvious. Haruhi looked around, she didn't want to cry but tears were threatening to escape her eyes any moment. Without another word she walked into her office and shut the door. Everyone else was left in the waiting room with Yui.

Kyouya gathered his things; he knew that the best course of action was to let her cool off. He looked over at his best friend and sighed heavily, "Come on, let's give her some space." Tamaki looked at Haruhi's closed office door; he was obviously upset by what had been said to him.

Hikaru stood up and walked over to his twin, "maybe we should get going too."

Kaoru shook his head, "no I'm going to make sure she's okay before we leave."

Kaoru went to open her door and realized it was locked. He sighed silently as he quietly knocked on the door. When he did not hear an answer, he knocked again, "Haruhi unlock the door please."

He waited a few seconds before he finally heard the door being unlocked. He went inside of the office, shut and locked the door behind him.

Haruhi stood there in front of him with her back turned to him. The office lights were still dim and he didn't dear to turn up the lights.

"Haruhi… are you okay?" he asked taking a step towards her and putting his hands on her shoulders. He didn't feel her shaking so he knew that if she was crying she still had control of herself.

"Hunny-sempai is angry at me; everyone thinks I'm a bad person, I'm embarrassed that my co-worker had to witness this," she began but stopped and did not finish what she was saying.

"We don't think that at all, and for the record Hunny is angry at Tamaki. Moreover, he knew this before he had arrived. When Hunny had heard from Hikaru about what had occurred between you and him, he was angry then. He has always cared for you. Even back then, and when you suddenly disappeared he was really hurt by it."

Haruhi didn't say anything, and Kaoru took this chance to slide his hands down to her waist and hug her tightly from behind. Her hair smelled of vanilla and he could faintly smell the perfume she had obviously applied on herself that morning.

"I don't want you to be sad, or lonely. If you like, I can be your best friend. You can call me for anything and I will be there for you. I don't care if you decided to date another person; It will never become awkward for us, just want to make sure you keep smiling, because I believe you deserve that Haruhi."

He felt the woman relaxing in his arms, and he could feel her tears as they fell on his arms.

He held her close and let her cry, he truly loved her and hated seeing her so distraught, so he would sit there for as long as it took until she felt better.

End Chapter