Elwood and the rest of the Blues Brothers band where walking through a graveyard; they where looking for one grave only. The grave of "Joliet" Jake Blues. It had been thrity years to this day Elwood had not seen Jake. Jake had been killed by another inmate back in 1982. A roit had broke out while they where preforming; Jake had been separated from the group and he'd been stabbed three times. Once in the chest and twice in the stomach. The band had toured with out Jake, but stopped when Alan Rubin, Mr. Fabulous, died. After a few more minutes of walking the found Jake's grave. Elwood laid the flowers down and stared at the grave.

"Im sorry I wasnt there for you. I should have tried harder to find you. Maybe we could have taken that inmate down and you would still be here." Elwood said wiping his tears.

"Elwood, look man, that mate would have probably killed you to. At least Jake isnt alone anymore." Matt "Guitar" Murphy said.

"Yeah, he has Mr. Fabulous to keep him company now." Murphy Dunne said.

"He also had Curits has well. They've been together for a while." Steve Cropper said.

"Still we should have tried harder. I knew something was wrong, but I let him carry on like nothing was."

"Elwood, if you are assigning blame I am to blame as well. I was the one who looked him over and found 'nothing' wrong." Matt said.

"The doctors said he put toilet paper and duck tape over this wounds. No one would have known." Elwood said depressed.

"How long has it been?" asked Willie Hall.

"He died today back in 1982; is is now 2012. It has been...thrity years." Donald "Duck" Dunn said.

"Damn, feels like longer." Elwood muttered.

"Yes, but we always have our adventures to remember him by." Murph said.

"Yeah like the time..." The band sat in front of Jake's grave talking about all the adventures they have. Little did they know there were three people standing behind Jake's grave. But no one could see them.

"They seem to be doing good, dont ya think, Curits?"

"Ya, Jake. They seem to miss ya and all, but they still love ya."

"At least they didnt forget about me." Alan Rubin said.

"As long as they continue to visit us thats fine by me." Jake said.

"One day we will see them again. Elwood can hardly wait to see you."

"I know. I miss 'em to. Think its been thirty years."

"Shhh! Im trying to listen to the story." Mr. Fabulous said.

The seven band members sat smiling, laughing, and remembering there three late friends. The three others that no one could see where also smiling, remembering, and laughing. Jake and Elwood both knew everything was going to be okay and they would see each other soon.


This story is deaciated to John Belushi, who died thrity years ago today. It also mentions two others that where also known by the Blues Brothers Movie.

John Belushi- 1/24/1949-3/05/1982; he was 33 when he died. He is now 63 years old.(Joliet Jake Blues)

Cabell "Cab" Calloway III- 12/25/1907-11/18/1994; he was 87 when he died. He is now 104 years old.(Curits, janitor in the orphange Blues Brothers grew up in in the Blues Brothers movie)

Alan Rubin- 2/11/1943-6/8/2011; he was 68 years old. He is now 69 years old.( was an origanal Blues Brothers band)