Snarling internally at the events of last night Ichigo Kurosaki ran his fingers through his orange hair. Already late for gym class he was even more frustrated at the pain ranking down his spine.

"Fuck," Ichigo muttered to himself.

While walking home from work, Ichigo was enjoying the fresh brisk winter air. It nipped at his skin with a welcome, causing his cheeks to warm making them to be rosy shade. Though he wore a jacket, it still wasn't enough to keep him quit warm. Hearing the sound of footstep Ichigo turned around to see three lanky looking men. They had a strange demeanour. Picking up his guard he turned to face them rather than not. Rule one of fighting. Never walk away. What ever principle and teacher told you that was wrong because when you turned your back it meant you were giving the enemy a clear opening. Rule two was fight back. Again the faculty was wrong. Letting the enemy pound on you meant you loose and could die. They were just so pathetic and to be honest Ichigo was not on to not fight back. After being targeted by gangs and pathetic excuses of men, Ichigo learned to fight and fight well he did. If you didn't recognize his orange head of hair you recognized his fighting style. Leaving the enemy crumpled beneath his foot. He was also know for his one hit K.O's though Ichigo preferred to toy with them first.

"So what do you morons want?" asked Ichigo.

"Tch" scoffed one of the males.

"You ain't gonna win so easy Kurosaki," said another male.

This time it was Ichigo's turn to scoff.

"You know how I leave my victims so you better shoo drag queen," said Ichigo trying to rattle the man even though he looked nothing like a queen.

One of the men began to pull out brass knuckles.

"Oh yeah this'll be fun," whispered Ichigo.

Getting ready to strike forward like a cobra, Ichigo stopped dead in his tracks. He wasn't able to pull out his claws, instead he felt his body falling into the ground. There was a sharp pain in the back of his head and echoing laughter. The world felt as if it slowed down and as Ichigo fell everything that was said was an echo, unclear to what was being said. He felt funny and his vision was darkening. While his eyes began to close he heard one thing as a dark figure began to walk towards him.

"I hope he ain't dead," said one man," I wanted to have a little fun with him."

Ichigo wasn't out for long. Waking up to the feeling of something pounding into him, Ichigo began to struggle. Though Ichigo couldn't free himself. Growling Ichigo struggled some more only to hear laughter ringing in his ear as well as more pain that laced throughout his back.

"You can struggle all you want pussy cat but you won't escape," the man whispered in his ear.

Ichigo froze at that. These men were human is what ichigo suspected no one called him pussy cat unless they knew he was a hybrid and humans typically hated their kind for their beauty.

"What do you plan on doing to me," snapped Ichigo.

"Oh don't worry pussy cat we're just gonna have a little fun with ya every now an' then," said the man.

Ichigo clenched his teeth at the pain he felt from being stretched. Though Ichigo had never had butt sex before he knew the procedure since one of his friends was an absolute pervert and enjoyed seeing him blush. Clearly he was not prepared and they decided to just shove their dick in his ass. Ichigo was grateful that wereanimals could not get human diseases besides the common cold. You just couldn't evade that one. While trying to escape, Ichigo felt something in his arm. It began to make him feel drowsy. Ichigo felt his head rest on the floor.

"W..What are you d..doing?" asked a sleepy Ichigo.

"Me and my buddy haven't gotten our turn," the man whispered in Ichigo'sears.

After that Ichigo woke up in some strange warehouse, alone and with his pants down. His clothes were in a corner and Ichigo scowled. Shiro would worry so Ichigo would have get home quickly but thankfully the sun hadn't risen yet. Clearly he wasn't out for a day. Pulling up his pants, there was a slight pain but he had healed from all the sleep he took. Finding the rest of his articles of clothing, Ichigo began to sprint had no family to go home to and lived alone and he was content with that. He hadn't quiet gotten over the loss of his family but he had to be strong for them or else he'd never be able to face them after death. Entering his home, it was dark as usually. The comfortable silence that he was used to. Moving up to his bedroom Ichigo found his school uniform and left his room to get to the bathroom. He had a room mate but said room mate was out of town. Or so Ichigo thought, entering the bathroom Ichigo saw his pale friend's ass as he was about to enter the shower. Ichigo felt his face become a dark shade of red as his body heated in the embarrassment.

"S..Sorry Ogichi," apologized Ichigo.

"I told ya I don't go by that name no more," said the pale kid," it's Shiro for fuck sakes."

When Shiro turned around it made Ichigo blush a new shade of red.

"P..Put some cloths on," Ichigo sputtered.

"You're so old fashion Ichigo," complained Shiro," so why were ya out all night? I was worried sick 'bout'cha."

"I..I was out," admitted Ichigo.

"Spit the rest out," demanded Shiro.

Ichigo sighed and his hand rested against his forehead before he looked at Shiro.

"I was attacked, drugged and raped," admitted Ichigo.

Shiro growled, causing the hair's on the back of Ichigo's neck to rise.

"Did you get a good look at them" asked Shiro.

"Kinda," said ichigo.

"Kinda," snapped Shiro," it's a yes or no answer you fool! Do they go to our school? Are they Caucasian? Or are they one of those wanna be fucking black gangstas?"

"I'm fine," assured Ichigo," they don't go to our school and yes they're white. And no they were not in a gang..I think. They didn't seem like yakuza's 'cause somehow they managed to restraint me."

Ichigo had know he'd been a beta for a while know and accepted it. Shiro knew as well but it never stopped Ichigo from pounding Shiro's skull in. Ichigo wasn't some little wimp who did all the cooking and wore apron's and acted like those stepford house that shit. Ichigo was a brawler and like hell he'd be anything else or his reputation would be shot. Shiro had taken precautions knowing Ichigo's situation. Since Ichigo was a beta, he was prone to pregnancy but that was only if they were human. Shiro demanded Ichigo take the pills since he couldn't quiet detect their scent so they had to be on the safe side. Shiro hadn't left his side, they even showered together. All of Ichigo's friends were wereanimals. There were a group of them at the school and it was only a school specifically for their kind. They functioned normally in society. There was a certain area of Karakura for those who hated being fully human. Human's weren't fully accepting so there was a barrier put up so none could enter. They were safe. Sadly Ichigo's job was outside that barrier and it irked him every time he had to be fully human even when he was angry. Stomping up the stairs Ichigo made it to the gym only to get hit in the face with a dodgeball by his gym teacher Kenpachi.

"Bastard," Ichigo snarled.

"Kurosaki why are you late?" asked Kenpachi

"I had some problems that are not needed to be discussed," replied Ichigo.

Ichigo had well managed to make himself smell like an alpha and no one suspected him to be a beta, only since he had a firecracker attitude and fought like a maniac. He had suitors planned out by the elders. This pissed Ichigo off since he's probably get some annoying person and since he was a beta he couldn't very well get a woman pregnant. That would raise suspicion and evntually he'd be shoved off to a man. Ichigo hated that the fact he was a war hero as well as a rare breed. Ichigo swiftly changed and was glad that it was dodge ball. He could get all his pent up anger and take it out on students. What pleased Ichigo the most was Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was on the opposing team. Leaping for a ball, Ichigo used the power in his arms to throw the ball both painfully and swiftly. Grimmjow was amazed by Ichigo's throw that he didn't have time to dodge and was hit squad in the stomach causing him to hold his stomach and fall to the ground.

"I'll get you for that," Grimmjow swore.

Ichigo chuckled and threw one more ball, managing to hit Renji but it hit him in the head so Ichigo was out. Grumbling to himself Ichigo sat on the bench until the game was over. Ichigo was on the bench for the entire game and that was the last round. Smirking Ichigo came to a realization. Grimmjow said he'd want payback and payback meant fighting. This sent light into Ichigo's eyes as they shimmered with the promise of a bloodied fight. Fighting was okay in the school because it typically meant alpha's fighting for dominance over their beta or the fact that men needed to get ride of their pent up anger. The principle didn't like it but as long as a teacher or someone was present to make sure the fight would not go out of hand it was classified as okay. Ichigo and Grimmjow were sworn enemies so his day was getting better and better. Ichigo had only allowed the man to live because of his slightly human side. The side that was a weak spot for most. Plus Ichigo knew this man was the only one who was on equal fighting terms so why they fuck would Ichigo not let him live. Ichigo was one of the last in the change room though since he was lost in thought. Many had already left and it didn't bother Ichigo. When Ichigo was just about to remove his shirt a hand was shot out to the side of his face. There stood Grimmjow. Ichigo didn't waver nor flinch. Instead his amber eyes spoke of defiance as he glowered at Grimmjow.

"What do you want?" asked Ichigo.

"I know your secret," said Grimmjow.

"Tch I ain't got nothing ta hid," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow leaned forward, his lips ghosting over Ichigo's. The proximity between the two made Ichigo awkward however he refused to show it. Instead, Ichigo showed his fury.

"If you know what my secret is spit it out," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow leaned forward.

"You're a beta," whispered Grimmjow in Ichigo's ear.

"So?" retorted Ichigo.

Grimmjow chuckled and grasped Ichigo's arm pulling Ichigo in for a powerful kiss. Grimmjow's fangs pressed against Ichigos' lips.

"Your mine," growled Grimmjow.

Ichigo snarled and bit down on Grimmjow's lip only to have Grimmjow gasp and feel pain spread out through his stomach.

"Stupid fucker," muttered Ichigo as he kicked Grimmjow.

Planting a kick hard enough to keep Grimmjow down for a few minutes, Ichigo quickly changed and left so he would not have to run into the blue haired man. However, it would be harder to evade Grimmjow since they had every single class together. Shiro was in most of Ichigo's classes so if Grimmjow tried to start anything Shiro would butt in and together they would annihilate Grimmjow.

Growling at the attack Ichigo gave him he was beyond furious. He'd know what had happened to Ichigo last night. He wasn't there to witness it but he was too late to save the kid. Grimmjow owed him a favour since his life was spared by the orange haired moron. The man was raped multiple times but that didn't stop the kid from having his short temper. Ichigo acted as if nothing happened to him. The fact that he also fell for Grimmjow's bluff made him smile with glee.

if you thought that kiss was payback Kurosaki you are clearly mistaken Grimmjow thought to himself.

Grinning from ear to ear Grimmjow sat down in class. He'd only taken Chemistry to annoy Ichigo. Grimmjow hated Chemistry with a passion but managed to get an A. In this class Dr. Kurostuchi was the teacher and he assigned the seating plan. Grimmjow sat right beside Ichigo.

"This is gonna be fun," Grimmjow said and smiled.

Grimmjow every so often leered at Ichigo, sensing his unease. Afterwards Grimmjow got more daring. They sat in the back of the class not being much of a notice to the other students. Grimmjow's hand slid up ichigo's thigh and over his pants. Hearing the low hiss made Grimmjow smile in satisfaction.

"Stop that," warned Ichigo.

"I told you you're mine," whispered Grimmjow," and I'm not letting you go."

"Mr. Jeagerjaques," interrupted the teacher," can you answer the question on the board?"

"That's esterification," replied Grimmjow.

"Yes we all know that but give me the compound name," replied a slightly annoyed Kurostuchi.

"Propyl methanoate,"replied Grimmjow and sighed.

"Very good, seems like you are paying attention," said Kurostuchi.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes in annoyance.

The day went by quickly by with much annoyance for Ichigo. Where ever Ichigo went Grimmjow followed. Even the men's wash room. So to reduce further embarrassment Ichigo did not go during class time. So when Ichigo was walking home with Shiro, Shiro finally had enough of Grimmjow stalking Ichigo.

"Yo Blue," said Shiro," Ya need to fuck off."

"Tch," said Grimmjow," why? not like he's yours."

"Ya he is," replied Shiro.

"You haven't even marked him," said Grimmjow.

Shiro glared at Grimmjow.

"Don't need to," said Shiro," he's mine."

"Have you smelt your's lately?" asked Grimmjow.

Grimmjow smirked as Shiro leaned in to Ichigo, smelling him only to flinch back since the scent repulsed him.

"You," hissed Shiro.

"That's right," said Grimmjow," I put a little bit of my scent in and bam he's mine."

Shiro was about to tackle Grimmjow for stealing Ichigo but Ichigo wrapped his arms around Shiro's waist.

"Stop it Shiro," demanded Ichigo," just 'cause this ass fuck says he's mine don't mean it's true.'

"You don't understand," said Shiro," he marked you. Just 'cause you don't want him now don't mean you won't want 'im later."

"Tch as if," said Ichigo," no way. I ain't letting him."

Grimmjow was bored of hearing Ichigo's denial so he moved up to Ichigo and Shiro, placing a kiss once more on Ichigo's lips. Shiro was released allowing Grimmjow to pull Ichigo into his arms as his hands slid down the front of Ichigo's pants. While doing so Grimmjow could feel the heated blush on Ichigo's face. This time Grimmjow managed to place more of his scent on Ichigo to speed up the process of Ichigo wanting him. Shoving his tongue down Ichigo's mouth, he felt the Ichigo lean into him, Ichigo's hands almost went into Grimmjow's hair until Ichigo pushed back.

"Stupid fucker," growled Ichigo.

"You know you want me," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo removed Grimmjow's hand from his pants.

"Ya I want you," said Ichigo making Grimmjow smile," I want you to drop dead."

"Aw and here I thought you were gonna sweet talk me," said Grimmjow.

"Ch," said Ichigo," mating ain't about love. It's about fuckin' so don't expect sweet words from me 'cause right now I can't stand you."

"Feeling's mutual but I just love rattling your bones," said Grimmjow.

"Hey Shiro can ya smell him on me?" asked Ichigo.

"Not unless I get real close," said Shiro," but like hell I'll be doing that. I don't need a reminder that I lost."

Ichigo moved to Shiro wrapping an arm around Shiro's shoulder.

"You were here first and mark or no mark ya can be my alpha," said Ichigo.

"Like fucking hell!" roared Grimmjow.

"Awe is someone jealous?" asked Ichigo," you know alpha's can take more than one beta so why can't a beta have more than one alpha?"

"'Cause I already told ya yer mine," growled Grimmjow.

"Guess your gonna have to learn to share," said Ichigo.

"You're treading on shaky grounds," warned Grimmjow.

Ichigo moved forward pulling Grimmjow down so they were face to face.

"And don't you dare think about getting a second beta," threatened Ichigo.

"You're such a hypocrite," said Grimmjow.

"Shiro ain't gonna fuck me," said Ichigo," and I doubt I'll be letting you. I ain't in heat yet so I don't want you. Until then you can't have me."

"Stupid fucker," muttered Grimmjow.

Ichigo smirked in triumph as he and Shiro walked away. Even as Grimmjow followed it didn't bother to bug Ichigo as much. Beta's were top shit and even though alpha's could be beta's were to be feared more. When they made it home Grimmjow entered like he owned the place.

"You can't stay here tonight," said Ichigo.

"Like hell," said Grimmjow.

"Like hell I'll let you stay here," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow pulled out his phone calling his sisters number.

"Yo Nel," said Grimmjow," yup I got him...No I won't be home...Tell 'em I got him...Kay see you whenever."

Hanging up Grimmjow smirked as he saw the scowl on Ichigo's face.

"Looks like I can stay here Babe," said Grimmjow," I'll just get some shit and come back soon. Don't miss me too much."

"As if I'll miss you," said Ichigo.

Ichigo left the living room to move up to his room. Shiro followed him because Shiro was in over protective mode lately. Once Ichigo got to his room he laid on his bed while Shiro leaned up against the wall.

"Shiro when's the next heat?" asked Ichigo.

"Real soon," replied Shiro," I think your already going into it either that or later on tonight."

"Fuck," said Ichigo.

Shiro moved over and pulled Ichigo into his arms.

"It'll be okay," said Shiro," if you don't wanna fuck him I'll kick his ass out."

Ichigo sighed," No it's okay Shi. I've wanted him for a while but it'll be a cold day in hell when I let him know that."

"I'm tolerant of him," said Shiro," he may be an asshole but he's strong. He can handle you plus those stupid elders have been putting too much pressure on you. Oh Ichigo you're the only one who can defeat Aizen, oh Ichigo you're the only one strong enough to battle them. Give me a fucking break. Those idiots were just too lazy to power up. Just 'cause your super rare and strong they automatically depend on you. You're not super human...Okay you are but still. You need a shield, someone to lean on. That's why I think Grimmjow will be good for you, plus I can't wait to see their faces when their precious war hero is deflowered by their ex- enemy."

"I don't need a shield," said Ichigo.

"Ya I know but you need to let some of that burden off your shoulders," said Shiro.

Ichigo kissed Shiro's cheek.

"I know," said Ichigo sadly.

"I'm back!" shouted Grimmjow.

"Joy," said Ichigo sarcastically.

In record time Grimmjow managed to make it up to Ichigo's room to see Ichigo in Shiro's arms. Planting his bag on the floor Grimmjow moved forward and demanded Shiro leave.

"Why?" asked Shiro.

"Unless you plan on watching leave," said Grimmjow.

"No," replied Shiro," have fun King."

"Chicken," said Ichigo," won't even save my ass."

Grimmjow chuckled darkly as he moved forward. Ichigo glared at him and Grimmjow was loving that Ichigo would be putting up a fight. He'd noticed Ichigo would be going in heat soon. He could tell because Neliel and Halibel were starting to go into heat as well. Once Grimmjow's lips touched Ichigo's it'd be harder for him to resist.

Ichigo felt caged as Grimmjow laid a top of him. Feeling Grimmjow's erection pressed against Ichigo's thigh. Grimmjow leaned forward his lips touching Ichigo's as his tongue slid into Ichigo's mouth. Kissing back Ichigo managed to free himself and he was going to push Grimmjow away however he only ended up having his hands move up Grimmjow's shirt, touching his well toned body. Moving his hands down to Grimmjow's pants, Ichigo pulled them off allowing Grimmjow to kick them away. Ichigo's hands trembled slightly as he began to pull off his own pants. Once he did he kissed Grimmjow back some more feeling his face heat at the blush forming as his erection formed.

"And I thought you didn't like me Kurosaki," teased Grimmjow.

"Fuck you Jeagerjaques," snarled Ichigo," it's only cause I'm going into heat I'm allowing this shit to happen."

"You want me," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo took this time to removed the rest of his clothes since Grimmjow had gotten off him to take off his boxers and shirt. Once Grimmjow laid back on Ichigo wrapped his arms around Grimmjow's waist as he kissed Grimmjow's neck, his teeth slightly digging in. Ichigo knew once he got into heat he'd feel uncomfortable so as long as he had his fuck buddy around he'd be clear and wouldn't give away any suspicions to his friends that he was indeed a beta. He needed to keep this a secret for a while until he knew he had a mate so they couldn't do jack about it. The thing that worried Ichigo the most was, would the elder's accept it if it was indeed their ex-enemy Grimmjow.

"You got any lube?" asked Ichigo.

"Tch why wouldn't I?" said Grimmjow," I was planning this for a while. That's why I wasn't stalking ya at lunch."

"Pervert," said Ichigo," just fuck me so we can get over this."

"Oh we ain't goin' nowhere until your done," said Grimmjow," I'm fucking you the entire time your in heat. Good thing our bodies are equipped for this kind of stuff."

"Shut up," said Ichigo and grabbed the back of Grimmjow's neck kissing him roughly.

Grimmjow growled in appreciation as he used his feet to find his pants. Once he did Grimmjow pulled out the lube from his pocket and squirted some in his hands. He was glad that Ichigo was a beta which meant he didn't have to use much since beta's were meant for breeding. Coating his fingers Grimmjow placed a finger at Ichigo's entrance, sliding two in hearing an appreciating moan from Ichigo. Adding a third finger, he would move in and out slowly only to have Ichigo start a rhythm that demanded more pleasure for himself.

"I hate you," said Ichigo.

"Love you too Babe," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo was growling only to have it cut short as he felt Grimmjow's finger's brush against a bundle of nerves. Ichigo's claws grabbed Grimmjow's hips painfully.

"Fuck me," moaned Ichigo.

Grimmjow smirked at the demand and removed his fingers only to have his cock enter Ichigo roughly. Grimmjow received a satisfied sound from Ichigo and smirked as the younger beta moved with him, as a trickle of sweat slid down Ichigo's forehead Grimmjow could feel his cold sweat covering himself in a thin sheet. While Grimmjow heard Ichigo's vocalization it was turning him on even more.

"Fuck ya," said Ichigo," more."

Each thrust Grimmjow gave, Ichigo met with vigour and power. This being Ichigo's first mating season he was enjoying the pleasure from feeling Grimmjow slide in and out of him all while striking his prostate. Being a virgin though Ichigo was glad his primal instincts kicked in allowing sex both to not hurt and the fact he was feeling the heat making the sex much more intense. Throughout the room the sounds of their moans were echoing the room. Ichigo hated to admit that an enemy was pleasing him like this but in the throws of pleasure he didn't care. Biting on Grimmjow's neck, to suppress any moans, Ichigo felt Grimmjow do the same. One of Grimmjow's hands softly touching Ichigo's stomach as he moved to toy with one of Ichigo's dusty colored nipples. Ichigo's stomach quivering, clearly showing Ichigo was enjoying himself even more.

"Like that?" asked Grimmjow seductively.

Ichigo nodded his head as he gasped once more at being struck perfectly once again. Heat coiled in his stomach.

"I'm.. I'm gonna cum," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow bit down once again forcing more of his presence into Ichigo as the weretiger came on his stomach causing Grimmjow to come deep in Ichigo's ass. Laying on top of Ichigo, Grimmjow smirked as Ichigo purred into the crook of Grimmjow's neck. Grimmjow's hand began to run through Ichigo's hair having Ichigo purr in approval.

"Welcome to matehood baby," said Grimmjow.

Ichigo stiffened at that, and hissed. His ears moving down he growled as he pushed Grimmjow away.

"You fucking asshole you marked me!" shouted Ichigo.

"Cool your god damn jets," said Grimmjow," you're seventeen for fuck sakes. You should be okay with this. "

"No," replied Ichigo," us beta's go into heat around thirteen, you fucking alpha's were equipped for mating the same time. I'm too young to be mated permanently."

"Stop being a pansy," said Grimmjow," now it wouldn't have worked unless you like me. Do you like me Kurosaki?"

Grimmjow had a lecherous grin plastered on his face as he was asking Ichigo if he liked him.

"Fucking bastard," muttered Ichigo," I ain't touching you no more."

Turning his back on Grimmjow, Ichigo was surprised when Grimmjow tackled him to the ground and began to thrust back inside Ichigo. Ichigo's protests of Grimmjow getting off him where cut short.

"S..Stop," Ichigo whined.

"You love it Babe," said Grimmjow and thrust forward once more.

Ichigo's claws emerged only to scratch the floor as his hips pushed back meeting Grimmjow's powerful thrusts. His breathing already coming in short pants. Ichigo struggled though. He didn't want this right now instead he just wanted to relax after sex. Grimmjow was not pleased with Ichigo's attempts to move. Growling dangerously Grimmjow's teeth bit down harshly on Ichigo's shoulder before he leaned in close.

"I'm not in the fucking mood for this Kurosaki," warned Grimmjow," you're my mate so you better f'n deal with it. I've had a few but you know they were killed off by Aizen and now that he's gone I'm not loosing another."

Ichigo was stunned at the confession Grimmjow gave. Ichigo heard of Grimmjow having a few mates but they disappeared. It never bothered Ichigo before but he realized that someone must of killed those female's off. However, Ichigo's thoughts were roughly interrupted by Grimmjow's powerful thrust causing Ichigo to moan.

There goes my dignity and saying how I didn't want this Ichigo thought to himself.

Inhaling a sharp breath Ichigo moved back into Grimmjow as his claws dug into the floor, scratching the floor. Ichigo was grateful he owned this house and paid monthly for it instead of rented it or else his landlord would be unimpressed. Grimmjow's rough hand, grasped Ichigo's member, thrusting his hands back in forth to match the rhythm.

"I h-hate you," breathed Ichigo.

"Admit you love me," Grimmjow said and laughed shakily.

"Maybe if you could fuck me better I might," taunted Ichigo.

Grimmjow chuckled at the challenge that his little beta was putting up and he was up for it. Capturing Ichigo's lips, Grimmjow began a slow motion as he moved until he was almost out of Ichigo before snapping his hips forward. Their tongue's tangled in a heated kiss.

"Mine," panted Grimmjow.

A strangled moan escaped Ichigo's as he released. A flash of light exploding as he felt Grimmjow's powerful assault. His mewls and moans now restricted to quiet whines as he was completely submissive as Grimmjow grunted and moaned, finally coming.

For the rest of Ichigo's heat it consisted of Grimmjow and him having multiple rounds of sex, showers, which lead to more sex, opening the windows to clear the room of their sweat and sex scent but it was soon recovered by blow jobs, hand jobs and glorious ass fucking, of course being done by Grimmjow. By the times those four days were over and Ichigo woke up he was exhausted and wished that he had gotten some sleep and that his sex addict/tyrant of a mate wouldn't leave him alone for even a second. His excuse was he only trying to protect his mate from being assaulted. Some males tended to go into heat when females did which was a plus so that was the reason Ichigo would give his teachers. Shiro most likely told them but since he was constantly being invaded by Grimmjow Ichigo could only do his homework while Grimmjow slept giving Ichigo about four hours of sleep and those occasional naps. So now as Shiro banged on the door, demanding that Ichigo get his fat ass out of bed or else's he'd come in there was irritating Ichigo because he knew it was true. However, Ichigo could not get free since Grimmjow held on to Ichigo as if Ichigo where the only thing keeping him alive.

"Grimmjow," groaned Ichigo," unless you want Shiro to see me naked you better let go or else he's coming in."

Grimmjow growled making sure Shiro could hear the warning he gave off.

"I just wanna go to school with Ichi I've been so lonely," whined Shiro," I don't like his friends. They piss me off. Sorry Ichi but I only tolerate them 'cause of you. I've been a loner and the girls in heat were creeping me out..Well not the ones who's ego's where prego's, the moms or the mated ones. I actually babysat it was torture!"

"Stop complaining!" snapped Ichigo," cause if I have fucking cubs you're sooooo helping."

"Well of course cause they're gonna be your lil hell raisers and it seems I can only handle your temper besides Grimm here," said Shiro," plus that's what alpha's do."

Ichigo felt Grimmjow hold onto Ichigo tighter.

"Let it go Grimm," said Ichigo," if we end up fucking it's only so I can give him cubs."

"Better have mine first," said Grimmjow.

"Like I'll have a choice," said Ichigo and frowned," the fact that you fucked me four days straight, God knows how many times only so we could have ten minute breaks for food and recuperating I'm bound to be stuck with your first litter and shock everyone."

"Good," said Grimmjow grinning widely.

"Well we gotta get changed anyway, we got school fat fuck," said Ichigo.

Grimmjow rolled over allowing both of them to move. Ichigo moved to his dresser were he grabbed his uniform. Shiro had washed it and placed it in there while Ichigo and Grimmjow occupied the shower yet he placed Grimmjow's school uniform on the floor, crumpled but clean and on his bag. Even though Shiro said Grimmjow was good for him Ichigo knew Shiro was testing Grimmjow out and wanted to make sure his instincts were correct. They usually were. Placing on the uniform, Ichigo placed on the coat uniform and when he felt Grimmjow's arm around his shoulder Ichigo pushed it off.

"I don't need you to behave like this," stated Ichigo," I'm no longer in heat so leave me be."

For some reason this angered Grimmjow.

"Well too fucking bad your mine now," said Grimmjow.

"Ours," said Shiro and grabbed Ichigo's arm.

"Shut up," snapped Grimmjow.

"Seems like someone didn't get laid good enough," said Shiro.

"I swear to God I will kill you Shiro," threatened Grimmjow.

"As if me and Ichi whooped your butt in the war," said Shiro and laughed.

"Shi don't piss him off," said a worried Ichigo.

Shiro sighed," Fine."

Ichigo moved out of Shiro's grip so that Grimmjow would stop sending signals all around the air screaming his annoyance because it would be very displeasing for everyone to notice such a small thing and come to the worst conclusions. Not the fact that Ichigo and Shrio were close like brothers. They've been like that since a year after the war with Aizen when Ichigo suffered from a deep depression. Cutting everyone loose. Shiro had snapped him out with comfort instead of trying to kick Ichigo's ass in the typical manner.

"Did you finish that homework?" Shiro asked.

"Yeah but I'm fuckin' tired 'cause some horny bitch couldn't control himself," said Ichigo.

"Not my fault" said Grimmjow," plus a few times last night you woke me up cause you were either riding my cock or sucking it."

"Tch," replied Ichigo.

Ichigo's face seemed unaffected but internally Ichigo was screaming at a memory he had forgotten. Last night the heat had gotten bad and he woke up and it was a must to get rid of the pain that struck his body. It was unbearable, making it difficult to move without hurting and just having physical contact like brushing his hand against Grimmjow's hand made Ichigo horny. This was the first heat he'd gone through with a mate so it shocked him how affected ones body became and made him realize why those women didn't really get mated.

"You gonna eat?" asked Shiro.

"No," replied Ichigo," I'll buy some food."

"Awe Babe you gonna buy me some too?" asked Grimmjow.

"No you got two feet and a heartbeat so I'm sure you got money," said Ichigo.

It didn't take long for them to get to school so when they did Ichigo felt as if everyone was staring at them.

"Shi," said Ichigo.

"Ya Ichi?" asked Shiro.

"Do I smell?" asked Ichigo.

"No," replied Shiro knowing what Ichigo really meant," it's concealed somehow."

"Then why is everyone staring?" asked Ichigo.

"'Cause Blue Bells over here is walking with us and you two are being civil," said Shiro.

"Should I kick his ass?" asked Ichigo.

"No would bring up too much suspicion now," said Shiro.

"I can here you two you know," snapped Grimmjow.

"What's your problem?" asked Shiro.

"None of you're business chalk stick," retorted Grimmjow.

"Ouch I think he mighta hurt me," said Shiro feigning hurt," oh wait sorry that was just my heart beating there."

"I said behave," warned Ichigo.

Walking up the second flight of stairs, they were now turning the the right and after passing two classrooms they made it to chemistry. There were two entrance's to the classroom but Ichigo used the one farthest from his desk for some strange reason. It was natural. Instead of the usually quiz that happened in class, Ichigo was surprised to see Dr. Kurostuchi fuming over something on his desk while his assistant teacher and also his daughter began to write new students today. It was strange since it was almost the end of the semester but not completely weird. Last year they had a few strange creatures show up. They were rare as well. There was a cheetah hybrid, yes common in the wild but not as a wereanimal as well as a margay and there was also a happyface spider as well as an annoying little vixen who preferred to curl around people's ankles during class. She rarely ever stayed in her human form because emotions were a pain in her ass and pissed her off. She had no plans for mating or breeding. As Ichigo twiddled with his pencil he heard the back door open and a few snickers. Even though the laughing sent some alarm bells ringing Ichigo ignored them until the people behind Ichigo bumped into him.

"Oop!" said one of the men and laughed.

Ichigo looked up and noticed who they were. It was the men from before his heat. They were wereanimals. Shiro and Grimmjow sensed what Ichigo was feeling but Ichigo did nothing until his ears picked up on one phrase.

"We gonna get him tonight?" asked on of them.

That sent Ichigo's anger flaring but he tried to keep his composure down.

Calm calm calm calm clam down or you won't win Ichigo thought to himself.

They hadn't even gotten to the next row when Ichigo pushed his chair back and began to move forward. He made it look like he was just passing by but once he got to the right angle Ichigo elbowed on of them sending him flying and hitting the wall.

"Whoa Kurosaki's getting the new guys!" shouted one guy who seemed very excited.

Ichigo turned to the others.

"Who's next?" asked Ichigo.

The other remaining men began to smile and laugh.

"Oh don't worry I'm just gonna have a little fun with you every now and then," said Ichigo in a cool tone.

Snapping his fist forward Ichigo took the second one down having him hit the fume hood and he turned to the third one.

"You're buddies have enough play time yet?" asked Ichigo.

Grabbing the man's face Ichigo brought it down slamming him into the floor hearing the loud thump. Scowling in disgust Ichigo kicked him in his stomach. No one was in their seats anymore. They all stood to the sides allowing Ichigo to have free reign over them. They knew not to get in his way. Kicking him even harder Ichigo watched as he slid across the floor making it to the front of the class. Shiro moved towards Ichigo with caution however Grimmjow was not so careful to do so. Gripping Ichigo's shoulder in concern Grimmjow was not prepared to be flipped and have his throat tightly held while his beta glared daggers at him, his rage emitting of him in waves.

"What did I say about that?" asked Ichigo between clenched teeth.

This time Shiro touched Ichigo but not on his shoulder instead he touched his arm.

"I need you to get to the bathroom and clean ya up King," said Shiro," seems you got a little blood on yourself."

Ichigo sneered but followed Shiro anyway. Everyone whispered about what was going on and Ichigo walked as if nothing happened. Grimmjow's fury had been rubbing off Ichigo and he figured those rapists deserved far worse but something that couldn't be done in public per say so he would satisfy his hunger with hurting them. The bathrooms were almost half way down the hall. Ichigo entered first and then Grimmjow and Shiro. Ichigo made sure to clean himself up swiftly. None of his clothes had blood on them, only knuckles from hitting the scum bag so hard but even if there was Ichigo would of used cold water to remove the stain. Since the paper towel was right by the edge Ichigo pulled it out and began to dry his hands, throwing the paper towel in the garbage only to feel an arm wrap around his waist as he felt someone humping him. Looking into the mirror Ichigo saw Grimmjow and elbowed him.

"I'm going into heat," Grimmjow whispered into Ichigo's ear," seein' you fight was so fuckin' hot and I need you now. You needed me now I need you."

Shiro watched as Ichigo willingly went into the bathroom stall. They were somewhat quiet so Shiro pulled out his headphones and began tapping his foot as he heard the song I'm made of wax Larry, what are you made of? after about fifteen minutes Shiro was interrupted by the loud noise of the door opening. However Shiro did not bother to look up until he heard a thud. Looking up Shiro began to laugh as he saw one of the most respect teachers and one of youngest elders Byukuya Kuchiki on top of his assistant teacher Renji Abari.

"Shit who's topping?" asked Shiro through laughs.

Renji froze and looked at Shiro.

"I guess it's you," said Shiro and sniggered.

"What the hell are you doin' here?" asked Renji.

"Seems this is the place everyone goes to fuck in," said Shiro," but well my bitch and his alpha will be done in 5..4..3..2..1."

Right on cue Ichigo and Grimmjow left the stalls. Ichigo moving to Shiro who was now sitting down. Shiro pet Ichigo having his fingers fun through Ichigo's orange locks having him purr happily.

"Give your alpha a kiss," said Shiro and smiled.

Ichigo turned around, his arms wrapped around Shiro as his body leaned in their lips touched. Ichigo's tongue slowly moving into Shiro's as they thrust against each sunk deeper into Shiro so that his new sprouting erection was pressed against Shiro's stomach. Arousal was sizzling throughout the air making it static like. Renji was shocked that Ichigo would do that to Shiro yet have come out of the stall with Grimmjow and be with Grimmjow at all. Byukuya held composure but his scent revealed a hint of disgust while Grimmjow was torn between anger, shock and arousal at watching the heated scene. Finally when Ichigo pulled away the lust that was floating around simmered down as Ichigo turned around once again to sit in Shiro's lap with their fingers laced and his eyes half opened and lust filled.

"Yo you two!" said Shiro directing it to Renji and Byukuya," better not be tellin' those elder's about Ichi here."

"It is the law," said Byukuya.

"Fuck the law," said Shiro," I'm a rare breed and you're not gonna be facing Grimmjow's wrath. You'll be facing mine. Remember what happened last time Byukuya. I will not have the safety of my cubs at risk because of your selfishness."

"You two haven't even fucked," said Grimmjow.

"Tonight Grimmjow," said Shiro," see I'ma let you bitches in on a little secret. I'ma tell you the secret of the white tiger clan. See you can choose yer mates and all that shit but since I'm mated to a beta with a second alpha I'm able to impregnate Ichi here whenever I want. I figure since Ichi just went in heat and that triggered Grimm's I better get in at least two fuck sessions with Ichi to make sure at least one of my cubs survive. Of course I can help with the speed of Grimm's cubs to so if I fuck Ichi that triggers the pregnancies of his cubs as well. Then bam two batches of cubs. Ichi'll be fine and they'll be a strong rare breed. Win win situation for you elder bitches and me and Grimm. So you better wait before spilling the beans."

"I'll consider it," said Byukuya.

"I'll make sure of it," said Renji.

"How?" asked Shiro and raised his eyebrow.

"I'm his beta," said Renji," we're top shit remember."

Shiro laughed and Ichigo looked at Shiro.

"I'm gonna be a mom?" asked Ichigo quietly.

"I was gonna wait a few years but I wasn't able to stop those idiots from raping you," said Shiro and nuzzled Ichigo's neck," but from now on your my first priority. I love you Ichi."

"I love you too Shi," said Ichigo and turned to Grimmjow," and Grimm."

"Yeah?" asked Grimmjow with a lump in his throat.

"I can't call it hate," said Ichigo," and I can't call it love..But with the thought of these cubs it can only bring me joy and fear of what's to come of the future so..So just wait a little longer for those words."

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