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A few decades had past and now Ichigo's grand babies were having babies. Time had passed so much. honey-Mai had changed for the better and Ichigo was proud. He spend time mending his relationship with his daughter and it didn't take long for that long lost bond to form. Szayel had a hypthesis that her hatred for the two were due to the absence of Grimmjow during the pregnancy as well as the lack of physical contact between the two.

Kouhei was still nervous around his sister since he was worried she would revert to her old ways. He never once entered her mind, usually using paper to write. His sister and mate had become one of the elders after their cubs had hit a proper age. She was the second most powerful one there. Surpassing Toshiro with ease as well as Ukitake and Shunsui. It had not irked Shunsui since he had been surpassed by such a voluptuous woman. Kouhei had become her assistant for her and was now the second strongest of all his siblings thanks to mating with his sister and the training he went through.

Ichigo worried that their power would be seen as a threat but it was not. Ichigo was still stronger than the elders. His potential limitless. A decade after receiving his first grand babies Ichigo and Grimmjow conceived a beautiful set of twin girls. Their names were Julian, who Grimmjow named and Shadow who Ichigo named. Her name had been Shadow for her dark hair that was the same shade as Ichigo's father and her violet eyes. They swirled with happiness. Grimmjow didn't bother trying to convince his mate to name her something else since Ichigo had been terrifying during his pregnancy.

Grimmjow had also forgiven his mom. Sure the road had been bumpy, and his siblings held nothing against him since Ichigo and he were young when they had the first set of cubs. Grimmjow and Kiki spent more time around each other, even though she knew what went on in his life she decided she'd rather hear it from Grimmjow. It made it all the more special.

So here Ichigo was sitting on his chair, he and Grimmjow had decided no more cubs since they already had so many. Each of his cubs lived on their property. Not venturing far for too long. It never bothered Ichigo, Grimmjow or Shiro since they loved their cubs and even as they were fully grown except for the twins who were nearing the age of maturity, Ichigo would be sad to see his cubs go so far as America to live.

Ichigo was waiting for Shiro to return. They weren't having company today. In fact they had the whole house to themselves, alone. Ichigo, Shiro and Grimmjow still acted like they did before Ichigo was pregnant. Not beating each other. Instead they were still happy and kissy faced not changing by much.

A devious smile curved on his face. Honey-Mai was taking the kids to an amusement park for the day. That meant some very fun plans for the parents could occur since they wouldn't be back till late at night. All of them had attended since Kouhei wanted to give his parents and Uncle a rest from their constant presence. So as soon as Shiro entered the living room Ichigo pounced on him like the feline he was. Grinning like the cat who ate the canary, Shiro mirrored the exact same smile for they had the same idea. Sitting up Shiro stood up leaving Ichigo no choice but to wrap his legs around Shiro.

Stepping forwards towards the couch, Shiro placed Ichigo in Grimmjow's lap having Ichigo's back against Grimmjow's chest and Shiro managed to sit in Ichigo's lap. Pressing his lips to Ichigo's and then Grimmjow began to lightly nibble and suck on the side of Ichigo's face. Understanding what the two had in mind. Grimmjow was cool with that.

Ichigo smile widened as he tangled his fingers in Shiro's waist long hair. Ichigo as well grew his hair out that long since both Phoenix and Kouhei insisted saying that their fathers would love it. Thinking of Ichigo as sexy. It had worked though so he had to give his cubs some recognition. Lifting his hips up, Ichigo moaned at the friction he received. His tongue pressing against Shiro's. The two tongue's fighting for dominance, and of course Ichigo being a beta lost the tongue war. It didn't help that Grimmjows own bulge was rubbing against his ass.

"Clothes... Off...Now!" Ichigo demanded between pants.

Shiro stood up and smirked as he removed his shirt with ease. Flaunting off his washboard abs and then slipping out of his pants, not even wearing boxers. Shiro's naked body was now displayed for Ichigo's liking. Grimmjow began to removed the buttons of Ichigo's pants and Shiro pulled on the pant legs having them pool at his feet before Shiro took them and flung them across the room not caring where they landed.

Grimmjow placed on hand around Ichigo's waist and his hand dipped inside the boxers. His thumb rubbing against the tip before he had the member in his hand and began to pump it. Ichigo arched his back and cried out in pleasure at the action. Grimmjow's other hand snaked up Ichigo's shirt. Fingers rubbing against Ichigo's nipples, hardening them before he began to pinch them and rolled the nub between his finger tip. Shiro smiled and Ichigo managed to lean forward. Sucking in the tip and putting his tongue in the slit before he began to suck in Shiro's erect member inch by inch. It didn't take long before he deep throated Shiro. Moaning as he swirled his tongue around Shiro's length Ichigo smiled as Shiro cried out. His fingers threaded in Ichigo's hair as he moved Ichigo up and down.

However, just when he was about to come Ichigo pulled back. Smiling at Shiro as he pouted. Pulling him down Ichigo climbed on Shiro's lap. Placing his own fingers in his mouth and sucking on them quickly coating them before inserting a single digit. It had been far too long in Ichigo's opinion that he had gone for his dosage of his mates. They had just been so busy and now that they were alone Ichigo could only thank Honey-Mai for letting them be alone.

Adding a second finger, Ichigo moaned as he struck his prostate, brushing his finger tips over the gland and bucking his hips forward, his cock brushing against Shiro's. After a few more strokes Ichigo added a third and not too long after deemed himself stretched and positioned himself over Shiro's member. Smiling at his mate Ichigo managed to seat himself fully. Shiro's cock buried deep to the hilt causing the two to moan. Placing his head against Shiro's shoulder Ichigo panted and waited a few minutes before he slowly rose up and back down.

The pace hadn't changed for Ichigo was waiting for Grimmjow to move closer yet he hadn't. Growling at that Ichigo turned to Grimmjow.

"Come here," Ichigo purred a seductive smile on his face.

Grimmjow did as ordered and Ichigo smiled leaning closer to Grimmjow so that he could tell Grimmjow what he wanted.

"I want you to fuck me too," Ichigo whispered huskily in Grimmjow's ear.

"With Shiro at the same time?" Grimmjow panted.

Ichigo nodded his head. Grimmjow thinking he had to wait his turn didn't hesitate in thrusting into his mate. It was a little difficult to manouver at first since he had never done this before and he had wanted to pound Ichigo into the mattress once he heard him cry out but refrained. Shiro was on the other side still. It didn't take two long for them to find a rhythm. Grimmjow had never thought Ichigo would love it so much. The cries and pleases for them to move harder and faster brought a more animalistic side to him as they fucked.

Ichigo moaned, groaned and screamed when his prostate was struck roughly. His alpha's knew how to please him and even though they were mated for so long they still found out new things about each others bodies. Ichigo didn't mind. It was fun.

Arching his back Ichigo rested his head on Shiro's shoulder. Tilting his head Ichigo began to kiss Shiro. Grimmjow suckling on Ichigo's neck causing red marks to form. They didn't often give Ichigo hickies since there was other ways to show that Ichigo belong to Grimmjow and Shiro. Though Ichigo didn't mind right now.

Instead Ichigo let his head hang back as Shiro and Grimmjow thrust harshly against his abused and sensative prostate gland. Just when Ichigo felt himself close to release the two slowed down, missing the gland on purpose to torture Ichigo. Grimmjow holding on to Ichigo's hips so that he was unable to move his hips back to get him immense pleasure. However, Shiro toyed with Ichigo's nipples. Circling around them before tweaking the hardened nipples. Ichigo's mouth was slightly opened while he panted, eyes dark from lust and a bead of sweat rolling down from the back of his neck down to his shoulders and beyond.

Finally Ichigo found pleasure once again when Grimmjow moved forward and allowed Ichigo to bounce in Shiro's lap while Shiro's tongue moved out and licked and sucked on Ichigo's muscular body. Licking a trail from his collar bone up to Ichigo's jaw and nibbling on Ichigo's lips. Easily claiming them and plunging his tongue within the orange headed one's mouth.

The feeling of heat coiling within his stomach returned but Shiro and Grimmjow did nothing to stop it. Instead, Shiro grasped Ichigo's hips harshly and helped Ichigo as he impaled himself on Shiro's and Grimmjow's dicks. Mumbling their names over and over again until Ichigo felt himself release on Shiro.

Though the two were far from done. Shiro tried his best not to release after the feeling of Ichigo's cum on his stomach and so far he was doing a good job. Smirking as the quiet whimpers and moans escaped his mates mouth. It only turned him on further. Hearing those noises from Ichigo was like an aphrodisiac. Growling with pleasure, Shiro bit down on Ichigo's neck, not enough to draw blood but enough to leave a mark. A large mark. Shiro smirked as Grimmjow did the same but the other side of Ichigo's neck. Shiro felt himself near the end. With one final harsh thrust both Shiro and Grimmjow finished at the same time. The two pulling out of Ichigo only to hear a whimper. There was little blood and Shiro had to say that he was pleased.

Laying down both mates held Ichigo in their arms. Kissing him lightly while sleep was on the horizon.

"I love you guys so much," whispered Ichigo," we'll be together forever, no matter what. Nothing will...Stand...In..My..Wa-"

Shiro and Grimmjow smiled. Ichigo had fallen asleep.

"Together forever," whispered Grimmjow and Shiro.