"Caroline I've tried everything to prove my self time after time that I love you, that I would do anything for you, I'd never let anyone hurt you." Klaus paused as Caroline stood in the door looking down at the hardwood floor tears rolling down her eyes. "That I would die for you." He finished. Klaus took one step towards Caroline but as he did she took two steps away.

Klaus's grieved face turned sour and full of anger. Nothing he did or said made her realize that if she asked anything he would do it with out a second thought. She shook her head and raced out the door.

He wasn't going to stop. He had never loved like this ever and he has been alive for more years than any living creature. He ran after her. "Caroline just tell me the truth instead of running away all the time."

She stopped dead and spun around. "Because the truth is I'm in love with a beast. I've tried so hard to push the felling out of my heart but I can't get them to leave. I want to be with you, but Klaus, I don't want the person I'm in love with to be going out at night killing innocent people."

Tears were streaming down her face Klaus couldn't stand to see her up set he just wanted to see a smile across those beautiful rosy lips. Even though she was standing in front of him crying the hardest she ever has he couldn't help but smile because he finally knew that she loved him.

He walked over to her and grasped her wet salty cheeks in his hands, stared into her beautiful light blue eyes and smiled. Caroline looked him in the eyes hypnotized. "I told you I would do anything for you."

He kissed her hard but very, very passionately. Caroline wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her back hugging her tightly. Klaus pulled away, Caroline giving a little smile. "I'll stop, it will be hard but you extremely stubborn and hard headed I know you could keep me in line." Her smile grew as she leaned in and kissed him.

He bent down grabbing underneath her knees his other hand on her back and lifting her off the ground. Still kissing Caroline she smiled, as did Klaus as he walked her back into the house, shutting the door behind him.