*I can't find the inspiration or any good ideas to continue with Our Chance right at this moment. But the idea for this came randomly came from reading What happened to goodbye by Sarah Dessen ( An absolute must read if you haven't already read it) and May angels lead you in by Jimmy Eat World.*

2 A.M, You know. The person you can call at two a.m. and, no matter what, you can count on them. Even if they're asleep or its cold or you need to be bailed out of jail… they'll come for you. It's like the highest level of friendship.
~Dave Wade (What happened to goodbye) ~

Dr. Cox was drunk once again, and called me to take him home. He had been drinking a lot since Ben had died. Not as much as when it had first happened, but still a decent amount. I had been his go-to man for rides, and someone to drink with. Maybe because I couldn't handle a drink, so I could be his ride regardless. Or maybe because I was the only one who could get through to him. When all else failed when Ben had first died, I was the only one who got him to come out of his shell. Still, I was the only person who he would talk to whether he was drunk or not. At work he remained quiet, unless with a patient. He didn't even call me girl names anymore. He still hid in his shell, barely functioning, still hurting. No one can change it, and even Kelso was starting to worry.

As I jumped on Sasha, for I had to go to his apartment to get his car, I began to wonder what Dr. Cox had thought of me lately. Honestly I can't help but wonder what goes through his mind. To lose someone so close to him and still function. Well maybe not function, seeing as how he was a border-line alcoholic. I felt like I was picking him up from the bar, or visiting his house at least 5 nights a week. Even when I wasn't watching him, I was helping him by picking up Jack or taking his shift. It honestly wasn't right. I'm not feeling so honored anymore, this isn't much of a friendship. I know he needs me, but he needs everyone right now. I think I could say, the whole staff at Sacred Heart needed the old Dr. Cox back.

His doctor skills, though they were still excellent, weren't meeting his old standards. I found him in a full-out breakdown after one of his patients died. The man, who never cried, seemed to be crying a lot. He needed to come out of this; he was the best doctor I had ever met. I wanted to be him, a more successful him. Forgetting about doctoring, his son needed him too. Cox barely spent any time with Jack anymore. Jack always asked me if 'daddy still liked him'. The kid even grew out of calling me girl names, and started calling me uncle J.D. I knew this was a bad sign. What was worse, Jordan was slightly concerned, in her devil-like ways. She had actually asked me to talk to him. Me of all people!

As I crossed the intersection, and pulled into his parking garage, I planned what I would say. He needed to hear this, and he needed to hear it soon. I pulled his car keys out of my pocket, and got into his beat up car. Lucky for me the bar was only two miles away and it was 3 am, so no traffic at all! I took my time, and parked in front of the bar. I was worried about saying what I was going to say, and decided to wait till we got back to his apartment.

I walked into the bar, and was greeted by familiar faces. Everyone at the bar knew me as Perry's bitch. What a pleasant nickname to have. I'm still trying to figure out if it's worse than Cox's girl names for me. Anyways I strolled over to the corner where Cox was sitting alone, and tapped him on the shoulder. As he turned to face me, I could tell he wasn't as horrible drunk as usual, was a plus.

"Come on Cox, let's get you home so I can go start my shift at 3:45" I said gently.

"Kaaaaaaaaaaay," was his drunken response. So maybe he was still pretty drunk. I could work with that. I got his arm around my shoulders and proceeded to drag him out of the bar, and carefully place him in his car. As I got into the driver's seat, I found Cox to be already out cold. So much for talking to him tonight. Eventually I got him home, and in bed, where I left him. It looked like I'd be taking another day's work for him.