It was another Monday. Worst day in the hospital in my opinion. It was like school, where it was the one day you hated the most out of all of them. Monday's were always busy. To make matters worse, Dr. Cox had skipped, leaving me with my work and his work. Being the doctors we were, that meant A LOT of work. I was rushing around all day. Nurses constantly coming to me, and Interns always expecting me to answer any little question they had. They also expected I'd always help them when they were too afraid to do something. Was I like that when I was an intern I wonder? Maybe that would explain why Dr. Cox had hated me for so long.

Around noon Jordan has texted me asking if I could pick Jack up from daycare. I gladly agreed to do so, and let her know I would do it after my shift ended. She also added I'd be dropping him off at Perry's, and reminded me to try and talk to him. The rest of the day went by in a rush. I was always eager to go see Jack. That kid was a mini Perry, and I absolutely loved that. He was a lot happier though, and liked me a lot more. He also listened better. I also was excited to see a sober Perry. I rarely see a sober Perry, unless I bring Jack home.

Patients faces blurred all together and the charts were becoming fuzzy. I decided I'd come back later tonight and finish up the paper works and charts. It'd give me more time to go pick up and hang out with Jack. I was also totally done with working for the day. It took every nerve I had to make through it patiently. I tried to help each and every person in the hospital as well as I could. Also I was trying to be as clear and straight with the patients, so that it would be easier on them.

As soon as the clock struck three, I went running out of that place. To my escape. I drove Sasha over to Jack's daycare, and parked it outside, before walking in. All the mom's and kids loved me here. I swear if I didn't know better, that Jack was quite like my own son. As soon as he saw me, he came running and jumped into my arms.

"Hey buddy!"

"Hiya JD!"

"How was daycare?"

"FUN! I made a picture for you!"

"Really? Can I see it!"

"YESH!" With that he dropped out of my arms, and went running back to the classroom. I started small talk with one of the Moms of a little girl in Jack's class. I couldn't help but wonder if Jack and this little girl could ever end up together. Seeing little Jackie Boy getting married someday was a dream of mine. He was going to make a great husband!

Ripping me from my daydream was a screaming little boy. "JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD JD LOOK!"

"Let me see it buddy!"

His tiny little hands handed me a picture he painted himself. It was of me and him holding hands. Over top it said BWEST FWENDS in what can only be describe in as a small child's hand writing. It was so freaking cute.

"Buddy I love it!"

"I did it all by myswelf JD!"

"I'm so proud of you!"

"Will you hang it up at work?"

"Of course! I'll put it on my desk, or hang it up on the wall!"


"Let's get home before your dad starts to worry okay?" He nodded, and grabbed my hand. I lead him out to Sasha, put a little helmet on his head, and placed him on top of the scooter. I got myself on behind him, and slowly headed to Perry's apartment. Jack was in love with Sasha, and thought it was the coolest thing ever to ride her. Jordan said it was okay, so I had gotten him his very own customized helmet. He loved every single second of it.

Eventually we made it back to the apartment, and I lead him upstairs. I simply unlocked the door and walked right in. Jack went running off to his bedroom to do who knows what, and I went to look for Perry. I found him passed out on his bed. I left a note for him saying 'Brought Jack home. We need to talk pronto.' Then I found one for me, 'There's a baseball game I want to take Jack to tomorrow. Come?'

Of course I'd go. I just hope he'd talk to me then. With that, I walked back out of the room, and wandered over to Jack's. He was lying in bed reading one of his picture books from school. I gave him a hug and rustled his hair.

"Hey buddy. I'll be back over tomorrow okay? We're going to a baseball game with Daddy. Be a good boy for him alright?"

He gave me a big smile, and nodded before going back to looking at all the pictures. I smiled as I walked out. Such a sweet innocent child. I made my way into the kitchen. I searched for all the alcohol I could find, and proceed to pour it all down the drain. No need to have alcohol where Jack can get it, or while Jack was here.

Finally I left and headed back to work where a pile of paper work laid waiting for me. Then I had a brilliant idea.