Hello my adoring fans, I have decided to do a Twilight Princess fanfic crossover with Super Smash Bros Brawl, please review and no flames. I also don't own anything.

Chapter 1- Pranks for the memories

"LINK HELP!" Link's eyes shot open; it sounded like Talo was calling for him. Link shot out from under the covers and ran to the door. He threw it open and shot out only to find a hole cut in his deck, and he fell down headfirst. He crashed into the ground and got knocked out.

Talo Beth and Malo looked at each other and Beth asked, "Do you think our prank went overboard?"

Meanwhile in the realm of the goddesses, Farore looked down and sighed, "Well we're doomed."

"What? Did your "Hero" already die by a monsters hand?" Din inquired.

"Nope, he got a concussion from falling off a tree and getting pranked by some kids."

Din bursted into laughter, "Your triforce wielder got defeated by some kids? Ha, that's hilarious."

"Well it's not my fault!" Farore retorted, "those kids are to smart for their own good." They both stared at Nayru who was reading a book at the time.

She stared to have that felling you have when someone is mad and staring at you. "What do you want?"

"Please explain why those kids are so smart." Farore questioned.

"Hey, I wasn't the one who created them. Its your fault."

"My fault? You're the person who makes people smarter than average."

"You want to fight?"

"Girls, at much I'd like to see you fight, we still need to take care if our small problem."

Suddenly a shadow descended over them and a giant owl landed on a perch that was conveniently put there. The owl then spoke, "I believe I have an answer to your problem you see… Wait what are you doing with that baseball bat?"

Din had grabbed a baseball bat and was slowly advancing toward the owl with I a fire burning in her eyes, "Giant talking owl. MUST KILL!

She then started to chase the owl around the area they were in until Nayru screamed, "STOP!" so loud that she would make a re-dead freeze. "I know who you are. Your Kaepora Gaebora the owl from the adventure with the Ocarina of time.

"Guilty as charged" the owl replied before dodging a swing of Din's baseball bat.

After Farore managed to restrain Din, Nayru asked Kaepora Gaebora what his plan was. "Well as you know Link has attended an event called super smash brothers, the most recent one brawl, I was thinking that we should get a few of them, six at the most, to take the hero of time's place. Oh and I will go down to get more face ti… I mean to help them along the way." He then flew out to wherever he goes when he flies off.

"Well that could work," Nayru stated.

"It's the plan we have right now" Din replied, quickly recovering form her insanity attack.

'But who to choose?" Farore questioned.

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