Disclaimers one chapter 1

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It had taken many days to traverse the distance between the two realms. From the vast wastelands of Van Haven where many a Farian and Balandoran had lost their lives over the course of the war, to the narrow rocky trails of the Flanders that concealed the free city of Greede. After seven days, they were finally on the last leg of their journey over the Balandor Plain just hours from the town of Balandor. But still Cerwyn was worried.

While he knew that this could mean friendly relations between the two cultures it also could easily be destroyed, pushing the gap between them further apart. He knew, the moment they entered Balandor, there would be trouble and distrust from the townsfolk. War was not an easy thing someone could forget, especially if a loved one was lost. He could do naught but hope that they could succeed and make peace.

It was said that the king accused Faria of being the reason why his wife died. But Cerwyn did not know if this accusation was true. Perhaps a Farian solider did kill the queen, perhaps not. All he knew was that it left Balandor's princess in shock and to this very day she has never spoken another word.

As they were walking, Cerwyn noticed a boy who seemed lost. The boy had brown spiky hair he was the size of a teenager and wore green clothing. Seeing as the boy looked as if he was lost, Cerwyn pulled away from the Archduke's entourage and walked over to him.

"Excuse me. Pardon my nosing in, but is there something wrong?" Cerwyn asked politely although he still caused the boy to jump back slightly in surprise.

"Yeah, I don't want to cause trouble for you or your group but… could you tell me where to find Balandor?" The boy asked slightly on guard for obvious reasons.

Cerwyn thought over his options carefully. On one hand this boy wanting to go to the same place as the archduke and the Princess birthday was a bit suspicious

"This might not be any of my business but why are you going to Balandor?" He asked

Then the boy fixed himself "Well you see I'm moving there. I was offered a job as a whine clerk so I thought why not. I'm Dragon by the way, nice to meet you…uh?"

Cerwyn took the boy's hand, who was apparently named Dragon, to avoid any tension "Cerwyn may name is Cerwyn it's nice to meet you Dragon. How come your name is Dragon? I mean it's not a name someone would normally get?"

Dragon laughed "You know I was wondering that my whole live. You see I was dropped off as a kid. The person who dropped me off just said my name is Dragon and that's it. Well I probably should get going I'm on a tight schedule."

No sooner had he said this Dragon ran as fast as he could to Balandor. As Cerwyn watched he noticed something on Dragon's back it looked like a sword. This made him smile remembering his own childhood. As he saw Dragon disappears into the fields, he this strange feeling that they would see each other again.

"No, that's not going to happen. I'm here for the Duke. Besides, were I to go on an adventure, Lady Miu would never leave me alone until I told her everything" Turning round, Cerwyn headed back towards the entourage after hearing one of the Duke's guards calling for him.


Staring down from the castle balcony that overlooked her father's kingdom, the silent princess allowed the light morning breeze to caress her long blond tresses as a small smile played across her face that held neither happiness nor sadness.

Watching over her from afar, King Valtos gave a little sigh. As he continued to look upon his daughter, another man walked up to the king.

"Your majesty may I ask why are letting the people in who are responsible for the Queens death on our streets?" He requested humbly.

The King looked at the aide. "Sarvain there has been enough death on both sides in the war. We need to let go off it and move on or else we will be destroyed with our lust for blood."

"We have been able to move on but what about the Farians? Do you think they are ready to let go of the past and really accept to move on?"

"Sarvain, my wife is dead my daughter hasn't spoken for most of her life. Do I feel like the Farian's should die for what they did. No, because no matter what it won't bring anyone we have lost back to us" Valtos told him with finality indicating this argument was over as he turned his gaze not towards his daughter but the procession that was making its way along the main road towards the castle.

The Archduke had arrived.


Upon crossing the drawbridge that granted them entrance to the town of Balandor, Cerwyn instinctively placed his hand upon the grip of his sword. The dislike and malcontent coming from the townsfolk towards his kin was almost thick enough to cut with a blade. Remembering Lady Miu's words, the swordsman could not help but wonder if the people of Balandor would try to attack, or worse kill, the Archduke.

Ridding himself of those thoughts for now, Cerwyn let his eyes roam the tall structure ahead of him amidst the tall spires with cones a shade darker than the sky he spotted someone on a balcony that allowed the royalty what he believed to be a grand view of their kingdom. He nearly stumbled when he recognised the girl from the strange dream he had experienced before coming here.

Unknown to him the Princess also saw him. Even though they were away due from the heights and crowds they somehow were able to spot each other as if something of another world drew their gaze to one another.

Felling a bit nervous, Princess Cisna turned away from the balconey. She didn't know if it was because he was a stranger or a Farian. All she knew was that she needed to get out of sight if at least until tonight.

During the time of Cerwyn's somewhat long distance staring contest with the princess, the Duke had finished talking with who the swordsman believed to be the head of the Castleguard and had now continued down the road.

"War mongrels."

Hearing the words muttered under the man's breath, Cerwyn stopped and went up to the captain "Excuse me, but did you say something?"

Realising he was caught, the Captain hesitated for a second as if having some inner struggle with himself before he gave his

"I said 'War mongers', Farian. That's what you are after all." He told the swordsman anger flush across his features

While Cerwyn managed to retain a calm outer shell, his anger at the guard was brewing up a storm inside.

"If you threaten me you threaten the Duke." He warned the grip on his sword turning his knuckles pale.

"Well guess what, Farian, I don't care what that murderous bastard has to say!" The guard threw back not heeding the warning. This had made Cerwyn's blood boil.

"Why don't we settle this? You have a sword, I have a sword. If we can just find some place quiet, we can see if yours is as quick as your tongue" Cerwyn snapped despite knowing the risks this duel involved for his countrymen.

The Captain looked at him curiously then nodded sternly "Yes, let's see what a Farian can do with a sword."

Cerwyn nodded and walked to the Duke's beast "Excuse me, my Lord, but myself and Balandor's captain of the Castleguard need to go and check the safety of the castle in case of any threats"

The Duke nodded his consent "Of course Cerwyn just be careful. I trust you remember the reason we are here"

Then Cerwyn bowed his head. "Of course, my Lord"

He felt bad lying to the Duke but someone had to put that captain in his place.


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