Mystic Falls High

Chapter 2: Getting Together

"Welcome back, students!" practically screamed from the banners which hung all around Mystic Falls High. But the addressed students didn't mind much as they were crossing the hallways in masses talking to friends or moving along to their classrooms. A new school year just started for all of them, promising the ever repeating amount of drama, drama and even more drama. And clearly drama is what everyone of us just loves the most, right?

Not so far away from this crowded place a group of three girls sat side by side on one of the benches is front of the building, each holding a hot cup of coffee in their hands.

"Bonnie, I swear! It really happened!" a young girl with olive skin and long brown hair told her friend.
"Mr. Saltzman? I can't believe it!" the other one with dark skin and long and wavy dark hair replied shocked.

"Yes! Imagine that! You are still tired and sleepy and all and then this door opens and your history teacher stays in front of you! Naked after all!"

"Who was naked?" Tyler asked them, suddenly appearing, taking seat on the armrest of the bench, setting his legs each alongside Caroline.

"Tyler, don't you have someone else to annoy, you jock?" Caroline complained on his sudden appearance.

"Come on, Care. There once was a time you reacted far more responsive to me."

"And thankfully that time is long over. Now move along!"

"You're bugging her again, Tyler?" Matt exclaimed upon coming over to them, Vicki right by his side.
"Well, I could bug your sister again. I've done it before, I know just the right strings to pull..." Tyler retorted.

"Go to hell!" Vicki spat at him.

"Lead the way and I'll gladly follow you." Tyler replied.

"Seriously, you are such a jerk, Tyler!" Elena told him.

"Ouch, that hurt!" he yelped, holding his hand to his heart dramatically.

"Stop that, one could get the impression that you actually have feelings like for real!" another voice could be heard as another two girls joined the scene. It was Katherine alongside Rebekah.

"Kat, why do I always get the impression that you kind of … dislike me?" he asked, stressing the last part.

"Well, Ty, maybe because I really do dislike you?" she shot back.

"But why? I'm so charming!"

"Last time I checked you were disgusting." she contered.

"Last time I checked that didn't seem to stop you from claiming my services."

"OMG! You and Tyler?" Elena shrieked.

"Why is that no surprise at all?" Bonnie added with a scowl.

"Don't look so surprised, Elena. Your sister isn't what one could call decent after all." Caroline chimed in. Well, she does have a point...

After sending her a scowl for a moment a big grin appeared on her face and Katherine responded with "Don't be like this, Care. After all decent is just another word for boring. Maybe that's the reason why Ty came to me in the first place. Because something, or better say someone was boring..." Ouch! That must have hurt!

"Listen, bitch!" Caroline spat at her while standing up and moving right in front of her face, Bonnie and Elena moving as well, each taking a hold of her arms.
"Don't go there Care, she's only playing you!" Elena tried to reason with her.

"Why are you always such a fun stopper, Elena? Let them wrestle each other! Right in front of the school! I always dreamed about starting the new year like that!" Tyler told her enthusiastically with a stupid grin to which all of them rolled their eyes.

"Ty, there is seriously something wrong with you..." Matt muttered under his breath. Don't we all agree with him on that one?

"Well, at least someone is playing her." Rebekah chimed in, shooting her a cold smile while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"You little imposter! What's your business? You of all people should stay the hell out if this!" Caroline spat back, now concentrating all her anger on Rebekah instead. "You moved here from England only two months ago and since then all you do is copying me!"

"Copying you? Get over yourself, missy! Why would I want that?" she shot back, looking at her like she had lost er mind.

"I don't know why but you do! You join the cheer squad, you try to steal my position as head cheerleader, you screw almost all of my ex boyfriends!" she all but screamed at her face.

"As if I would actually make out with a scumbag you had your dirty hands on! I am clearly capable of finding my own guys instead of taking your leftovers!"

"So that wasn't one of the Salvatore brothers you shared your bath with this morning, sis?" Kol asked her upon suddenly entering the scene as well. Not minding his sister rolling her eyes and cursing under her breath he looked at Caroline and continued with a charming smile "And for playing... I would certainly love to play with you if you get what I mean." Then he turned his sight on Bonnie and added "... or with your beloved friend. Bonnie was the name, right?" Clearly confused by now Caroline didn't knew how to respond and in unison with Bonnie just raised her eyebrows at Kol.

"Kol, get lost!" his sister barked at him.

"I can't, sis. It wouldn't be polite to leave while having such a nice company now would it?" he retorted not taking off his eyes from Bonnie who tried to fight off the blush creeping up in her face. Kol, always the charmer.

Rebekah on the other hand looked like she was about to murder him.

"Would you please stop looking at my brother like that? It's disgusting!" she shot at Bonnie.

"Which one?" Elena asked accusingly.

"Don't worry, sis. She didn't hook up with Stefan. And I know for a fact just where he spent the last night." Katherine told her with a smirk on her face.

Talk about sibling love...

"You and Stefan?" Elena spat angered while letting go of Caroline and moving to stand in Katherine's face. Don't worry, Elena. At least it's stays in the family, right?

"You hooked up with Damon?" Caroline shrieked at Rebekah who only responded in glaring at her.

"Talk about disgusting, Rebekah!" Bonnie added.

"Morning!" Jeremy appeared behind them suddenly, greeting the crowd cheerfully but stopping dead in his tracks as he took a look at each of them. Quickly deciding that this wasn't the best time to be around at all he nodded to himself and continued "You know, whatever it is I don't wanna get involved. For god's sake it's only the first day of school again and you're already on each others throats? I'm just gonna leave. Vic, you're coming with me? History is about to start! We gotta go! Bonnie, I'll see ya later!" And with that being said he turned around again and left into the direction of the school entrance.

Quickly taking the chance Vicki nodded her consent and together they made their exit as fast as possible.

"Hey, girls, he has a point there. As much as I like all of you getting down right here you should stop fighting." Tyler stepped. "You know, if you need to work out your aggressions there is enough of me for all of you! Like one on one..." his voice huskily by now. Isn't he such a charmer?
"Tyler, get lost!" all the girls practically screamed at him synchronously glaring at him with hatred.

"You know, none of you is any fun anymore! Matt, come on, let's go!" he more or less ordered him and together they left as well, leaving the girls to glare at each other again while Kol watched the scene pretty amused.

Upon moving to the school entrance Matt and Tyler passed Stefan.

"Way to go, man!" Tyler joked as they stood alongside him. "Getting it on with one of them is a challenge already. But both sisters? Man!" Tyler shook his head and moved past him.

Giving him an accusing look Matt added "You know, although Elena is my ex girlfriend and all I still care about her. How could you? First your brother and now you, too? That's just low." And with that being said he left Stefan as well.
"What?" Stefan asked him clearly confused but didn't get a response. He was about to call out after him again as he spotted the girls standing near the bench a few feet in front of him. He froze clearly understanding what Matt and Tyler were talking about by now.

As I said before, news travel fast. You really didn't think that something like this would went by unnoticed, Stefan, did you? Well, nothing goes by unnoticed if it had anything to do with Katherine. And you of all people should know that ...

But as school was about to start you may be safe for now...

"Following students report to the principal's office immediately: Elena Gilbert, Katherine Gilbert, Jeremy Gilbert, Bonnie Bennett, Caroline Forbes, Tyler Lockwood, Stefan Salvatore, Matthew Donovan, Victoria Donovan, Rebekah Mikaelson as well as Kol Mikaelson."

… or maybe not.