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Hiruzen Sarutobi looked on at the corpses of the Fourth Hokage and his wife as they were being buried in the village graveyard. In his arms was one Naruto Uzumaki, wailing unknowingly for the deaths of his parents. There have been many outrageous claims of wanting the 'demon' dead because the Nine Tailed Fox was sealed inside the newborn. However a law was set up to make it illegal to discuss the Jinchuuriki in question. Yet he knew that he was going to be hated and it pained him that he would be unable to do much because of the damned civilian council. Yet little did he know that he was holding a legend in the making.

Year 1

The child had and ANBU guarding him day and night, always ones that could be trusted of course. Usually the one codenamed Dog, also known as Kakashi Hatake. Since the ANBU had to stay hidden, Sarutobi put two regular shinobi in charge of Naruto, as to discourage attacks. Two chunnin level kunoichi, Yuugao Uzuki and the former apprentice of the Snake Sannin, Anko Mitarashi

"He looks so peaceful in his sleep Hokage-Sama" stated said woman.

"I know Anko, but outside these walls it's just hatred."

Unknown to both, a kunai placed on a table on the far side of the room started to shake.

Year 2

Strange things followed the orphan known as Naruto Uzumaki. Placed under 24 hour supervision did not stop the glares or spits upon him, but he always found a way to ignore them. In fact it was because of his 'nee-chan' that he refused to back down. Said nee-chan was in the middle of treating the child to ramen for the first time. And from that day forth Anko Mitarashi knew to never let herself treat a bottomless pit called Naruto with as much as he could eat if she wanted to have any money.

The innocence and pure 'kawaii' factor as herself and her friend Kurenai put it at were worth it. But still no-one noticed the signs of the stove creaking as they left.

Year 3

Kakashi Hatake loved to look after the legacy of his sensei. He was bright, lovable and innocent, and to someone who suffered so much as Kakashi, a reminder of the one who he looked up to most in the world was great for him, as he wanted to remember this Naruto as his otouto forever. He did not notice eyes looking on the child with malice.

Year 4

"I want to be a super cool ninja like you old man!" were the cries of the small child at Sarutobi's feet. "I wanna prove to all those bad people who hurt me that I am a good person. And I am going to protect the whole village!"

Sarutobi looked at Naruto with a proud, yet sad smile, not noticing certain items start shaking on the table behind him.

Year 5

The year a broken and beaten Naruto was found nearly every day.

The year the pure innocence started to die.

Year 6

A bloodied and clotheless Naruto lay down in the alleyway. Cuts and bruises all over. Crucified to the wall, throat slit and violently raped. Yet still alive.

That was the time Naruto began to fear.

That was the time Naruto began to hate.

Year 7

Naruto looked at the man with the sword above him. And instinct told him to raise his hand. And when done, the sword flew away from him. As did every other weapon around. And in his fear induced state, before the contingent of friendly ANBU could reach them, he directed all of them in into his assailants, killing them.

This was the time he met the fox. This was the time the fox itself told him of his heritage.

Year 8

Naruto lay in the hospital bed. Everyone who cared for him surrounded him. Hospitalized by shinobi and villagers on his birthday. Once again.

"All of you here." Everyone looked at the small child. "I hate you all. And when I'm older, when I'm stronger, I will get my revenge on these people. I will kill everyone who stands in my way. I care not for any of you. You who denied me knowledge, true care. You who refused to tell me of my parents while I now know who they are. You who refused to tell me of the fox sealed in me. I hate you all. And if you ever stand in my way, I will make you all suffer as much as I have."

This was the day that Naruto Uzumaki no longer existed.

This was the day that Naruto Uzumaki's innocence died.

This was the day that he felt nothing but hate.

Year 9

Anyone who ever tried to get close to him was rejected. It started with the old man. He gave Naruto his parents' scrolls and told him of his possible Kekkai Genkai, of which Naruto already knew.

Then was his ANBU and regular guards, who he spat upon and told them to leave him alone. Disgracing them by telling them they were worthless and did not deserve to be ninja if they could not guard someone effectively. Yuugao lost a friend that day and never really recovered. And Kakashi wallowed in self-pity even more.

The Academy students did not take to the Uchiha. He was their object. His stoic personality and innate genius as a no name person who carried a gourd of iron on his back. His danger appeal as being the monster under the beds drove the girls over the edge. Truthfully they disgusted him. Weakness was not an option. He would never open up to anyone again. The stink of betrayal had never been removed from him.

Anko took it the hardest. She had lost her little brother. And he hated her. She hated herself. She had always tried to adopt him but was always turned down. She saw him one day walking down the street as she was eating Dango. She called out to him but he just looked at her with hate. That night she cried herself to sleep. That night Naruto killed over 20 villagers who had ambushed him outside his house.

Year 10

He had spared a life.

When Naruto saw the dead bodies as he passed through the Uchiha District, he went crazy. The few Uchiha that had yet to be slain by Itachi had been crushed. Until he found the other killer. He attacked Itachi, but the older boy was able to evade the metallic sand.

It was then the little boy burst in. Itachi grabbed the kid, did something that Naruto didn't understand, nor cared, and left. Naruto himself looked at the boy and left.

Year 11

Eventually the attacks died down. Few villagers dared to harm Naruto. That was too bad.

He had not liked that development. But he soon found another way to channel his hate to the people. Attacks were no longer the only reason for killing. Over charging him, selling rotten food or goods, denying him entry to any establishments, speaking ill of him(if he heard) were a sure way to die. He would crush all the hate from Konoha.

The Hokage had tried to intervene. The answer he got filled him with dread

"I will stop at nothing to gain my revenge. Even if I have to kill everyone I've ever known. I will succeed. I am a self-fulfilling prophecy Hokage-sama. This village has called me demon. Now, because of all of your actions, I will become one for them. And I will make them feel pain. All will know pain."

Year 12

"Congratulations on all of you passing your tests, I know that you will go on to do great things. Now…(skip to important teams)…Team 7 is Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno and Shino Aburame. Team 8 is Hinata Hyuuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uzumaki. Team 10 is Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Chouji Akimichi. Thank you class and good luck."

After this were the discussions and complaints from the fan girls who wanted to be with their precious 'Sasuke-kun' and 'Naruto-kun'. At least they did until an attractive woman came into the room. "Team 8 follow me to the Dango shop."

At the dango shop itself sat the woman and her new team.

"Right, I think it's best to start with what we know about ourselves and tell each other, like name, likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams and maybe skills. I'll go first. My name is Kurenai Yuuhi, I like romance novels and drinks and my friends. I hate people who degrade women and degrade genjutsu. My hobbies are reading and studying new genjutsu. My dream is to make you 3 amazing shinobi in the future. I am a Genjutsu master. Now, Hinata, go." She said with a small smile on her face.

"My name is Hinata Hyuuga. I like to train and" at this she looked at Naruto and blushed. "I dislike the split in my family. My hobbies are pressing flowers and again train. My dream in life is to be respected by my father and by…someone I truly care about." Again she looked at Naruto with a blush. "I am well versed with the Byakugan and Jyuuken fighting style."

"Right, Kiba, up next"

"Yo, I'm Kiba Inuzuka. I like training in my family jutsu and Akamaru. I hate people who are stuck up like blondie here. My dream is to be an awesome clan head someday. I'm good at my clan fighting style."

"Very good Kiba. Now Naruto?" Kurenai did not hate the boy, in fact she pitied him for the hand that life dealt him. After reading his file she was surprised he didn't just go on a killing spree. She did however, dislike his attitude towards her friend Anko. As after seeing her start on the road towards alcoholism as well as her sadism, she couldn't take it. What she would hear from the young blond however, chilled her to the very bone.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki. I have no real likes to speak of. My hatred runs deep, and it is aimed towards every single person in this village. I have no hobbies to speak of, other than train, I suppose. My dream in life? I will make everyone suffer the same pain that I have felt. I will not rest until my thirst has been quenched. As for my talents and skills? I have affinities towards both lightning and earth. I am the Jinchuuriki of the Kyūbi. I have a kekkei genkai. I can manipulate my affinities together to create Magnet Release, of which my gourd carries my Iron Sand within. And with it, I will crush all in my path."

This was the day that everyone had something to fear.