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Hey, hey! Just a little notice. There will be a change in Naruto. He will still be a "Dark!Naruto", but I'm changing his fighting style to something else.

Team 8 was waiting for Kurenai in Training Ground 14. Their sensei had given them instructions to meet there at noon, but she had yet to appear.

Kiba, with Akamaru on his head, and Hinata were sitting under the shades of trees, talking amongst themselves, while glancing at their third teammate every once in a while. They tried to guess what was it that he was trying to accomplish, but so far neither of them had come up with a good guess

Said blond was in the middle of the training field, heedless of the glaring sun that shone in the sky. Under him, there was a blanket of iron sand, in which he was sitting, seemly meditating. Around him, glinting with the sun, many grains of iron were floating.

"Hey, Hinata" Kiba called "I just thought something. It's freaking hot right now, right? I mean, the grass is hot under this sun. And yet, Naruto's sitting on iron sand" He said

Hinata blinked, coming to realize the same thing Kiba had. Naruto's Iron Sand got incredibly hot under the sun, going as far as to give second degree burns if it was hot enough

"S-strange, isn't it?" She wondered timidly

"Un hu. How come he just sitting there like it's nothing?" Hinata shrugged, and continue to glance curiously at the blond.

Meanwhile, uncaring for his teammates, Naruto was meditating, his face impassive despite the major concentration and effort he was putting on the technique he was trying out. Despite all his focus, it seemed to be out of his grasp. Frowning, he pushed more chakra, trying to get it to work

Both Kiba and Hinata feel a sudden chakra spike, before Naruto's sand exploded throughout the field. The two brought their arms in front of their faces, intending to shield their faces from the sharp grains of sand that would no doubt graze them.

Not feeling anything, Kiba lowered his arms to see many little lights shining through the air. He blinked, realizing that Naruto had stopped the sand mid-air. A second later, Hinata did the same as Kiba.

Naruto was now standing, a deep frown in his face. Unconsciously recalling the sand back to him, he tried to figure why he couldn't do it. 'Dammit! I thought I need more chakra but that wasn't the case. I need control. I'll ask Kurenai once she gets here' He thought

"Hey Naruto, everything all right there? Need some help with something?" Kiba asked, taking a few steps towards his teammate. Despite being deeply afraid of the blond, both Kiba and Hinata tried to interact with him, in an attempt to create some semblance of bond.

So far they had been unsuccessful, but Naruto no longer threated them at every sentence he spoke. Instead, he spoke in short, unfriendly answers, resorting in threats only when he was annoyed by them. Kiba and Hinata quickly learned when to stop talking to the blond, as neither really appreciated the scary threats of said teammate.

"No" Was all Naruto said, before the blanket of sand once again formed underneath his feet. However, before he could resume his training, Kurenai appeared in the training ground

"I'm sorry I'm late, but it took longer than I expected" Kurenai apologized, before taking three sheets of paper from her pouch "But I have something for you" They stared at her, two looking confused, while the other was impassive

"Those are the forms for the Chunnin Exams, which will be held here in Konoha in two weeks." She told them while handing the forms "Here you go. Now, if you don't feel ready for this, you don't have to"

"Will killing be allowed?" Was all Naruto asked. Kurenai sighed, while the other two looked unperturbed. If Naruto had said something like that in their first weeks as genin, both our be shocked at the question, but after so much time around the bloodthirsty blond, it was nothing worth noticing

"Yes Naruto" Kurenai replied tiredly. At first, Kurenai had tried to get to him and change his attitude, but it was to no avail and she simply gave up on it

"I need to further increase my chakra control. What should I do?" All the three were surprised, but only Kurenai didn't let it show. Naruto had never asked for help, believing himself to be strong enough as it were. Regardless of liking his attitude or not, she was his sensei after all

"Try sticking a leaf on your forehead while standing on water. Then two leafs, and so on" She explained him, and then adopted a pensive expression "If you want to improve your control over your Magnet Release, you could try to stick grains of sand" She suggested

Naruto nodded "Very well. Are we going to take any missions during those two weeks before the Chunnin Exams?"

"No, I don't plan to" She replied, blinking "Why do you ask?"

"Then I shall devote myself to training. If you need me, I'll be at Training Ground 42" With that, Naruto walked away

A week later, Naruto walked the streets of Konoha. He was just leaving Ichiraku Ramen after a quick bite, and now was walking back to Training Ground 42. Few people ever trained there, due to it being right behind Training Ground 44, the feared Forest of Death.

As he walked, unmindful of the people giving him a wide berth as he passed, Naruto saw something curious.

A black-clad ninja, one not from Konoha, given his unfamiliar headband, was lifting a kid by the collar, while his other arm was cocked back, ready to punch the smaller boy. Besides him, there was a blond kunoichi, from the same village, trying to stop the older boy.

Normally, Naruto wouldn't even bother with that sort of thing, but the kid called out to him

"H-hey, mister! Help me" Konohamaru begged.

Naruto paused his walk, turning his head to the two.

"I have no reason to get involved in this"

"Yeah, move along brat, or else you'll get some of this too" Kankuro made the biggest mistake ever, once he turned his fist to Naruto

Naruto narrowed his eyes. Suddenly, from a fruit stand on the end of the street, a nine inch nail shot out, piercing the Suna nin's hand

"Arhg!" Dropping Konohamaru, Kankuro grabbed his bleeding hand

"You are from Suna" Naruto state "So it's understandable that you do not know the foolishness of threatening me. Regardless, you'll suffer the same"

Two dark tendrils appeared behind Naruto, connected to the black gourd on his back. They shot forward, but before they could reach Kankuro, a wall of sand appeared in front of the Suna nin.

Naruto narrowed his eyes, as a redhead appeared from inside a swirl of sand.

"I apologize for my brother's behavior, but there is no reason to hostilities"

"Tch" The black sand retracted as Naruto turned around, walking away

"Wait! Will you be at the Chunnin Exams?" Naruto didn't turn around, but stopped walking and nodded

"What's your name?" The redhead asked

"Uzumaki Naruto" He said, before starring to walk again

"I look forward to fighting you, Uzumaki Naruto. I'm Sabaku no Gaara"

When Naruto returned to 'his' training ground, his mind was still on the encounter he had with the Suna nin minutes ago. More specifically the sand that had sprung up to protect the black-clad one. Was it being controlled by the redhead? Was it some sort of bloodline, similar to his own, but with sand instead of metal? Indeed, Naruto looked forward at fighting that one.

Naruto walked to the middle of the training ground, not bothered in the slightest by the scorching hot temperatures on the Iron Sand that covered the whole extension of the ground.

With a wave of his hand, the iron sand rose and flowed together in many lumps, until it adopted a humanoid appearance. The excess of sand fell in the ground as the clones were finally exactly like Naruto, despite being completely dark grey in color.

The clones walk away from him, while Naruto stood in the same spot, his eyes closed and arms crossed.

'That's it, time to try my new technique. If I can do this completely automatically, I'll be safe from any kenjutsu users and kunai and shuriken' He thinks, before sending the command to his clones.

The clones commanded the sand to merge and form shuriken and kunais, until there were at least hundreds of them floating around the training field. Then, without a sound of signal, all the floating projectiles were launched forward, all converging into a single point of the field

Naruto, for his part, didn't move or made any movement of surprise. He had felt the projectiles through the electromagnetic field around himself. It was a technique he had developed in order to sense any sort of metal-made weapon, as to lower the risk of being hit by a weapon in the back.

As the weapons got closer to him, however, they began to disperse, crumbling away into iron sand.

'Success' Naruto thought, opening his eyes 'Now, let's try with denser weapons'

A Week Later – Ninja Academy of Konoha

As Naruto walked to the academy, he saw both Kiba and Hinata waiting for him. Walking past them, he nodded in greeting, and entered the Academy.

When they got to the third floor, passing the fake one easily, thanks to Hinata's Byakugan, they were greeted by their sensei

"Hello Team 8" She began "I'm glad you're all here, or else I'd have to send you back home"

"What do you mean sensei? I thought you said there was no need for us to come if we didn't want" Kiba asked

"I only said that so you wouldn't feel pressured to enter the exams because of your teammates" She explained "But there's no need to worry about that, right? Go on then, and good luck" Kurenai then disappeared in a swirl of flower petals

No bothered in the slightest, Naruto opened the door and entered, followed by his teammates. As soon as the three got inside, all the other genin turned to them, glaring at the newcomers

Paying no mind to them, Naruto walked to a corner and crossed his arms, glaring back at the other genin. Soon, all of them had lowered their gazes, unable to bear his unforgiving stare.

"So, Naruto, how was your training? Managed to do what you're trying?" Kiba once again tried to strike a conversation. Naruto simply stared at him "Never mind"

"If only for the purpose of the exams, I'll tell you that I've changed my fighting style." The blonde spoke.

Naruto watched interestedly as a Oto genin attacked a fellow Konoha nin with a strange metal gauntlet. Despite it's obvious usefulness, as it seemed to hit the silver haired genin despite missing the punch, Naruto was not worried. He could simply crush the device.

'Regardless, I should be prepared for his teammates' The blonde thought, watching the other two Oto genin. With a mental command, two slim tendrils of sand crawled out of Naruto's gourd, and shot at his targets, piercing them at the tights. The sting was so insignificant that they didn't even notice

He was cut of his musing when a tall, imposing man called out to all the genin, ordering them to get a number and sit down on another room. Ibiki then had his chunnin aides hand out the texts, and he explained the rules of the first test

Naruto stared at the test in front of him for a few seconds. Those questions seemed far beyond what any genin would know, unless they had spent most of their time studying instead of training.

Taking a glance around, he noticed few genin answering their texts. And some of the others were copying their answers. 'Hmm, cheating… I suppose I could just kill a genin and take his text… I wonder' Looking down, Naruto saw that the Oto genin were answering their texts with ease 'All too easy'

Closing his eyes and focusing on the magnetic field that existed inside the classroom, Naruto searched for the iron he sent inside the Oto-nin.

That was a new technique he had been working for almost three months. The Parasitic Iron Worm Technique. By sending his iron inside a person's bloodstream, he could do a number of things. Killing them with a mental command was the most basic of them. Another was sensing their movements and even controlling them, if they had enough iron on their blood to be controlled magnetically.

Sensing the iron moving inside the arm of the female Oto nin, he began to write down the answers.

"All right maggots! Pencils down!" Ibiki barked. He then proceeded to explain the especial rules to the last question. Naruto paid no mind to what the men was saying. Honestly, he couldn't care less.

He watched bored as genin after genin quit the test, leaving only few teams. He stared at both of his teammates, promises of untold pain and suffering if either of them dared to raise their hands.

"All right, for those of you who stayed behind" Ibiki began "Congratulations, you've passed the First Stage of the Chunnin Exams!"

Many genin cried out, demanding answers and explanations. Naruto paid no mind to what was being spoken. All those kids were making his blood boil. He hadn't killed anyone in quite some time now, and with so many potential victims unprotected…

Suddenly, he sensed four disturbances in his magnetic sensing filed. Kunai, by the feel of them.

A black ball crashed through the window, and then exploded outwards, pinning a banner behind a scantily clad kunoichi wearing a tan trench coat. The banner introduced the next proctor of the chunnin exams, but for that person, Naruto had no need introductions.

The purple hair and hazel eyes give her identity away to him. Mitarashi Anko.

The kunoichi finished talking to Ibiki, and ordered all the genin to follow her to Training Ground 44, or fail instantly. Just as she jumped out the window, hundreds of spear-like black projectiles impaled the wall behind where she had just been

As most of the genin had already cleared out the room, few even noticed what had happened. Ibiki watched as the spears dissolved back into iron sand and crawled to the blonde genin as he walked out

When they arrived, Naruto was still in foul mood, and his team mates reflected that, seeing as they tried to avoid him as much as possible. Anko, however, was blissfully unaware that Naruto was even there.

As she explained, Naruto imagined all the ways he could kill the harlot in front of him.

There was a reason for his hatred of the woman. When Naruto was younger he always used to stay with Anko, and their relationship was close, given the fact that she too felt the scorn of Konohagakure No Sato. However, when Naruto was 8 years old he tried to rush back into Anko's apartment straight after the Academy. Usually he went to Ichiraku Ramen for a couple of hours to meet with the family and hang out with them, but that day he never got that far because of the objects thrown his way. He was cut, bleeding and cold due to the fact that his clothes were shredded. Miserably he ran to the front door, opened it before feeling woozy due to a hit to his head. He almost passed out because of the concussion he had gained before he tried to call out to help. He was ignored but he could hear moaning coming from Anko's room. Body racked with pain, Naruto crawled to the room. Inside, Anko was attempting to get herself fucked out of her mind, and it was slowly getting there from some random Chunin that she picked up. She had had a shitty day at Torture and Interrogation and she was slightly drunk and very horny.

However, when Naruto opened the door bloodied, the Chunin turned and saw him before getting a mask of rage upon his face and snarled at Anko, shoving her off of him and calling her a whore and other insults. After he left Naruto tried to talk to the slightly inebriated Anko who, after the shock wore off, turned to Naruto, not really seeing him, and started hitting him and snarling at him. But the clincher was, when she in her rage, threw him out of her apartment and said that she never wanted to see him again and dubbed him what he never thought she would ever call him. 'Demon Brat'. After that, he ran away and never spoke to her again.

As of that day, the only words he would ever say to her, would be the last she would ever hear.

Anko watched sadly as her former friend walked to a chunnin and picked a scroll, while handing the three forms from his team. She deeply regretted what she had done to the blonde, but she had never worked up the courage to talk to him

When the claxon rang, and the group had gotten their Earth scroll, Naruto shot straight off into the forest and into the trees, teammates in toe.

It took ten minutes for Naruto to find an enemy team. He dropped from the trees and into the ground. However, his teammates noticed, his feet never touched the ground. He was levitating about two feet from the ground.

He floated into the clearing where the Taki team was crouched into a semi-circle, seemly planning. They never saw three black swords flying into their backs.

The swords broke down into black snake-like tendrils, which searched the dead bodies, before one snaked out with a scroll into its maw.

"Uh, Naruto…" Kiba called form behind the blond, who watched dispassionately as the snake crushed Taki's Earth scroll

"Yes?" The blond asked, spinning in the air to face the two genins

"Uh, are you, sorta of, floating?" The Inuzuka asked

"One of my new techniques" The blond explained, while raising a foot to show that his ninja sandals now had metal plates on their sole "Using my Magnetic Release, I can push those plates up, thus floating myself. I call it Magnetic Release: Floating" His teammates comically sweatdropped at the creative name

"Before you ask, yes, those snakes also are a new technique, though you didn't get to see their full potential. Allow me to show" With a weave of his hand, three iron snakes burst from the ground, before shredding the three bodies and taking the body parts into the ground, leaving only objects that could hold some value for an scavenger "I call it Magnetic Release: Carrion Snakes" Naruto explained "Now let's keep moving" with that he rose to the trees, Kiba and Hinata following

"Duck!" A Ame genin screamed, as him jumped to the side. His female team mate was not quick enough, and got impaled by a black lance "What the fuck!" He screamed looking up to the trees from where the projectile came from.

Both Ame genin eyes widened as a Konoha genin, clad in black, floated down from the tree, arms crossed as he looked down on them

"Hm, you are fast" He said. Without warning, a black lance shot from the ground behind the genin who screamed, impaling him just below the neck "But no enough"

Before the last genin could even move, five scythe-blades shot from behind Naruto, cleaving him in half. A second after he dropped in the ground, Naruto's Carrion Snakes burst from the ground, disappearing seconds later, leaving only their personal objects. A quick glance, and another snake came, snatching the Earth scroll and burying it deep down

"I'm getting tired of Earth scrolls" The blond muttered, before leaving

Five teams later, Naruto caved in and gave his team a chance to rest. He crossed his arms and closed his eyes, floating near the exit of the clearing where they decided to rest. Naruto had taken to have five double-edged scythe-blades floating behind him after the fifth team, as he had gotten tired of creating and dispersing his blades.

Kiba was sitting facing Naruto, simply watching their unofficial team leader as he floated. Despite not having done much, Naruto had kept them running through the Forest of Death in search for the scroll, and both him and Hinata needed a quick rest

His sharp hearing heard the whizzing of kunai and shuriken, but before he could speak, the ninja weapons were closing in his male teammates. He heard Hinata gasp beside him

However, before the projectiles could reach him, they began to disperse into iron dust, falling harmlessly into the ground

"Pathetic" Naruto uttered "I could feel your weapons before they even got into light of sight" Without turning, Naruto sent three of his Scythe-blade into the trees. They heard screams, and the blade came back, each caring an impaled Iwa-nin

They dropped the genin, and one more Naruto's technique made short work of the corpses. However, differently from other times, this time a Heaven Scroll as lying in the ground. It was taken underground by a Carrion Snake, before it rose from the ground in front of Naruto, who grabbed it

"Let's go" With that, Naruto shot of

When they arrived to the tower, his scythe-blades got inside Naruto's gourd, but didn't disappeared

"What now?" Kiba asked, as Hinata read the riddle on the tower. They thought about it for a few minutes, before Hinata suggested they opened the scrolls

"Wow, 1 hour and 20 minutes!"

"Yeah, and take a look, none of them have a scratch on them!" The man said, pointing at the screen that showed Team 8

"Hey look, another team is coming" Someone said, looking at another screen "They're from Suna"

Five days later, all the teams who managed to pass the second portion of the chunnin exams stood in the arena. The Hokage explained what the meaning behind the Chunnin Exams, and them a sickly-looking proctor told them that there would be prelims before the Third Exam

"First Match: Uchiha Sasuke VS Akado Yoroi"

With that, all the contestants minus the two first fighters left to the balcony. Many were giving Naruto odd looks as he floated, but not one was brave enough to ask him about it.

Naruto wachted bored as Sasuke beat Yoroi, Shino beating a sound nin called Zaku and one of the suna genin, Kankuro, beat Yoroi's teammate Tsurugi.

"Next Match: Uzumaki Naruto Vs Tenten" Hayate announced

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