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What's Left to Remember

Chapter One

"I can't believe she doesn't like you, man. What's there not to like about you? I mean, you're kind, smart, fun to be around...-"

The florist's friend had himself sitting atop a stone wall, just near to the shop in which Cam tended upon. It was a rather small shop; in fact, it only consisted of a wooden stand, accompanied by plentiful flowers ranging from red to blue to all colors in between.

"Cute," Cam added, pressing a smile even at times of work.

"I mean - you even own a flower shop, for goddess' sake. Aren't girls suppose to... Wait. What?" Ash braked, suddenly acknowledging his friend's intent.

What Ash had been rambling on about was the means of his friend's relationship with some girl he had recently confessed to, and to the defense of his friend's position in part of it. The woman of whom Cam had fallen for was a beautiful brunette who had been caring for the flowers of Bluebell ever since Rose had fallen and disabled her back - an event that had only happened a few months ago. It used to be Rose's job to care for such flowers, but her injury had prevented any further care for them. Because of this, Rose had kindly asked the girl if she would look after them for her.

The girl was from the city. Of course, she was the ideal woman of anyone's dreams. She was the daughter of a shop owner - a meek, kind-hearted girl, alike to Cam in character. And, needless to say, her looks were just as beautiful.

But what Ash couldn't understand was that his friend wasn't taking this matter seriously, or rather, he wasn't phased by it at all.

To add to his confusion, Cam held a flower out to him in an expecting acceptance. A present? Ash merely took the flower without much thought of it, gazing upon its bright, sky blue petals. When he had finished, he glanced to Cam in wait of his next response.

Cam smiled gently. "Lillian likes flowers, doesn't she?" He returned to his flowers, clipping at their stems. "I know I'm not the only one who's having lady problems..."

Ash blinked at him. "Huh?" It took a while for his friend's witty remark to sink in, but once it did, his hands flew to either side of his head with haste, almost on accord. "Ah! Y-You knew!"

The florist forced a laugh. "When you act like that, how can I not?"

Ash shot a bitter glare at him, growling, "What do you mean when I act like that?"

"Ash, I know you," the florist said - considerably. "And if there's anything that troubles you, you're not one to say it out loud. Instead, you manifest it in associating terms, such as another's conflict - which, in this case, happens to be my own."

Well, he was, undoubtedly, correct. Ash couldn't deny it. The farmer did have a flaw of unintentionally throwing his problems into the face of others who shared those of similar nature...

Should he attempt to solve this issue? Maybe... It would be for the best... But just so long as Cam would quit noticing it every damn time he had a problem. (Yes, there have been numerous accounts in which Cam has noticed such problems due to the same occasion, and it irked the hell out of Ash to no end.)

Cam was clever; it went without saying. Not only that, but he has Known Ash for a good portion of his life now. The two have been inseparatable friends ever since childhood. So of course he'd know even the littlest of things when it came to his best friend in the whole world. Ash was just worried that maybe he knew a little too much...

"Take the flower to Lillian and tell her how you feel," Cam told.

"Yeah, and fail miserably like you?"

"How could I fail?" The florist quieted himself momentarily, still busying himself with his flowers, applying suspension to those words with a kind smile. "I wasn't even trying."

'That smile... Is more dangerous than it is kind,' Ash thought.