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Chapter Twelve

'He's been silent all day... He hasn't said a word...'

Ash glanced over to find Cam standing behind the front counter arranging an assortment of flowers in one vase. The colors varied greatly, all very vivid in contrast.

'I don't understand...'

Bringing flowers he gathered from the table, Ash came to stand beside Cam now, sticking the flowers into a vase, different from the one Cam had placed in prior.

The day had started off rather uneasy, and it had progressively gotten worse. Ash had been trying to strike up a conversation with Cam ever since this morning, but all Cam had given in return was either a simple shrug of the shoulders or a slight nod of the head. Ash was beginning to get worried. He had asked if he could help him with the shop today, and Cam, of course, didn't utter a sound; he had only nodded in agreement. It was as if he were caught in some sort of trance - a daze - that Ash couldn't possibly snap him out of.

Ash looked at him again. Cam stopped, standing still. Ash stared, observing. The room slipped into a silent trap.

'Is he... Going to say something?'

"... I want you to leave," Cam said, his jaw tightening.


"... What?"

Cam was quiet again.

Ash merely blinked. "... Cam?" He asked. "What is it?"

Still, Cam was speechless, biding his time.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?"

"... Nothing happened...," Cam said.

"... Then..." Ash paused. "... Why...?"

Cam brought a hand to his face, concealing his mouth. He looked deep in thought, tangled in a dream.

"... Cam?"

"... If I wouldn't have... Then she wouldn't have... It's all my fault..."

"... What? What's your fault?"

Again, Ash heard nothing.

"... Cam, seriously, what is it? Tell me what's wrong." Ash's patience was beginning to run thin.

"... It's nothing," Cam confirmed. "You should just go home," he promptly said, doing his best to avoid looking at Ash at all costs.

"I-I'm not going anywhere," Ash stomped. "You wanted me to stay here, so here I am. And I'm especially not leaving when you're acting like this."

Cam sighed. Ash grabbed him by the shirt, beginning to stutter, "C-Cam, seriously, look at me."

The florist looked away, his green, anxious eyes falling upon the flowers. His mind was elsewhere again, far from Ash.

Ash narrowed his blue eyes to the floor. "What is it...?" He prodded. "Why are you like this...?" His voice deteriorated. "Back when we were kids... You used to act the same way..."

Green eyes widened in shock.

"... Back when we were younger, you always hid the same way...," Ash persisted, "Why...? Is something really troubling you, Cam? Are you hurt?" Ash took a moment to pause. "Is it... Your parents?"

The florist shifted his eyes to Ash, who was standing there frail-looking and insecure.

Cam remembered. He remembered the days in which he and Ash would have such moments - moments in which he would remain silent, just like he was now. He remembered the times Ash would constantly ask him what was wrong, but would always fail each and every time he asked. Back then, it was because of his parents, yes, that he had become so shy, so quiet, so hurt-looking at such moments... But now... No longer was it such the case. Now... It was because of a different reason...

The farmer clang to Cam's shirt. "... Why is it you still can't tell me...? I could never reach you when you were feeling like this... Have I gotten closer to you over the years or have I just drifted further away...? Are you feeling this way... Because of me?"

Green eyes widened again.

"... Ash..."

"Did I do something wrong? Is it my fault? Is it because of me that you-"

"Ash! No!" Cam grabbed Ash's face at once. "None of this is your fault. Okay?"

Ash backed up. "Then why the hell won't you tell me what's wrong? You said that you loved me, didn't you? Lovers are suppose to be honest with each other!" He shouted, not quite realizing what he had just said. He froze, a rush of heat crawling up towards his face. He swallowed. "O-Okay?" He asked after a few intervals of time.

A small smile escaped Cam as he replayed the things Ash had said in his head. He walked towards Ash, and upon reaching him, he pressed his forehead against Ash's own. "... You don't know how incredibly happy you make me...," he whispered. Ash's face lit up more. He removed his forehead from his, now kissing the area in which their foreheads had once touched together. "... Will you come with me?"

'Where to?' Ash wanted to ask, but decided not to. He wanted to say something else much, much more. He held Cam tightly. "... I'll go anywhere with you, you know that..."

Silence had once more seeped its way into the room. Before too long, Cam broke that silence:

"... Ash?"

"... Y-Yeah...?"

"... Do you love me...?"

Backing up, Ash stammered, "L-Like... A-As a friend?"

In response, the florist smiled weakly. "No, as something more."

The farmer turned red all over. He buried his face in Cam's chest. "... Y-Yeah...," he admitted softly. "I do. I really, really do... I mean it..."

Cam looked away, the anxious, worrisome look returning to his green eyes.

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