By tenshinrtaiga

Disclaimer: I don't own the Vampire Diaires

Pairings/Characters: Klaus/Caroline & Stefan

Summary: Takes place after S3E11. Stefan notices Klaus' interest in Caroline and keeps watch. Written for Eenaangel for the Klaroline Comment Ficathon.

I couldn't save you
And I didn't want to
Cause I won't embrace you

Stefan watched as Klaus left her house in the middle of the night. It was coincidence that Stefan even spotted the older vampire and it was pure luck that had prevented him from spotting Stefan.

He had just left Elena on the bridge and had been driving in circles as his morals warred within him. For a while there he had wondered if there was anything human left in him at all. After the night he had just had, the question was still left unanswered. He had done something quite cruel: he had threatened to drive Elena off the bridge that her parents had died at. But after it had happened, he had immediately felt remorse, something he hadn't realized he was still capable of feeling.

As he contemplated his humanity and his vampire nature, he couldn't help but think upon the man who started this problem to begin with: Klaus. Stefan wanted to make the hybrid pay for the things he put Stefan through; for what he turned Stefan into. But first he needed a weakness. Surely there had to be a chink in the man's thousand year old armor; one that didn't involve the doppelganger.

And like a shooting star, his wish was granted.

Stefan spotted Klaus slowly slinking out of the Forbes house, his head down low and his fists jammed into his pockets as he appeared lost in his head. There was only one reason he would have been there; he had healed Caroline.

But why? He had no reason to and yet Klaus clearly had.

Stefan perched over the blonde's bed in silent thought as he looked down on the ill vampire as she slowly healed in sleep. He gently brushed a strand of blonde hair off her cheek and gave her a silent apology.

He could help her: warn her of the dangers of Klaus, help her plan how to avoid the hybrid, help her escape. But he won't.

Because this was the first act of kindness Stefan had ever seen from the hybrid.

Because this was the first sign of weakness Klaus had displayed.

Because Stefan could use this.

He pressed a cool kiss to the blonde's forehead before escaping out the same window he had come in. Poor little Caroline. Like a lamb to the altar, she would be sacrificed.