Zayn stared down at Liam sighing softly. He couldn't stop thinking about how Louis could see through their façade. Zayn had thought him and Liam had been careful, being with each other alone late at night, or during the day, as they would had they been friends. The Bradford boy put on his headphones, and began to play his iPod not caring what he listened to.

Zayn finally let his eyes shut, having not fallen asleep since Liam had fallen asleep on him. He couldn't sleep though, no of course not, his mind had to drift off to his nineteenth birthday party.

Zayn spotted Liam sitting alone on his couch while everyone else was being social. He cautiously made his way over to Liam, sitting down next to him. Liam looked up at him, obviously sober.

"Why are you sitting by yourself? Where's Danielle?" Zayn asked, dropping his arm across Liam's shoulders. Zayn himself had not been drinking, wanting to stay sober so that nothing happened to him like something did on Louis' birthday night.

"Why aren't you wasted like you totally should be on your birthday?" Liam asked a bit concerned. He'd never seen Zayn pass up a time to get wasted. Liam didn't mind, he actually found it humorous when his band mates all were drunk and he was the only sober one.

Liam smiled up at Zayn after asking the question; his hazel eyes meeting Zayn's dark browns. When their eyes met, Zayn's heart skipped a couple beats; Liam's doing the same when Zayn had met his gaze. Zayn reciprocated the smile, leaning in closer to Liam.

"Answer my question first and then I'll answer yours," Zayn said, poking Liam's side, causing a giggle to escape him. Zayn chuckled, and slipped his hand under Liam's shirt, tickling him more.

"If you like being first so much then why don't you answer mine, and then I'll answer yours," Liam retorted a smug smile on his face. He pushed Zayn's hand out from under his shirt, his skin heating up from the unexpected contact that he had been given from Zayn. Liam was able to suppress a blush from coming onto his cheeks, not wanting to have Zayn, or anyone else that was watching them, to comment on it.

"Touché," Zayn chuckled, dropping his arm around Liam's waist, pressing his head against Liam's before pushing off, "Because I don't want to be in the same position Lou and Niall were, and are in."

Liam was cursing Zayn inside of his head; the male was being adorably cute, and fairly sexy as well. Liam was holding everything he had inside trying not to jump Zayn. Zayn on the other hand, was trying to provoke Liam, trying to hint at his feelings for the male every time he touched him.

"That's completely understandable, especially since they aren't slutty drunks and still ended up sleeping together. While you are a slutty drunk," Liam commented, placing his arm around Zayn's shoulder's pulling him closer as they both laughed at the truth of Liam's comment.

"So, are you going to tell me why you're sitting alone right now?" Zayn asked, his face getting serious. Liam made his face serious, although it was a completely feigned seriousness.

"I'm not alone right now, I'm with you," Liam said unable to hold his face any longer and began laughing.
Zayn's face deadpanned, and he huffed slightly. "No, I meant, before I came over here to keep you company," Zayn said smiling again, laughing, placing his forehead against Liam's.

Liam huffed slightly, when Zayn came closer to him, his heart pounding harder than should have been normal. Little did he know Zayn was experiencing the same sensation, he had been causing his own inner turmoil. He couldn't have helped it though; he needed to be near Liam, needed to be touching him.

"Oh, alright. Well, I am enjoying watching the wasted act as such, it gives me a laugh," Liam said smiling at Zayn, pulling his head away from Zayn's, watching a few of his band members playing chicken. Which of course was not a good idea seeing as they were not in water.

"Liam, why isn't Danielle here with you? I invited her to come with you if she wanted, if you wanted her to," Zayn said smiling at Liam happily. He couldn't say that he wasn't glad that Danielle didn't come. He really only wanted Liam to come, and to keep Liam to himself.

"Well… Danielle and I are on a break… Or seeing other people… Sort of thing," Liam shrugged off, acting like it wasn't a big deal, even though it was.

"That… sucks. Still, you should be mingling, not acting like someone killed your turtle," Zayn replied, "She's stupid for breaking up with you.
Zayn rested his head against Liam's once again, doing a small dance inside of him about the news of the break up. He was beginning to feel like he had a chance with Liam. He wrapped both arms around Liam's waist, pulling him closer.

Zayn knew he was trying to get Liam to see that he had feelings for the other; he was only being slightly discrete, amping up how affectionate he usually was with Liam. He didn't want to chase Liam away at all, so he wasn't straying too far from his comfort zone.

Zayn also knew that being this close to Liam, could take them to places unwanted, unexpected, create a situation that wouldn't be good for the band, considering that Niall and Louis were in their own little row.

The Bradford boy felt Liam's face shift slightly against his own. Hazel eyes met brown, their breaths mingling with each other's. Zayn's heart was beating a little faster, and by the way Liam's breathing was becoming ragged, so was Liam's.

Liam's eyebrows furrowed slightly, obviously annoyed, by what Zayn wouldn't ever know. He felt a hand grab his shirt, pulling him closer. Zayn would allow the Wolverhampton boy to take control, his body was slowly turning into jelly, so it was fine with him that Liam would take the control. Zayn only wished he could take control of this situation, having never been out of control. Even if he felt out of control, Liam was in control, and it calmed Zayn down if only a little.

He quickly felt lips pressing against his own. Quickly Zayn responded to Liam, moving his lips against Liam's, pushing against him, wanting to be pushed back, wanting Liam to take completely control of him. Their lips moved together as if they were one entity meant to be together.
Zayn turned towards Liam, his hands gripping Liam's hips, pulling him closer, their legs tangling together, his hands slipping under Liam's shirt and pants, getting a better hold on the males hips. One of Liam's hands was gripping the back of Zayn's neck, the other had moved under Zayn's shirt, his hand slowly moving up and down the male's chest, trying to get a positive reaction out of him.

Suddenly they both realized where they were, and who surrounded them. "Maybe we should," They both began against each other's lips. Liam jumped up, Zayn getting up following after him quickly. They pulled their hands away from each other, only holding hands as they quickly went up the metal stairs, down the walkway and into Zayn's bedroom.

Liam pulled Zayn forward into the room, kicking the door shut, and locked it. He pulled his hand out of Zayn's, grabbing his hips, spinning him so he was pinned up against the door kissing him once again. Zayn had let out a gasp, soon muffled by Liam's lips. He wrapped his arms around Liam's neck, kissing him back needily.

Liam slowly led a slightly shaking Zayn to the bed, laying him down. As Zayn crawled back towards the headboard, Liam tugged Zayn's and his shoes and socks off. He began to crawl on top of Zayn, kissing him softly as they moved back. Once Zayn had fallen back on the pillows. They began kissing each other hard, their shirts and trousers discarded somewhere.

They didn't remember how they became naked; neither of them had expected to even come this far. Zayn especially didn't know how his ankles ended up on Liam's shoulders. All he knew is that he really wanted Liam, needed Liam, and that it seemed as though he was finally going to get what he wanted, after so long.

Liam, by some mirascle, knew where Zayn stashed his condoms and lube for times like this. Suddenly, he felt Liam's finger pushing inside of him, and he couldn't hold back the relieved moans that escaped his mouth. He was not only pleased by the sudden pleasure, but also the overwhelming feeling of having Liam this close to him was causing everything to be more pleasurable.

Liam continued to prepare him, continued to drive Zayn insane, moaning and writhing beneath Liam. He grabbed the male's face, pulling him into a kiss, their teeth and tongues clashing, battling for the dominance that was already established. The ways Liam was touching him was remarkable, being able to feel him up, kiss him, and prepare him. It was obviously a talent that Liam had hidden, that he only kept for the bedroom.

Soon Zayn couldn't take it any longer, he needed more from the younger male. "Li… Please… I need you right now… Please," Zayn gasped, whining. He bucked onto Liam's hand wanting more, begging for more.

"Always the gentleman with me aren't you," Liam whispered. He slowly pulled his fingers out, having already prepared himself for Zayn. He slowly pushed into the older male. His hands moved up to Zayn's hair, fisting it into his hands as he moaned out from the tightness.

Zayn cursed quietly, haven't never been on the receiving end of things. As Liam tugged on his hair, it distracted Zayn from the pain of his first time in this position, and the unfamiliar feeling of being as flexible as he never had been before. His legs slowly dropped to wrap around Liam's waist. Soon Liam began moving in Zayn, shifting his position every thrust. Zayn released a loud moan when Liam had found Zayn's prostate, all painful feelings leaving his body.

Their moans filled the hot air of the bedroom, Zayn's hand reaching up to grab the bars of his headboard, arching completely off the bed. He moved to Liam's thrusts, meeting him, causing himself more pleasure, and more friction against his own member.

Liam's hands moved down Zayn's body slowly, teasing his nipples, and moved down lower, to grab his hips. He thrusted into Zayn harder, as they both came closer to their climax. Zayn couldn't get a coherent word in edgewise, only moans able to escape, and only some times as he able to yell out Liam's name.

Liam smirked down at Zayn chuckling between low moans; he loved watching Zayn writhe underneath him, making it is goal to get him to do this as much as he could. The Bradford boy bucked up, letting Liam know that he was close, and Liam was a bit relieved, not aware of how long he was going to last.

They orgasmed together like they had been lovers for years, even though it was their first time. After Liam had pulled out of Zayn, throwing away the condom, they both relaxed, Liam resting his head on Zayn's chest. They glanced up at each other smiling brightly, not ashamed of what had just occurred at all.

Zayn and Liam had kissed for hours in Zayn's bed, having brought the blankets over them to block out the noise of the party that continued downstairs. They wanted to be close to each other, having never been able to be this way with each other before. It was new to both of them, to be so intimate after having sex. Soon they fell asleep their limbs, lips, and hair tangled with each other and the sheets.

Zayn jolted awake when he suddenly felt cold. He opened his eyes, seeing that the other side of the bed was empty. He jumped up quickly, his heart pounding; maybe he'd catch Liam before he had the chance to leave.
Zayn ran out of his room, which was unlocked, so obviously Liam was not in the bathroom. He looked down across his flat seeing no trace of Liam. Zayn winced and fell down when he suddenly felt a pain in his lower back. He cursed and slowly brought himself up and went to his bathroom to take pain pills.

He figured that Liam had lied to him about breaking up with Danielle considering Liam had left him in the morning. He cursed himself for being an idiot and jumped in the shower, to rid himself of any essence of Liam. When he got out, he put all his sheets in the wash, and dumped his trash out, that's where the condom had been.

Zayn also figured that Liam would want his space after cheating on Danielle with him, so he decided it'd be best if he avoided Liam as much as he could. He didn't want to make Liam uncomfortable, he didn't want to scare him off more than he probably already had.

But of course Zayn wouldn't, couldn't ever forget what happened that night. Even though in the media's eyes he was with Stephanie in a romantic relationship, it wasn't true. She was his best friend; he allowed the public to believe that he and Stephanie were dating because it was a great way to hide him and Liam. Even though Liam wouldn't ever know until he spoke up first, Zayn had fallen in love with Liam a long time ago. That was why he broke up his first engagement, not that anyone knew, not even his ex-fiancé.

Zayn opened his eyes, and pulled his head phones down, unable to sleep because of his memory occupying his brain. He glanced over to Louis and Niall, who were now both asleep, and then allowed himself to look down at Liam with adoration. He ran his fingers slowly through Liam's hair. Even though Liam was said to sill be with Danielle, whenever she was around, he suddenly became the 'possessive boyfriend', not wanting Danielle to occupy all of Liam's attention.

"Is that a wand in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me, Zayn?" Liam asked sitting up, causing Zayn to come out of his thoughts.

"What?" Zayn asked not understanding what Liam said.

"You… Err… Seem to have gotten excited while I was sleeping. What were you thinking about?" Liam asked a smug smirk on his face as he chuckled.

Zayn stared down cursing a bit too loud and jumped up, running to the bathroom, locking himself in to fix his little problem. He cursed his brain for bringing that memory out of the vault. Liam stared after him a smug grin. He leaned back, placing his hands behind his head. His eyes wandered to Louis and Niall, smiling softly, and then frowned. He had gotten so caught up in Niall and Louis' drama; he forgot to work on him and Zayn.