Niall had led Louis to a bedroom, carrying their bags to the room, tossing them aside and flopped on the bed waggling his eyebrows at Louis. The eldest band mate chuckled and slipped his suspenders off of his shoulders and crawled onto the bed acting like Niall was his cowering prey.

Louis pounced landing on a hysterical Niall Horan and began to tickle him since he was obviously no longer in the mood to do anything. Soon they were wrestling each other trying to pin the other down onto the bed, Louis allowing Niall to over power him and grabbed Niall's hips as he straddled Louis.

Their equally blue eyes soon became half-lidded, soon they were falling into each other kissing each other needily, having needed each other for so long. They stayed in this position for a few minutes, just kissing each other again, needing to remember why they needed each other, why they suffered through all the fighting and more to be with each other at this moment.

Slowly after a few kisses, Louis pulled away, moving his hands back down to Niall's sides. "So… I was thinking… That we shouldn't hide ourselves, our relationship, I don't want to hide you," Louis murmured kissing Niall softly again.

Niall smiled brightly at Louis, his heart pounding harder than ever, and kissed him with more force than he had meant. "I… Yes! I want us to be public, I really do," Niall murmured, pulling Louis into a hug, kissing him all over.

"The reason is because one, the boys already know, it's hard to hide now that they know, and two because I don't want there to be the awkward tension that was between Zayn and Liam when they were hiding," Louis murmured.

Niall looked at Louis smiling brightly, and slid off of him laying down next to him. "Maybe… Maybe we should do a twit cam to come out officially tonight?" Niall asked looking up at Louis smiling slightly.

Louis was playing with Niall's hair, looking down at him thoughtfully a slight smirk on his face. "That sounds perfect, they won't believe us, so we have to make a big show of it, now won't we?" Louis whispered chuckling.

"Oh… right," Niall murmured blushing glancing away.

"Is that a problem, because if you don't to kiss in front of them that's alright, we don't need to prove it, since we know it's real," Louis murmured into Niall's ear, sucking on his ear lobe.

"If you keep this up, that might be all you have to do during the twit cam to prove it," Niall murmured humming at the feeling, turning his head slightly to allow Louis more access.

Louis chuckled at Niall's encouraging movements, and moved so that he was hovering over Niall, giving the boy love bites, which of course he had perfected to leave them with in seconds. His hands slowly wandered up Niall's shirt, and found his nipples teasing them.

Niall arched up into Louis' hands moaning quietly. "Lou… There are other people in this suite other than us," Niall gasped out, placing his hand over his mouth to cover his moans.

Louis sighed softly and nodded his head, slowly he moved his hands away from Niall's chest, and his lips from the boy's collar bone. "We should probably keep Haz company while Li and Zayn are going at it in the shower," Louis whispered.

Niall chuckled and leaned up to nip at Louis' lips. "Let's go in the living room… no the kitchen, I'm hungry," Niall said, pushing Louis up as he kissed him.

The eldest laughed and helped Niall out of bed and followed him into the kitchen, which of course had already been stalked with food for them, their management knowing how much they could eat already.

"Are you making food Hazza?" Louis asked dropping his head on Harry's shoulder, staring at the macaroni he was making.

Niall jumped by Harry's other side. "Oh my gosh! I love macaroni! Can we have some? Please!" Niall begged hugging Harry's waist.

"Are you sure you two are dating each other and not me? Yeah I guess you two can have some, but none for Liam and Zayn, they are having sex," Harry said pouting slightly.

Liam and Zayn had stripped themselves completely when they had entered the room they were sleeping in, they made sure they got the room with the king bed, not the two bedded room. Quickly Liam set up the shower, Zayn watching him with a large smirk on his face.

The Wolverhampton boy turned around his eyes widening at Zayn's lustful smirk, slowly Liam placed himself in the shower, never pealing his eyes away from Zayn's form. Zayn slowly sauntering towards the shower before getting inside and wrapped his arms around Liam, pulling him into a chaste kiss.

Zayn kept Liam pinned to the wall of the shower, feeling dominant for once, and Liam didn't stop him, wanting him just as much as Zayn wanted him. They kissed each other for a good amount of the time, but soon Liam couldn't handle it any longer and wrapped his legs around Zayn, the other male easily holding him up.

"Zayn… I need you," Liam whispered in Zayn's ear huskily.

Zayn gulped his heart beating a bit faster than it already was. His hands moved down groping Liam's ass gently before pushing a finger inside of Liam, soon he had all three fingers inside of Liam hitting his prostate repeatedly.

"Fuck, Zayn, now… I know it's not what we… Just please," Liam begged hiding his face in the crook of Zayn's neck.

Zayn's breath hitched, slipping his fingers out and placed the head of his member against Liam's hole getting ready to push in when Liam dropped himself down onto Zayn, causing both boys to yell out. They came back together quickly in a heated messy kiss, Zayn and Liam moving together, Zayn thrusting up as Liam pushed his hips down.

As they came closer and closer to their climax these movements became erratic, but continuously pleasurable until the moment they came together, moaning into each other's mouths.

Their movements slowed down to small spasms of the body, their lips meeting once again, but in a more chaste fashion. They now stood in too cold water as they kissed, unable to pull away from each other long enough to turn the knob to make the water hotter.

"I think that might have been a new record," Liam murmured against Zayn's lips.

"No… the bathroom at last month's photo shoot, five minutes and forty-five seconds. That was all it took, only because we hadn't had enough time to get that far when we snuck around," Zayn muttered chuckling.

"Oh yeah, not my best day," Liam chuckled, "No stamina that day what so ever."

Zayn chuckled and kissed Liam again, slowly pulling out of the younger male, helping Liam drop his legs back down. "Do you want me to get you pills before it starts to hurt?" Zayn asked quietly.

"No, you need to wash your hair, I'll get it myself," Liam chuckled as he ran his hands through Zayn's hair.

Zayn's face turned to a frown remembering his hair and how bad it looked. He kissed Liam quickly before taking the shampoo and began to massage his scalp. Liam chuckled, kissing Zayn's neck and slipped out of the shower, drying himself off. He walked into their room and dug through their bags looking for the pain pills that Zayn usually had to take.

Liam felt a wet warmth press against his body. "You're looking in the wrong place, I usually hide them in here," Zayn moved around Liam, lifting up his clothes, reaching under them into a hidden pocket, handing the bottle to Liam.

"So, how are we going to come out officially?" Zayn asked quietly as Liam popped two pills, turning around to look at Zayn, trying to keep his eyes focused on Zayn's, Zayn doing the same.

"Are you using my eyes as a mirror?" Liam asked after a couple seconds of staring into each other's eyes Zayn was doing his hair. Liam watched as Zayn's eyes came back into focus staring at Liam with a sheepish smile.

"No… I was staring deeply to stare at your eyes through my eyes," Zayn said trying to keep a straight face. Liam scoffed and smacked Zayn upside the head chuckling.

"You're such a wanker," Liam said pulling on a pare of boxers and pants, grabbing a shirt as well not wanting Zayn to have any eye candy.
"What! I can't help it! I look into your eyes and I see what you desire most! And I was trying to make that desire look better," Zayn said tugging on boxers as he followed Liam out of their room.

Liam turned around and stomped towards Zayn. Zayn's eyes widened and slowly moved backwards trying to figure out what Liam was going to do to him. He felt the younger boy's hands grab his face and pull him into a hard kiss. Zayn smirked in the kiss, his hands going to Liam's hips and up the back of his shirt to pull him closer.

"You are a wanker you know that, and for that, I will make your hair a living hell," Liam said with a scary happy smile.

"Oh! Look, our very own Ziam couple! Guys look, it's Liam and Zayn!" Louis said excitedly, Louis and Niall moving opposite ways from each other to show the computer and that the webcam was on.

Zayn ducked down to the ground, the camera no longer seeing him because he was on the floor. Liam with a bit more class slowly fell to the ground. He looked at Zayn smiling a bit brighter than he had been.

"Do we want to tell them now that they've already seen us?" Liam asked quietly.

"Yeah, might as well, we're going to come out anyway," Zayn said chuckling, kissing Liam softly, "I love you Liam."

"I love you too Zayn, so, so, so much, now let's get our Ziam on!" Liam said crawling with Zayn to the couch, before both of their heads popped over the shoulder, to stare at the camera.

"So we're doing a twit cam! What brought this on?" Liam asked, placing his head between Niall and Louis' heads, Zayn placing his head next to Liam's.

"Well, we were about to tell the fans something important, but then we heard you guys fighting, and got us distracted," Louis said looking up at Liam, "They only heard you guys, and saw Zayn in his boxers, but that's it."

"Oh! Well, Zayn was using my eyes as a mirror, and that's why I was yelling at him," Liam said smiling, ruffling said boy's hair.
Zayn leaned away fixing his hair. "He just doesn't believe that I was looking into his eyes to find his deepest most desire, and once I found out what it was, I had to make it look perfect," Zayn huffed, leaning his head against Liam's.

"Do you boys have anything to say to the fan's before we tell them what Niall and I were going to say?" Louis asked chuckling as he watched the tweets flying in, them becoming crazy.

"Why yes we do Zayn, don't we?" Liam asked looking over to Zayn making his best fake serious face.

"Yes we do Li-Li," Zayn said copying the face before moving to close the distance, catching Liam's cheek as the boy turned around to face the camera.

"We're dating!" Liam said happily, soon more tweets were flying up, Louis whispering a few of the questions to Liam.

"We started dating when we got to L.A. this year, yeah, that long," Liam said thoughtfully.

"Wow, I was way off, Niall, I owe you two hundred dollars worth of Nandos, and Harry, I owe you two hundred cats," Louis said chuckling. Harry hollered laughing hysterically and ran away into the kitchen to get more food.

"What did Louis and Niall have to say?" Zayn asked in a very girly voice, kissing Liam's cheek again, moving down to give him another love bite.

"I'm still mad at you!" Liam said shoving Zayn away from him, but got himself tackled.

"Well! Since their cat is out of the bag," This got Louis another hysterical laugh from Harry, and Niall because Niall was laughing because Harry was laughing at something so stupid, "Niall and I have to release a cat, shut up Haz! We're dating, no… Not Larry Stylenson! Niall and I are dating you silly girls! Not Haz and I," Louis said waggling a finger at the camera.

Louis felt his arm stinging a bit and looked at Niall who was pouting, cocking an eyebrow at him. "You told them with out me! You wanker!" Niall grumbled turning away from Louis.

"See! I told you we are!" Louis said laughing, and pulled Niall into a hug, the boy struggling for a few minutes until he finally calmed down, and stared at the tweets.

"We started dating yesterday! It's been a long journey to get this boy, he hasn't made it easy," Louis said smiling as he gave Niall a noogie.

"New Years Eve at Lou and Hazza's party, we were drunk," Niall said smirking at the question, and looked up at Louis.

"No, Liam and Zayn were not drunk when they first hooked up ironically, I think that's what they were avoiding is doing what we did," Louis replied, kissing the top of Niall's head.

"Hazza will take over the twit cam, we are gonna go… NO! That's rude!" Niall gasped out at the comments that began to pop up, "We have another interview in a week or so, your questions will be answered! Bye, bye!"

Niall and Louis quickly got up from the couch running to their room, wanting to fool around before Harry came in to sleep. Harry sat in their spot waving at the camera an all-knowing smirk on his face.

"I don't have a girlfriend… yet. Yeah, I have a girl in mind, she probably has no idea, which reminds me, I need to tweet her!" Harry said smiling at the camera as he whipped out his phone, tweeting quickly.

Harry's lips twitched up and began to mess around as usual on the twit cam, prank calling anyone he could.