Dear, Die- ary.

More incessant noise, stinging my mind like a small wasp, the dough boys becoming self aware and the

wall grows impatient. I can hear that thing getting louder. I heard a new voice today, unlike that of the

doughboys and nailbunny. It was a female voice, but nothing fit the voice. No Styrofoam, no dead

rabbits, just a voice. Was it the being behind the wall? I have no plan to paint that damn thing anymore.

I have no realization of who keeps feeding the fire for my hatred of the human race, and those who does

not. Screaming for their pitiful lives to be spared, if they have so much doubt in their actions, then why

perform these tasks in the first place? No matter. They can't do much without vocal chords can they?

Hah. These are quite daunting days. If only these "voices" had physical bodies…

I was gawking down at the slender figure, lying on his stomach writing in a small black notebook. He

seemed to be arguing with a Styrofoam Pillsbury dough boy figure, with odd black scribing among his

face and body. The figure scrunched up his face the frustration obvious. "…What's wrong with a genuine

smile? I can be happy once in a while can't I? I am not going to kill myself like you keep suggesting D-

boy." The spiraled eyed Styrofoam one called 'D- boy' yelled "Then WHAT DO YOU PLAN ON DOING?" I

chuckled to myself "You could start by not killing yourself!" I floated down and hovered next to the

dough boy. "This guy right here is full of shit…erm or styrofoamy…stuff…BAD STUFF. Don't listen to

him." The figure looked around confused "This doesn't make sense. You're certainly not Nailbunny…you

sound female…" D boy growled in anger, throwing his arms up and I smirked "It's 'cause I am, Nny. I've

been here about as long as you, maybe even longer. You can hear voices and see those things move, yet

you can't see a simple spirit. I've been watching you." Nny got up and laughed, "If you're a spirit, then

you must certainly know how that thing in the damn wall got there. And if you're a spirit as you say you

are then just possess something. Show me your real and not another idiot trying to get to me." I went

right next to Nny, the hairs stood up on the back of his neck, without his realization. I poked his

forehead, and he looked around. A sudden light flashed around the medium sized room, brightening the

walls and making Nny twitch. "See I am right here." I sat my feet down onto the ground. I wore a black

tank top with orange stripes and small black fingerless gloves. I had black pajama bottoms with little cat

heads on them and my eyes shone bright white, black pupils standing out. Nny just sighed. "What the

hell?" He exclaimed throwing up his twig like arms and his eyes looking insane, it actually seemed as

though you could see his pupils shaking with rage. "…You're here to control me too; I'm not a slave to

your ridiculous heeds and wisdoms. I refuse to follow your stupid commands! I AM A SLAVE TO NO

ONE. I WILL NO—""Woah there, fella." I said throwing my arm around his shoulder and shushing him

with my other, placing my finger on his lips. "I ain't here to control you. I'm here to help. I have been

here, a very long time. I don't know how that damn thing got there in the wall, and I don't know why

your even here. I know you need help though. Hell, I gotta tell ya, you've outdone yourself. All these

dead guys, kudos to that." Nny just stared, annoyed by my voice and angry I was even close to him. "I

don't need the help of someone like you." He pulled out a long sharp knife with the hilt red and spiraling

up towards a small sad-face circle on the end of the hilt. The blade was sharpened to perfection and Nny

had an insane furious look in his eyes. Chuckling, he thrust the blade towards me and it hit dead center

in my chest.

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