A small sneak peak of whats to come in chapter 3! Im not really sure what to do with the story since I wrote it a long time ago, but people seem to like it so I'll continue with it! I'll post the rest of this soon!

"You sound like a real idiot, y'know?" Johnny grasped my wrist hard and twisted the skin. He glared at me with those mysterious dark eyes, seaching my face for any sign of fear. "Idiot if it may be so, I think you need to listen to me." I pulled my wrist away, and glared back at Johnny. He was being more stubborn than I thought he would be...I bit my tongue and grimaced, realizing how difficult this would be.
I sighed.

"We cant get far with you threatening to kill me at every turn. I cant feel pain, so you cant really hurt me anyhow...you need to sto-" "No" he whispered ",you need to stop. Stop trying to bring my hopes up. Stop attempting to create a sense of decency in my life, when you know there is nothing worth fighting for. You have nothing to worry about, youve been dead for years. How do you imagine nearly anything of what I feel, or what I deal with? Huh? Explain to me that."

He then walked out of the front yard and into his house, and slammed the door. I faded out...literally. Sinking down into the ground, feeling nothing but the cold earth in my mind. The dirt was a rich brown, with bits of rocks, and shiny minerals. Whats more, there was nothing but death, except the occasional earthworm. It was an envious feeling for some, who simply wished to run away, escape. But well, for me...this was hell. I had been in silence for 10 years. He made sure of that.