The sun shone brightly down on Radiant Gardens, as a gentle breeze blew through the flowers. It wasn't past noon yet, so it was relatively empty. Then again, it was always a quiet town. That's not to say little disturbances didn't happen from time to time, however...

Kairi hastily straightened out her bed sheets while her grandmother watched over her for a few more minutes. After she had considered her bed nice and neat enough, when she thought her grandmother wasn't looking, she put just a few toys under her bed. There was no time to put them back in the toy box yet, after all, and she was going to play with them too soon for that, anyway.

Kairi heard her grandma cough purposefully, meaning she'd been caught in the act. "I'll put them away after the I show the baby sitter, though, grandma!" she pleaded. "I just really really wanna show them those because they're my favorite and I want to show them! Please, grandma?" Kairi begged cutely.

Her grandmother didn't have time to tell her otherwise... her babysitters would be here any minute now. She just laughed amicably and said, "Well, I can see you're excited, Kairi,"

Kairi nodded happily. This was her first time getting a babysitter. She smiled as she looked around the house and saw how clean she made it. Her new babysitter was sure to be impressed!

There was something missing, though... Kairi crossed her arms and rested her chin on her hand as she tried to figure it out. Something she needed to add to the living room, so the babysitter would be sure to see it... "That's it!" Kairi ran back into her room and returned with a clay vase she made herself and a few of her hand-picked flowers from Aerith. The vase was misshapen and the flowers were a bit withered by now, but Kairi still loved both. She'd put a lot of effort into making the vase as a gift for her grandmother, after all, and the flowers were a gift from Aerith, even though Kairi didn't have any munny to give her at the time.

She set them on the coffee and table in the living room proudly."It's perfect, grandma! Right?" She looked to her grandmother for approval.

Her grandmother smiled at the little girl. She was so energetic, always happy and bouncing around. And she thought of herself as more mature than she was, at times. She was starting to worry that the babysitter- who was late, she suddenly noticed- wouldn't be able to take care of her very easily...

The door bell ring and Kairi yelled, "I'll get it!" as she ran to the door happily and stretched to reach the door knob. Her grandmother hadn't even had the chance to reach the door first. Kairi smiled as she opened the door and greeted her babysitter... Wait, two? She had two babysitters! She hopped giddily as she introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Kairi!"

A boy with spikey, bright red hair and bright green eyes bent down and ruffled the young girl's hair. "Hey, Kairi. The name's Lea. Got it memorized?" he asked playfully.

Kairi made a pensive expression and chanted, "Lea, Lea, Lea," to make certain she had it memorized, as he had put it.

"So I can trust you to watch Kairi for the evening? I have to step out for a few hours and I can't take her with me." Kairi's grandmother asked, looking at both of the boys carefully. Kairi continued to chant Lea in the background as she watched her grandmother scrutinize the two boys. "You're awfully young yourself."

Lea smiled. "Don't worry, I'm great with kids!" he bragged.

"Because you are one." His blue hair friend pushed him and added, "Don't worry. I'll make sure everything goes smoothly. Please excuse my friend, he's not very bright. Isa, at your service."

Lea was about to object to that, but Isa elbowed him lightly to keep him quiet.

"She can be a bit of a handful, though..." the grandmother warned. Kairi stopped chanting and pouted at the remark. She was very good, in her opinion.

"Nothing we can't handle!" Lea said, pushing Isa out of the way. "Trust me, I can take anything she throws at me!" He tried to make himself look bigger and stronger, but Isa and Kairi bother chuckled at the attempt, while the grandmother frowned.

Isa sighed and shook his head. "We've got it under control. We won't fail you."

"I don't know..." the grandmother said, seriously reconsidering all of this.

Lea and Isa exchanged worried glances. They needed the money for this...

"Grandma, can I come with you, then?" Kairi asked. She wasn't even sure where her grandma was going, but she said Kairi absolutely could not come along with her. It made her really curious, actually... Maybe now she could go, if she wasn't allowed to stay with the babysitters.

"...Be good for them, Kairi," the grandmother decided. She really couldn't take Kairi along this time... If she could, she would. She wrapped her arms around Kairi and pulled her into a loving hug.

"I will, grandma! I promise!" Kairi said, giggling. She'd changed her mind really fast...

Kairi waved as he grandmother walked to wherever she had to go alone so badly. "Bye, Grandma!"

When she was no longer in sight, Kairi turned and stared at the teenagers curiously as they argued.

"What kind of friend are you?" Lea asked angrily.

"The kind that remembers why we need this munny to begin with." Isa shot back, glaring at him. "It was your fault in the first place, was it not?"

Lea recoiled and chuckled. Did Isa have to remind him again? "Oh yeah, that! Ehehe..."

"What?" Kairi asked, looking up at the two boys.

Lea turned to look at her, just remembering she was there, while Isa sighed in exasperation. They couldn't explain something like this to a child.

"What's that?" she asked again, putting the same emphasis on it that they had. Maybe that would get her an answer.

"Oh, that!" Lea said, chuckling a little. "Uh, you see, I-" Lea started, but Isa covered his mouth.

"It's nothing," he lied quickly.

"But you guys were talking about a that..." Kairi persisted, crossing her arms in frustration.

Lea pushed Isa off of him and smiled down at Kairi. "Forget that, let's have some fun!"

"Right... what do you do for fun, anyway?" Isa asked. He'd never been too great with children, so he might have to follow Lea's lead this time...

Kairi glared, puffing her cheeks out. She didn't want to just back down that easily, after all. They were the ones that mentioned it, and she wanted to know, too! "But that!"

"There are toys somewhere around here for you to play with, aren't there?" Isa asked, annoyed of this already.

Kairi sighed, but she decided to let it go, for now at least. She took Lea's hand and tugged him towards her "Okay! Come on, I have really fun toys over here!" She pulled him back to her room, and Isa followed behind.

When they reached her room, though, Kairi closed the door behind Lea. "You can't come in, Isa!" she yelled. "Until you tell me that!" Kairi wasn't just giving up on that, yet.

As Kairi held the door closed, though, Isa pushed forward, with far more force than she could muster. "No!" she whined as she was pushed backward. "No Isas allowed!" Kairi pushed forward with all her might, but it only served to slow him down.

Lea laughed. "Just let her cool down, Isa. Unless you want the whole day to be like this between you two."

Isa sighed and slowly back up, careful not to just stop and let Kairi literally push the door in his face. "...I guess I'll make snacks or something?" He said through gritted teeth.

"Snacks, snacks!" Kairi cheered. Lea joined in and cheered, "Snacks, snacks," as well, just to further irritate Isa.

"We'll talk about this later, Lea," Isa called before walking back up the hallway, towards the kitchen. He plopped in a chair and took deep breath. This wouldn't be as easy a job as he thought it would be, but this was nothing he and Lea couldn't handle. Even if this little girl was being difficult and Lea seemed to be encouraging that. They just had to make sure nothing bad happened with her, after all. She didn't have to get along with him for that. Just an afternoon with this brat, and it'd be over...

"So, Lea, Lea!" Kairi cheered. "These are the toys I wanted to show you!"

Lea leaned against a wall and watched as Kairi groped around under her bed for 'd been against this whole thing, but this was going to easy. And maybe even entertaining.