Hello and welcome….to yet another used story. Yeah I know you're gonna ask why I am starting yet another story when I have three already in progress. Well the answer is simple, this was actually a concept that I haven't seen much of in a Naruto/Bleach crossover so I wanted to give it a try. Now keep in mind this story is not my primary work (That honor goes to Kitsune Z Fighter) so don't expect this to be updated frequently. I don't have a set schedule for this one nor will I, the chapters will be released when they're done and that's it. And I'm going to be putting Konoha's Demi Saiyan on hold until I figure out where I'm going with it. That, and I wanted to give more time to Gohan's BLEACHED Journey so don't expect any progress for a while. So enough of my stalling, lets begin ^^.

"This" is talking

"This" is Zanpakuto/Kyuubi (Kurama)/attack names

"This" thinking

Chapter 1:

In an open field, grassy field in the small land of Wave Country lies a young man of 16, staring at the sky. He had bright blonde hair, cerulean, blue eyes, tan skin, and very distinct whisker marks on both his cheeks. The young man was Uzumaki Naruto, Genin of Konohagakure and he had grown in the last three years during his training trip with his master, Jiraiya, The Toad Sannin or as Naruto called him, Ero-Sennin. After his attempt to retrieve his best friend and teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, who had abandoned his old home and friends in favor of power and left to Otogakure under the apprenticeship of Orochimaru, The Snake Sannin, Naruto had agreed to be Jiraiya's apprentice an order to bring his friend back one day but, that wasn't the only reason. An organization known as the Akatsuki were out to capture him for he was the Jinchuuriki of the strongest of the Bijuu, The Kyuubi no Kitsune. Being one of the nine and most powerful of the Bijuu, the Kyuubi was the heart of the Akatsuki's ambition, whatever that could've been. So Naruto trained hard for the last three years, growing stronger and smarter but, never losing his goofy nature and happy demeanor. He had learned many new wind jutsu from Jiraiya after finding out that he had an affinity for said element and even created a few Rasengan variants as time went on. Even though, Naruto had a relatively happy time with his training, during his second year, Jiraiya had confessed to Naruto about him being his Godfather and he also explained to Naruto about his parents, Namikaze Minato, The Yondaime Hokage and Uzumaki Kushina, The Hot Red-blooded Habanero and former Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi. This news caused a brief three month fallout between the two where Naruto refused to even look at his sensei but, after many sorrys (Along with 10 bowls of ramen) Naruto finally forgave Jiraiya. But, after hearing of his father and his accomplishments, Naruto decided to honor him in his own way (not including learning his prized jutsu) so Naruto decided on a change in wardrobe. He now wore white shinobi pants, a black jacket, completely zipped, black shinobi sandals, and a orange cloak similar to his father's only it was orange with black flames with a black Uzumaki symbol on the back to honor his mother and clan. He also changed the cloth to his headband from a short blue to a long black with the tassels reaching the top of his back. Now Naruto was currently waiting for his sensei to show up thinking back to the conversation and the reason of why he was in Wave in the first place.


"Wait, you want to what? Run that by me again, gaki I don't I heard you right." Jiraiya said as he was eating his dinner at some local diner he and Naruto stopped in while on the road

"You heard right, Ero-Sennin, I'm bored with all this traveling, we've been around the Elemental Nations for the last three years now. I want to see the world beyond the borders, to see if there are other ninja out there or maybe a new type of warrior we've never seen before. I want to see it all." Naruto exclaimed with a huge foxy grin on his face., Jiraiya sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose, seriously this kid was so complicated.

"Naruto, what you're asking could either be beneficial or a complete waste of time. No one knows if there is anything beyond the borders. In fact, there is no known record of any shinobi even trying such a feet. Honestly, I think we should just head back to Konoha as scheduled." Jiraiya explained.

"But if there is a world beyond the borders it could be a big help to my training." Naruto began

"Or a complete waste of time." Jiraiya countered, Naruto looked down with a frown on his face, thinking of a way for his kyofu to change his mind. Then it came to him, how could he be so stupid? Naruto gave Jiraiya a foxy grin and leaned over the table.

"But, Ero-Sennin what about your research, you could probably find foreign girls who could teach you something new." Naruto smirked when he saw Jiraiya's perverted grin.

"What are we waiting for, gaki? Come on, Wave Country has a port dock we could probably find someone willing to travel with us." Jiraiya stated jumping up and rushing out the door, leaving an irritated Naruto with the bill.

End flashback

Naruto sighed as he watched the sky waiting for his perverted sensei to come back with a ship captain. After another twenty minutes, Naruto heard someone approaching from behind.

"It's about time you got back." Naruto said irritably

"Hey is that anyway to greet the guy who named our bridge after you?" Naruto blinked, that wasn't Jiraiya but, he certainly knew that voice. Naruto turned around to see a grinning Tazuna along with Jiraiya in the background.

"Tazuna! How've you been old man." Naruto exclaimed as he shook the man's hand

"Pretty good thanks to you, gaki. You helped this country thrive again you know." Tazuna stated as Naruto scratched the back of his bashfully.

"Aww, it was no problem really, just part of the job." Naruto replied "But what are you doing here anyway?"

"Well your sensei told me about your little adventure trip and I have a crew for you if you're interested." Tazuna explained as Naruto's eyes lit up

"That's awesome, we'll take the offer old man." Naruto stated, Tazuna nodded and brought the two shinobi to the giant whit ship with a full crew. After Naruto met the crew members, Jiraiya pulled him to the side.

"Naruto are you absolutely sure about this? We don't know where we'll end up if anywhere and if we do end up anywhere how long do you expect to hang around?" Jiraiya asked

"I'm sure about this, Ero-Sennin and if by the chance we do end up on land, I want to stay at least a year. It will give me enough time to learn everything I can about the area. And if Baa-chan complains just reverse summon yourself to Mount Myoboku and than the village and give a report." Naruto explained, he certainly planned this out well. Jiraiya sighed, Naruto certainly had his mother stubbornness. After a few more hours of preparation, the crew was ready to set sail. Naruto said his goodbyes to Tazuna and his family who had arrived to see him off. Naruto stood at the front of the ship, looking over the ocean with a grin, ready to set sail to a new world.

"Alright, time to set sail to a new adventure! LET'S GO." Naruto shouted as the ship set sail

And cut the first chapter, now before you all ask yes I will be giving Naruto a Zanpakuto but what kind, well that's all up to you. Just message me an idea of the sword's design (Sealed, Shikai, and Bankai), the sword's name, and the sword's abilities in it's different states. The sword I choose will be announced by chapter three and I will be giving a shout out to the person who gave me the idea. The story will take place after the first Menos encounter in the series so you can guess how I'm gonna give him his Zanpakuto and if you can't too bad. Pairings will be Ichigo/Rukia and Naruto/Orihime. Well that does it for this chapter till next time remember to review honestly…later ^^.