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Vanitas Leonhart was imprisonned for two years in Radiant Garden's Penitentiary. He will eventually get out. But he'll find many things have changed in his absence back home. Will he be able to cope ? And will he be able to stay on the path he set out for himself ? In this story lies the answer... Crappy summary but I suck at those lol ! Please don't let that stop you from reading and hopefully enjoy it !

How far is heaven from hell ?

Chapter 1

Radiant Garden was a beautiful city. It was known throughout the world as a beacon of history and treasures from the past. Many monuments and museums there were reminiscent of a time full of heroics and magnificent battles.

Of course, war, battles and violence are things to be glorified to an extent. Radiant Garden was of course also famous for her namesake. Nowhere else in the entire world could you find another city so full of magnificent gardens. You could name every flower you could think of and be sure it was carefully grown in one garden or another in one part of this big city where it was allowed to thrive for the wonderment of the inhabitant and the tourist.

Radiant Garden was of course known for its modernity as well. Epic wars and glorious battles may have been over for a very long time but it was no reason to live idly and unprotected... and well, modernity made the everyday life easy. And it was easy to live in Radiant Garden.

Of course, if the city was magnificent and modern, you can bet the City Penitentiary was at least as such... minus the comfort as you'd probably expect...

You see, as in any big city, crime was severely frowned upon in Radiant Garden. And Radiant Garden being the biggest city in the country, criminals from all parts of the country were often sent there judging on the severity of their crime. Murder generally saw you being sent there... whatever the circumstances.

Now that the scene is set, you've all guessed where the story begins – you clever lads you...

Life in Radiant Garden's Penitentiary was considered as hell by almost every inmate. You could have guards and think all potential threats were covered... there would always be something. In a microcosm where each and every soul was damned, the only rule was the survival of the fittest.

Those who had half a brain to go with the brawn or lack thereof instantly knew where their place was and whose butt to kiss. The others never lasted long if they weren't fast learners.

Vanitas was nothing if not a fast learner.

Vanitas Leonheart had been an inmate at Radiant Garden's Penitentiary for two years now. He'd learned everything there was to know to survive in this place without any permanent physical damage. He was well-known by all the inmates as being the go-to person when you wanted to curry a favor from Xehanort, the most ruthless of them all and the one who really made the world go round between the walls of the Penitentiary.

Being in the good graces of this despicable guy had been hard work, but Vanitas was resilient and hard-working when it was in his interest. It had been easier for him than for others of course. If Vanitas was not a hardened criminal or a sadistic assassin, he was never afraid of a good fight. He was a Leonhart and that meant that he had the making of a great warrior like his ancestors had been centuries ago. His fellow inmates had learned the hard way not to be deceived by his looks.

Where Vanitas was slender, he was also proportionally fit. Behind his smart disposition and easygoing attitude the young had a very mean streak and a ferocious proficiency for fighting. And most of all, behind the fair skin, the alluring black bangs that pointed everywhere in a very cute manner, the fascinating golden eyes and the body to die for, he was neither stupid nor a sissy.

Last but not least, he'd stricken an undying friendship with Axel the Pyro, another wild card that had been in the inner circle of Xehanort since before Vanitas arrived in Radiant Garden's Penitentiary. The man with the long and crazy red spikes had seen the potential in this newcomer very early on and had taken him under his wings, allowing him access to the good graces of the Big Guy himself. Other than Xehanort, the two young men were only loyal to each other.

Actually, the highlight of both their lives in this hellhole had been the day they'd been able to bribe the right to share a cell. They had been able to make it happen six months after Vanitas' arrival. And god had Vanitas been thankful for Axel's friendship from that day on. His precedent cellmate had been a mountain of muscles and had never hidden the fact that the young man's butt was perfectly to his taste. Vanitas had had to fight to keep his cherry intact almost every night...

This night would mark the end of the second year Vanitas had spent in hell. He would not complain. He had seen other inmates who had truly had it worse than him. At least, he had been able to ensure his survival and a certain security for times to come... even if he knew better than to take that for granted in such a place. Nevertheless, he, at least, could say that someone here truly had his back.

"Well aren't you the silent one, tonight !"

Vanitas allowed himself a good-natured smirk while he moved to look under his bed at Axel's. Said young man was watching him with a questioning look while playing with his trademark lighter without even looking at it.

"How you manage to score gas for the damn thing is beyond me, said Vanitas with another smirk that didn't have much effect with his head upside down...

_I have my ways... Got it memorized ?"

The brunette quietly snickered at that. Axel was a damn pyro in real need of some new material. He was still looking at him though. There would be no trying to downplay it. The redhead just knew him too damn well and Vanitas knew that Axel was not above lighting in bed on fire from below if experience was anything to go by. Four months ago, he had been forced to share Axel's bed following one such incident until they had been able to bribe another bunk bed (which in itself had taken two fucking months !)... and Vanitas was still reeling from the discovery that his friend loved to cuddle at night... He decided it was safer to go down to join Axel and tell him what he wanted to know.

"So what is it, Van, asked Axel with his deceptively carefree tone that never fooled the brunette anymore ?"

Vanitas settled himself against the sickeningly white wall of their cell to prop himself across Axel who was currently leaning on the bed. He couldn't help but pout a little at being forced to share his feelings like a girl.

"Stop making yourself grumpy-cute, my little Vannie, all but cooed Axel with the stupid grin he kept for cute things, cause that'll just earn you my undying love and a hug and you'll still have to talk !

_Go die in hell, great big pyro jerk, retorted a grumpy Vanitas who hated the nickname !"

The playful banter over, the brunette just crossed his arms and directed a soulful look to the wall on the other side of the cell. Even now, he couldn't bring himself to look at his friend when said friend coaxed him into introspection.

"It's just... It's been two years, dude..."

Axel looked calmly at his cellmate and best friend without saying a word. To anyone who didn't know Van like he did, he looked the paragon of confidence, the master of all them bastards of this world... and that was 60% true... then there were the other 40%...

"I never hoped for a miracle, went on the brunette, pointedly ignoring Axel's scrutiny... I'm in this place cause I fucking deserve it. It's just... In those two years, I never thought much of the future, ya know ? But tonight..."

Van just went quiet at this point. Axel knew what was happening when the brunette quickly turned his head to the door... the door that looked more and more like the end of their future. The redhead knew better than to call his friend on his silence... or on his shoulders that were now slightly twitching from the silent tears he knew were there. There were the other 40% that were aching to make themselves known. He knew his friend was raging inside not to be able to reign his fragile side in.

"I know I don't deserve it..."

And there it was. The quivering little voice that Van never let anyone hear. The little part of the brunette that Axel had fought so hard and practically beaten out off his friend when he was still the cocky little bastard Vanitas was so sure he had to be.

At that point, Axel quit his position to sit himself next to the trembling young man and took him roughly in his arms. Van seemed to fight it a little at the beginning but quickly surrendered.

"Fuck, whimpered the young man quietly...

_You don't deserve what, gently coaxed Axel, still holding on his friend who now cried openly ?

_I just... I just want to see my brothers, whispered Van between sobs. I want... I want to make it up to them... to Sora... But what I did..."

The brunette went quietly silent after that. Which was really no surprise... he had all but quickly fallen in a deep sleep. And Axel just knew there would be no waking him. He decided not to even try. The little dope would just have to sleep with Axel for the night. An Axel Cuddle Night would do him good. Plus, a grumpy Vanitas in the morning was a healthy Vanitas.

Setting the brunette comfortably under the covers was not too complicated. Axel quickly joined him. He didn't close his eyes just yet though. Instead, he looked thoughtfully at the bottom of the upside bed.

Axel didn't have much waiting for him outside of this prison. Granted, the thought of dying there was quite distasteful. But he had always left it to the stars to show him where to go. He was a patient guy and knew to enjoy what he had however shitty it was. But Vanitas had so much waiting outside for him. So much unfinished business to attend to. Family. Friends. A life. One he had greatly screwed up but that he could still try to mend.

The brunette chose this moment to stir a little in his sleep. He then turned to snuggle against Axel with a contented sigh before returning to being dead for the world. The redhead snickered quietly. And he was the overly cuddly one ! No doubt Van would hurt him the next morning when he'd wake up in Axel's arms.

Still, the peaceful look on his sleeping face was quite a sight. Childlike as if there never was a worry in the world.

Axel was worried. Van was tough, for sure. But he could see that the young man was on the verge of breaking. He was not made for this life however well he played the part. Axel would pray the stars tonight to show a way out to his friend. And if that didn't work, maybe it would be time for them to find a way out on their own...

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