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Summary: Harry Potter wishes on the Sarkany Flame after being mated and unknowingly brings back his parents and godfather from the dead. Along with that mess, he also finds himself pregnant - and refuses to bring his child into the world while Voldemort is still alive. Submissive!Creature!Harry, Harry/Theodore Nott/Bill/OMC/OMC

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Chapter One: Sarkany Secrets

.Seventy years ago a law was made, saying that no unmated dominant could touch a submissive until said submissive marked him or her. Dominants everywhere rebelled, killing tens of people in their anger, until the submissive count had lowered so far that not all the dominants could take a submissive. After this rebellion, known as the Dominance Rebellion, protection measures were taken to keep the precious submissives from being harmed again.

Today, we see these changes bright and clear. Dominants cannot be mated to a submissive unless they were at a Meeting, a Meeting where the dominant could be monitored at all times before the mating. They are also not allowed to speak, touch, or interact at all with the submissives at these Meetings until they have been marked by the submissive. The previous law had never been meant to take things to such a lengths, however, it was deemed necessary. A threat of execution was given if this law was broken, and so dominants stand tall and proud as they let the submissives find them, instead of the other way around – the natural way.

Meetings are held at plenty of places all around the world, however only one Meeting encompasses all those of Creature blood. It is called the Winter Meeting, as it is always on the First of December. It takes place in the Hall of Gathering for ten days, from December the First through December the Tenth, in which unmated submissive Creatures are brought in an allowed to mingle together. It is a peaceful Meeting, though the unmated dominants are not allowed to mingle until marked.

The marking is not permanent, and is usually rejected soon after being placed. It is a simple touch to the torso of the dominant. Veela use their hands, Sarkany their faces, Fey use their wings, and those of Neko descent use their tails. Marking a dominant shows that the dominant has a chance to show their worth to the submissive, which is usually a chase until the submissive is too tired to continue. Not chasing the submissive who marks you is a sign of disrespect, and it is to say that the submissive is unworthy of your attention and that you will not be following their games. This is also a rejection of the mark, and likely the submissive will not try again and will move on.

After you are marked, you have the rest of the time to show that you are willing to be the submissive's mate. Not only willing, but that you want to be the one protecting the submissive, that you would gladly throw your life on the line for him or her. It is a risky game, and at any moment the submissive may deem you unworthy and reject you, leaving you to rejoin the rest of the dominants without attempting to interact with the submissive again.

The difference between a submissive's rejection and a dominant's rejection is the fact that a submissive can choose to remark a dominant. He or she may give a second chance, and possibly a third or fourth chance. They may chase that specific dominant until their Creature accepts him. A dominant does not have this choice...

Section Two: Views on Creature Blood

.and though many people never approved of Creature blood in the past, the world governments have passed the Protection Act, which states that: "...all Creatures of undiseased (see vampire, werewolf) nature, including Sarkany, Veela, Fey, and Neko among others, are hereby protected from harm by threat of prison time..." and "...the killing of a dominant undiseased Creature will be punished by a period of 2-7 years in Azkaban. The killing of a submissive undiseased Creature or child will be punished by execution."

Many Ministries have even gone as far as to suggest individual guards for underage Creatures, however this has not come into affect as of 1990 and is likely not going to happen, as...

Section Three: Diseased Creatures

Creatures who are considered dark are called 'diseased Creatures', or Creatures who were not born the way they are. Diseased Creatures cannot pass their genes in a hereditary nature and must instead bite the one they wish to pass their genes on to. Diseased creatures include Vampires and Werewolves, and in some cases, Fey. Fey are both Diseased and Undiseased, as this specific creature can pass the gene in a hereditary manner and through their saliva. It is unknown why the world governments have decided to protect the Fey...

Section Four: Undiseased Creatures

Name: Veela


Dominant: Mainly male, dominant Veela are often large with sharp features. They are usually pale in complexion, their eyes silver or blue, hair blond or white. Dominant Veela have sharp wings, which are normally misconstrued as being metal. This is not true. The wings are sharp, hard scales that can be used to cut and attack with, but are not suited to flight. Each wing is usually made up of six or seven long, rectangular scales, sharpened to points at the end. As a Veela grows, his or her wings will grow and often shed to be replaced by sharper, stronger scales. It is said that if you were to pull a scale out of the wings, you could count the rings on the inside and be able to tell how old the Veela in question is. This is an illegal practice.

Submissive: Usually smaller and more delicate, male or female submissives will have a darker complexion – pale skin, dark eyes and hair. It is unknown whether this is to attract dominants or if it is particular breeding that causes Veela submissives to always be dark-haired. Submissive Veela have wings much the same as Dominant Veela, but along with wings they also grow claws and fangs when in Veela form. Veela venom (which is severely acidic) can cut through a foot of steel in three minutes.

Breeding: Veela are extremely strong child-bearers, carrying never more than one child at a time. Veela are able to carry children only into their thirties, however, which doesn't leave a lot of time for a lot of children. As such, many submissives choose to have children at a very young age – sixteen to twenty five. Gestation lasts 10 months, and children are generally born with a full set of teeth.

Mating: Veela do not truly become mates until they have consummated their relationship. Mates will do anything and everything to protect each other and will often die one right after the other.

Diet: Veela eat mainly vegetables and fruits, with grains and nuts thrown in. Dominants eat more meat than submissives. When their fertility peaks, submissives will be drawn to eating more and more meat.

Name: Neko


Dominant: Often in dark colors, dominants grow twin cat ears and a single tail during their inheritance. It is more common for a dominant to have orange coloring than any other coloring. Dominants are rarely small, though it has been known to happen, and will sport large claws on their hands and feet when threatened.

Submissive: Natural colorings include brown, black, gray, white, and calico or tortoiseshell. When giving in to their instincts, often their eyes will begin to glow and slit. Will also sport large claws when threatened, and in life or death situations, the claws will be covered in an acid that makes it very hard to heal a wound. Are often smaller than their dominants.

Breeding: Neko carry anywhere from 1-7 kittens at a time, though their pregnancies are extremely delicate and they are often on bed-rest for much of it. Gestation is 8 months, though Neko have been known to give birth before and after 8 months. Kittens are generally very small and grow slowly, staying small until their inheritance.

Mating: Neko instinctively know who their mate is, it is only a matter of finding them. Their Neko will not accept anyone else until and unless their mate dies. They are considered mated after locking eyes for a period of ten to twelve minutes, though the bond becomes stronger with consummation.

Diet: Generally carnivores, Neko also enjoy certain fruits such as bananas and kiwis. It is not known why.

Name: Sarkany


Dominant: Sarkany dominants usually reach a height of at least six-foot, though many are known to reach nearly seven-foot. Dominants have large, scaled wings that will support their weight in flight. The inside of the wings are covered in a brightly-colored, tightly knit group of scales. There is not a chink in the scales and it is extremely painful for the scales to be pulled out. The back of the wings are covered in scales of the same color that are softer, nearly feather-like and easily break. It is not painful, and a common social habit of Sarkany is to sit together and preen the back scales. The body of the Sarkany is also covered in scales, smaller and smoother, unnoticeable unless the light hits them correctly. When the Sarkany instinct is taking over, their eyes will slit and they will be incapable of much speech. Sarkany dominants grow claws on their hands when in danger, or when they feel their mate is in danger, and they will go to any lengths to protect their mate or chicks. If their mate dies, they often do not find another, for Sarkany mate for life. They are, however, capable of taking on another mate if needed. Dominant Sarkany blood can be used as a healer for any other Sarkany, but it is poisonous to humans and Wizards.

Submissive: Often only reaching a height of five-foot-five, submissive Sarkany are very small and fragile. They have less muscle mass, though, when threatened, are equally as vicious and dangerous as their dominant counterparts. Their wings are pure white until they take a mate, and then the inside scales will begin to take on the colors of their mate's. The back feather-like scales will remain white. Sarkany submissives will spontaneously grow fangs when threatened, which are coated with an acid that will severely harm when in the blood stream. They also grow claws on their hands, but while the dominant will immediately strike to kill, submissives go for the fleshy belly of their attacker in order to cause it great pain and suffering – especially if it was their chicks or mates who were threatened. Submissive Sarkany blood can be used as a healer for their chicks.

Breeding: Sarkany can carry 1-5 chicks at a time, but their pregnancies are fragile and their mates will often not allow them to wander off alone for fear of losing the chick(s). When their fertility peaks, during the 'Heat' (which lasts for 5 days every two to three months), submissives will feel a rise in temperature as their bodies warm up to the right temperature for breeding. They also revert to an almost childlike state until their heat begins. Sarkany will nest anywhere from two months to one week before giving birth (in which males rip their bellies open), and once they have begun building their nest, nobody is allowed near it or in it or the Sarkany will move the nest, which is often dangerous. If a Sarkany moves his or her nest, they will often be a greater distance away from their mates (who will not be able to protect their submissives). Submissive Sarkany will kill any who try to come near their nest during nesting, including mates and family members. Dominant mates will all look at the child carried by the submissive as theirs even if it is not so biologically. One child will only have one father (the dominant) and one mother (the submissive), however, if five chicks are born, their could be two with one father, one with another, one with a third, and the last with a fourth father. Gestation is generally 7 months, however, it changes from submissive to submissive, and ultimately the submissive will know when their chick will be born.

Mating: Mating can occur at any moment that the submissive's inner Sarkany has deemed the dominant a suitable match. This could be over a handshake, a kiss, or a hug. Dominant Sarkany only take one submissive, but submissive Sarkany may need anywhere from 1-5 mates, depending on how powerful they are. Many submissives need two mates, one to conceive a baby and one to ground the submissive's magic. It has, however, been known that a submissive can need three mates to conceive a baby and one or two to ground their power. If their power is not grounded, they may lose control of it and kill those surrounding them.

Diet: Dominant Sarkany prefer rare or raw meat to anything else, often catching their own food and eating it fresh. Submissives, however, are primarily herbivores, eating little meat until their fertility peaks or they are pregnant.


The room is dark and somewhat still, only a small lump under the bed-covers breathing evenly to disturb the stillness. The drapes are pulled over the windows, marring any light that may come in. A book called 'All About Inheritance' by Giovanni Gale was spread open on the table, the page reading about different Creatures. A highlighter is in the middle of the book, keeping the pages open, and it seems like whoever had been reading it was trying to highlight important facts. As it got to a section about Sarkany, most of the words were highlighted, making the book look more yellow than white.

A page of notes lays on the desk beside it, many of the 'important facts' rewritten onto it.

The lump under the covers begins to move, and then a head pops out from underneath and takes a deep breath. His eyes catch the book from the night before and he winces, looking like he wanted to believe it had all been a dream.

Two feet hit the floor, and he pads over to the table, closing the book around the highlighter and folding the notes in half. A previously unseen piece of parchment floats to the floor and he groans, leaning to pick it up. It is labeled 'Care of Magical Creatures Essay' in delicate, curly handwriting.

The boy whispers to himself as he slips the paper into a folder. "Remus told me to take care and learn about Sarkany, just in case, but it seems like there was a lot he wasn't telling me..." a small hesitation, and then a yawn. "...at least I got my Care of Magical Creatures essay finished, though I didn't expect to come across Sarkany while doing it..."

Still in his pajamas, the boy scurries about the room, pulling things out and placing them on the table. It's a round card table, the cheap, flimsy kind that you find in stores for outrageous prices, but realize that the sturdy kind cost even more, and so buy the flimsy ones instead. He plops stacks a pile of books on top of it, making the table groan. They're textbooks: A Standard Book of Spells (Grade 6), A History of Magic (Volume 6), A Beginner's Guide to Wandless and Wordless Magics, One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi (Volume 2), Healing: Potions, Defense Through the Ages, and finally the first book: "All About Inheritance." He added a few more books, counted, recounted, and then scrambled to find a book that must have been missing.

Finally, he popped out and had all of his school books in order. There was a trunk on his bed that he began filling, stopping now and again to rearrange and make more room. When he was finished, the room was significantly cleaner and a light could be seen trying to force its way through the closed drapes. He pulled them open, the room being illuminated, and one could see that the whole room was taken up by the bed and the table. He stubbed his toe as he moved around, trying to maneuver around both large pieces of furniture, before his packing was finished.

After this, he dressed, but did not leave his room to shower. He didn't even try the doorknob, seeming to somehow already know that it was locked from the outside. Instead, he perched on the windowsill, peering outside, and waited.

And waited.

And as the sky grew dimmer, something finally happened.

A man appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, but the people passing on the streets didn't even see him. The man marched up to the door and pushed it right open, as if there wasn't a deadbolt, chain, and lock on the inside. They all magically opened for him, allowing the man to pass. The man did not stop at the gaping faces of the house's occupants, but instead started right up the stairs and stopped outside a room with a lock on the outside.

The boy inside was ready for him, and the man hardly had to step inside at all. The boy barreled out as soon as the door was open, crashing into the man with a tight hug.

The man grunted, smiling. "Come along, Harry, it's high time we've gotten you to Hogwarts."

And Harry followed right along, beaming, as they traipsed down the stairs again, out into the street, walking down a few houses until they were in an alleyway. The man turned and grabbed Harry's arm, and then they were both gone.

The reappeared somewhere in Scotland, where the man put his hand on Harry's shoulder and steadied him before they continued along.

"I can shrink your trunk for you, Harry, if you want," the man offered. "Where's Hedwig's cage?"

Harry smiled at the man, and then shook his head. "It's fine, Remus. I can carry it. I left Hedwig at Hogwarts this summer."

Remus raised his eyebrows. "It's quite a long walk..."

"I know," Harry laughed, and then stopped quite abruptly. "Remus, I did as you asked and … well, I didn't actually... I meant to... but.."

"Finish your thoughts," Remus stated, voice almost stern. "Don't stop in the middle."

"Sorry. I did as you asked and learned about the Sarkany. Only, I really didn't, because it was an accident that I learned about them, even if I had meant to. But sir, why did you ask me to learn about them?" Harry asked, forcing himself to talk slower. The boy had had problems finishing his thoughts ever since he'd watched his godfather die and nearly traveled through the Veil with him. The Healers thought that maybe Harry had been affected by the short touch to the Veil, but Harry fancied that it just took too much concentration and he wasn't finished grieving yet.

Remus hummed thoughtfully, weighing his options, before responding. "You see, Harry, when magical children turn sixteen, they come into what is called an Inheritance. It's not money, or property, or anything like that. Your Inheritance only changes you if you've had an appearance spell on you, or if – or if you've got magical Creature blood in you."

Harry frowned. "But sir, I don't have magical Creature blood in me," and then he paused, suddenly unsure. "Do I?"

"You do," Remus replied quietly. "Your father was a Sarkany, and …. when two Sarkany mate, their offspring will always be a Sarkany. But when one Sarkany and one Wizard mate, there's a very small chance. When the baby is born, your father could smell the Sarkany on you immediately and knew you'd be one of the dragon creatures, too."

Harry chewed his lip, looking down at himself. Would it be bad to have Creature blood? His book had said that undiseased Creatures were protected religiously, almost sacred. He wouldn't be spurned, and it wouldn't hurt him... it might actually be nice to have a mate...

Something must have occurred to him, because his steps faltered. They could see the Hogwarts gates from where they stood. "Sir...why are we at Hogwarts? Don't we usually spend the summer at the Burrow or Headquarters?"

Remus sighed, patting Harry on the shoulder. "Harry, we think you'll be safer at Hogwarts when you come into your Inheritance. We believe...you'll be the submissive. If a dominant sees you, even with the laws that are in place, he may be unable to stop himself from trying to force you to be his mate."

Harry frowned, not liking the sound of that, but he was more worried about the fact that they thought him to be the submissive. He was not a submissive! He would not be carrying children! He was...he was Harry Potter! It made him angry that they thought him weak, but his anger melted away when he remembered what he had highlighted the night before: submissive Sarkany are as vicious and dangerous as their dominant counterparts. He was actually quite smug at this revelation, and said nothing more as they continued their trip to Hogwarts.

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