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Pain, fatigue, desperation and hope were the current emotions circling around me as I ran for my life in the Washington state woods. My current goal was to reach the next reservation over, which happens to be La Push; my two cousins Leah and Seth live there along with my aunt Sue, I'm from the sister tribe - Makah reservation.

My name is Isabella Marie Clearwater. I just turned 18 a few months ago. I'm about 5'5, I have long brown hair that comes to the middle of my back, I have matching chocolate brown eye with a heart shape face. I have nice curves for a girl my age, I got lucky, I know many girls would die to have my curves, my breasts are a large C cup and my legs seem to go on for miles, or so the guys say. I lived by myself on the reservation since both of my parents are deceased. My mom died when I was little I don't remember her much since I was only 4 years old at the time. My dad died about a year ago; he was killed in the line of duty when he responded to a robbery at a gas station last summer. Since his death I stayed in my childhood home instead of moving back to La Push with my aunt and cousins, my uncle Harry had a heart attack 3 years ago. There were two reasons I didn't go live with my Aunt, one I wanted to finish my senior year at my school instead of starting over in a new school, I was mature enough to live on my own and with my dad's life insurance money I was able to pay off the house and had enough money to live comfortably for a while now. The second reason was my longtime boyfriend Jessie, we've been together since we were 13 years old. We were each other's first kiss, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first dates, and we also lost our virginity together at the age of 16.

Jessie was Makah like me, he was 6'0 with that nice brown tanned skin and long jet black hair that came to the top of his shoulders, he had the most beautiful jet black eyes as well. Things between Jessie and I were great, he treated me like a queen; he was also the next in line for the chief of our tribe.

But things went downhill when he turned 17, first he started getting mad at me over little things, then about 6 months after his 17th birthday he started to run high fevers, that's when the hitting started. I was late calling him one night when I had to stay after school to finish a research paper and I didn't let him know. Jessie was waiting for me in my bedroom when I got home, he accused me of lying to him and that I was with some other guy. I got pissed and raised my voice saying I'd never do that to him; that was a mistake and it was the first time he raised his hand. He backhanded me so hard I fell back onto the wall, the force was so hard I had blood running down my mouth. Later he apologized over and over about how sorry he was and that he didn't mean to, he didn't want to lose me and promised to never do it again. About a month after that he got really sick and disappeared, finally after a month of being gone he showed up back at my house one afternoon as I was home alone out back enjoying a rare sunny day.

Jessie had changed, his hair was cut short he was taller he was 6'0 before but when he came back to me he was at least 6'5 and all muscle. We ended up getting into a huge fight that day about where he's been for the past month without any contact, needless to say that was another mistake that I made, pissing him off, one minute we were in each other's faces screaming and the next second he was shaking really hard. All of a sudden he's no longer standing there and in his place was a huge black wolf with brown spots. I was so scared I was trembling as I stared at this huge creature standing in front of me. I screamed and tried to run; I was able to get 4 steps away before I felt myself falling to the ground with blood spraying everywhere, turns out Jessie didn't like me running away and tackled me to the ground while his paws scrapped down my back.

I ended up passing out from the pain and blood loss and didn't wake up until two days later in the small hospital we have here on base. Jessie was there along with my two cousins. Jessie ended up telling them we went for a walk in the woods and a bear attacked me, I luckily survived but not without reminders of him and his wolf. I now have dark angry pink scars running down the length of my back.

After that the beatings continued to get worse, turns out all the legends I was told when I was younger were true and Jessie was a wolf and an Alpha at that, a leader to all the wolves. A month after my accident a few more guys joined Jessie's pack, Kyle was the first one he was a silver wolf with black spots, the next wolf was Adam he was another silver wolf but with brown spots and the last member to join was Ethan he was a brown wolf with silver spots. The guys would never say anything or try and stop Jessie whenever he would start to beat me or when he would make me have sex with him in front of all of them. Jessie let the power of being Alpha get to him and no one could change the way he treated me, I was alone and no one could help.

I finally got the courage to run, but not before the worst beating ever. The pack came back to my house for dinner and apparently I didn't have dinner done fast enough for Jessie's liking. He punched me in the face breaking my nose and causing both of my eyes to turn black and one was swollen shut. He also smacked me around a few times busting my lip, and then started kicking me repeatedly. And that wasn't the worse of it.

Once he was done beating me, he ripped all my clothes off and threw me on the dining room table and raped me in front of the pack. Once he was done with me, he Alpha ordered the rest of the guys to rape me as well, I was powerless against these wolves I just laid there and cried and bled while my body was violated repeatedly.

Once all the guys had their turn with me, I was told to get up and serve them their dinner. Once I was done giving them their food, I excused myself and went upstairs. Once upstairs I couldn't take it anymore, I silently opened my bedroom window and climbed out my second story window which thankfully, was next to a tree. Jumping down, I took off running for my life into the woods towards the only place I could think of, La Push, to my family and hopefully kinder wolves.

Which brings me to my current state, I chose La Push because I know if the legends are true for my tribe then I know the same goes for them. About 6 months ago I remember Aunt Sue mentioning how Seth and Leah became ill and she described all the symptoms that supposedly happen before you phase. I was hoping my cousins could keep me safe from the pack.

I pushed myself faster and harder, I was ready to collapse but I knew I needed to at least cross the La Push line before I could even rest, I was sure that Jessie knew I was gone by now, and was probably after me as I speak. I just prayed that this pack was safer than Jessie's, and wouldn't hand me back over to Jessie if and when he came for me.

I don't know how long I've been running but I know it's been awhile, my legs and throat are protesting to stop and rest and I'm in so much pain from my beating and raping; but I know if I stop before I reach La Push I'll die for sure. Jessie always told me he'd kill me if I ever tried to leave him and I know deep down that he's not joking about it either. I soon heard in the distance somewhere behind me lots of loud howls and know I know for sure Jessie knows I've run and there won't be any hope for me when he gets a hold of me.

Soon I crossed into La Push. I don't know how I know I just have this feeling that I'm home and safe. I run a little more but my legs seem to know were safe and don't want to run anymore, I soon come to a complete halt when two smaller wolves appear in front of me they seem familiar to me but with my swollen eyes I can't make out what color they are. I soon hear both of them howl and I get scared thinking they're going to alert Jessie. It seems like seconds later that 8 more wolves show up, my vision starts to blur and I can feel the darkness starting to pull me under. Before I fall into the darkness I lock my eyes with two huge wolves, one is all black, and the other is all silver. As I look into their eyes I can't help but feel safe and protected in their presence.

"Help me" Is all I manage to choke out before I let the darkness consume me.

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