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Warning this chapter does contain a lemon!

Sam's POV:

"Did you just ask me to make love to you?" I asked. I had to double check to make sure all the extra patrols and training had me hearing things.

"Yes I'm ready to make love to Paul and you. I don't think I'm ready to take on the both of you at the same time yet." She said seriously looking into my eyes.

I stared into her eyes looking for the truth of her words; Bella's face was an open book. You can always tell when she's telling the truth, lying or keeping something from you just by her facial expressions. I could read the truth of her words, she was ready to take that final step to be with someone who will love her and pleasure her. Give her what she needs and wants and not abuse her as she has experienced in the past. Paul and I only want what's best for Bella; we would never do the things Jessie did to her.

Before I think more on her past and everything she endured, I wrapped my arms around her as I stood up and took her to our room. Once in our room I gently laid Bella onto our bed, and quickly closed our door never know when the guys will barge in. I walked back to Bella and leaned down and started to kiss her softly, before long the kiss turned heated. I sat back and pulled her shirt up and over her head tossing it somewhere in the room. I planted kisses starting from her mouth, working my way down her neck and shoulders to her breasts.

I couldn't take her breasts hiding from me anymore I ripped her bra right down the middle.

"Really Sam you had to rip my bra in half?" Bella asked looking down at me.

"What? I'm a man you know were an impatient species!" I grinned at her. She just laughed at me and shook her head. I grabbed both globes in my hands and sucked as much as I could into my mouth at once.

Every man has their favorite body on a woman mine are the boobs. I love playing with them squishing them together, or rubbing my face into them. I could lay in them or on them forever. Once I got my fill on tugging, pinching and sucking her nipples into harden peaks I slowly moved down her body. I kissed every inch of skin I could going down to her pants. Once I reached the top of her pants, I quickly did the button and zipper before peeling her pants down along with her panties.

Soon my Bell was completely bare before my hungry eyes, the wolf and I were both in agreement she was ours to feast on. I soon dived in licking and sucking her tiny pearl. I slowly added a finger inside her curling it up to find that magic spot inside, soon one wasn't enough so I added a second finger as I nibbled on her bud. Bella was soon bucking and moaning my name loudly, it was music to my ears. I could start to feel her walls tighten as Bella reached her hand down and grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled hard, only exciting me further.

I knew she needed that little nudge over the edge and I was the perfect gentleman to help with that task. I bit softly on her little nub causing her to cum violently around my fingers, while she screamed my name and pulled my hair harder.

While Bella was coming down from her orgasm I moved so I was on top of her with my dick aligned with her entrance, I started to rub the head of my pick up and down against her drenching the head with her juices.

"Do you still want this Bella?" I wanted to make sure again before we went any further.

"Yes I'm sure and I'm ready please Sam." She pleaded to me.

With that I entered her. It was like coming home for the first time, I felt whole and complete like I re-imprinted on her all over again. I don't know how else to describe it but it was the most powerful, loving, intense feeling I've ever felt before when having sex with someone.

"Oh god Sam did you feel that?" Bella moaned out.

"Yes god yes I felt that. I've never felt anything like that before." I told her.

"Neither have I. Please move now I can't take it anymore." Who was I to deny her requests?

I leaned back so I was resting on my knees and grabbed both of her legs, I placed one leg over my shoulder and the other I hooked it over my arm. With this angle I was in real deep, it was the most amazing feeling ever; she was so warm and tight wrapped around my cock like a glove.

"God Bella you feel so good from this angle." I said to her.

"Oh Sam I can feel every inch of you, please faster or harder something please!" She shouted at me.

My girl could turn into a wildcat in the bedroom, I loved it. She wanted faster and harder that's what she'll get, with that I pulled out much to my protest and hers and flipped her over onto her hands and knees. I lined my cock up to her entrance once more, grabbed one hip and one of her breast in the other hand before plunging back in. If I thought she was tighter the way around this position is much tighter I don't think I'll be able to last long.

I started pounding into her; the only sounds in the room were skin against skin slapping, her moaning and cussing, along with mine. The feel of her wrapped around me, her juices dripping down my cock and legs, the smell of our joining in the room was intoxicating.

"Come on Bella I know you can cum for me one more time." I growled out as I slapped her ass. I couldn't help it; it was up in the air just begging for me to smack it.

"I'm so close Sam." Bella moaned out.

I was there but trying to hold off, I wanted Bella to cum one more time for me before I let go and fell off the edge. I knew she was right on the edge so I pinched her nipple hard and that sent her spiraling over the cliff with her screaming my name. Her release triggered mine and soon I was joining her shouting her name as I shot my seed into her warm depths.

Once I was able to move again, I pulled out and collapsed beside Bella pulling her close to me.

"I love you Bella." I said after my breathing went back to normal.

"I love you too Sam always and forever." She replied back.

"How about a shower?" I asked her.

"A shower sounds really good right now; I'm all sticky and sweaty." She laughed.

"I like when I'm the one to make you all sweaty and sticky." I said pulling her close and kissing her one more time before we got up and ready for our shower.

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