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Prologue: Grave News is Received

Noble Heart Horse nervously entered the secret stairway found in Care-a-Lot castle. It had been a while since she had visited the Great Wishing Star. She had been playing with the new Care Bear cousins when her Star-O-Meter sounded off. A summons from the Great Wishing Star was important business, but everything on Earth seemed to be going fairly well and the new Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins were growing up without any problems. It had to be a new evil to arrive to Earth. The last evil had been transformed into a ray of new hope and life.

Noble Heart was concerned. The last evil had been so close to bring evil and darkness to Earth. He captured the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins and held them in a crystal prison. There's no telling what would have happened without the help of the Earth children.

The Star Door appeared at the bottom of the stairwell. Noble Heart released her magic upon the door handle until she heart a soft click. Gently she opened the door to an open room covered in shining blue curtains. A great mirror stood at the other end of the room facing the door. True Heart Bear paced impatiently before the mirror and looked up at Noble Heart Horse.

"You're late!" True Heart cried.

"I'm sorry I lost track of time while I was caring for the little ones." Noble Heart closed the door and walked hurriedly across the room to True Heart Bear.

"Oh," True Heart Bear shook his head at the floor, "I'm sorry to snap. I'm just worried that something awful has come to Earth."

Noble Heart Horse put a hoof on his shoulder, "Me too." The last time they had been chased they had the little ones with them. They found sanctuary, but still the evil pursued them. Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear had to abandon their newly grown cubs to fend for themselves, it was not the best of decisions, but what other choice did they have.

Star buddies emerged from the curtains and surrounded the mirror as it chimed to life. Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear turned towards the mirror as the image of the Great Wishing Star appeared before them.

"Greetings True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse," the Great Wishing Star warmly smiled at them, "it warms my heart to see the two of you again."

"We are happy to see you as well Great Wishing Star." Noble Heart Horse nodded.

"What's happened Great Wishing Star?" True Heart Bear cried out as he received a curt look from Noble Heart Horse.

The Great Wishing Star's eyes grew sad, "I have grave news regarding some business that occurred some time ago on Earth."

"What sort of news?" True Heart Bear trembled and bit his paw.

"Do you remember Dark Heart?"

Chills went through Noble Heart's back. It was the last evil that had been on Earth, the one that nearly captured them for all eternity. "Yes of course, he turned into a real boy."

The Great Wishing Star nodded slowly as his eye brows furrowed, "His power never completely went away. It still exists in the girl he saved. If we don't eliminate that power, it could turn on us."

"You mean," True Heart Bear's mouth dropped, "You don't mean Christy?"

"The very same."

Noble Heart shook her head. They had saved Christy from a painful death and turned Dark Heart into a real boy. He saw the error of his ways and sacrificed his powers to save her, a life that once saved his before. "But we've checked in on them, they seem to be happy together. In fact they're both camp counselors with Dawn and John."

"Yes," True Heart Bear quickly nodded, "they promote caring and kindness. Especially Dark Heart, I mean James."

The Great Wishing Star nodded, "Even still, the power remains alive in Christy. While she lives the power lives. If someone were to find out about this power they could use it to their advantage. It could be very dangerous especially for our new cubs."

"Oh dear!" True Heart Bear put his paw on his forehead, "What shall we do?"

"We can't kill her," Noble Heart shook her head "She hasn't done anything wrong, in fact she saved us."

"There's only one thing we can do and I'm afraid it's our only option," The Great Wishing Star looked gravely at True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse, "Listen closely my two faithful servants, this mission could mean the difference between a world of good or a world of darkness."

To Be Continued...

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