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Chapter 7 Bargain

A gentle breeze swept across the camp as James walked into the dark of the night to a near-empty storage building. He shut the curtains in the storage room and stood in the pitch black with the candle in one hand and the matches in the other. Was it real? Secret Heart Bear saw him, but seemed oblivious to what lay underneath Care-a-lot. He could only pray that Secret Heart Bear would keep his mouth shut, especially with Christy's life at risk. She shouldn't have been punished for his sins. And yet, the Care Bears seemed to think that she contained his power. Unthinkable, Christy was the sweetest and most kind girl he'd ever meant. She never meant harm, even when she was a part of his horrible plan.

James lit the match and watched the flame. He'd forgotten what it was like to be an evil entity; Christy filled him with nothing but good. The flame began burning down the wood, "Good or bad you're still a person," but he wasn't, not then. Then he was an evil creature who was more dangerous than even she could have imagined. But she still saved his life, she cared for him, even then. Now they loved each other. Now she was gone. The flame singed his fingers and he released the dying embers, "No one will take her away from me," he thought to himself as he lit another match. He took out the candle from his pocket and lit it.

The flame from the candle lit the room in an orange glow and shadows began dancing on the walls. Smoke began emitting from the small flame and rose to the top of the ceiling. James watched as the smoke licked the walls of the room and choked the dancing shadows.

So soon?" A cool voice echoed from the corner of the room.

James said nothing as he casually put a hand in his pocket.

The smoke bended to fit the form of a woman with a flame in her chest, "I gave you a whole night to decide."

James cocked his head at Broken Heart, "I want to see what you really look like."

The room grew colder, the flame in her chest burned brighter, "You have no need to."

James took a step towards the corner where Broken Heart stood, "I dare you."

"Don't get too cocky Dark Heart," Broken Heart said as she moved from the corner to the candle.

"It's James," he leaned against the table, "Are you too afraid to tell me?"

"No. A dare is a dare." Taking two fingers, Broken Heart extinguished the flickering candle light. She moved to the window and opened the curtains and the room was once again lit by the moon. She was shockingly pale, a corpse drained of blood. Blue touched her lips and black colored her fingertips. Her hair was a long and dark river of black cascading over her shoulders. She wore a long black tattered skirt and a torn blue corset. Her eyes were green and cold. A hole was torn into her body, revealing half a heart in her chest.

James smiled, "Broken Heart. Before I agree to do any work with you, I want to know why you change in the light."

Broken Heart laughed, "My heart was broken."

James stared at Broken Heart as she laughed, "What a silly answer."

"I suppose I can't hide everything from you," Broken Heart sighed, "Years ago I fell in love, we made a pact to share our hearts as one. But someone was jealous of our union, someone who claimed that our love wasn't true, and she had nothing but jealousy in her heart. So one moonlit night she found our hiding spot, and burned the cottage with my love in it. She believed it was me in that place only when she realized that it was my love, it was nearly too late. I tried to save him, but I couldn't and his heart stopped. When it ceased to beat I cried and prayed; only a voice answered and told me to give half my heart and my life so that he could live. Without hesitation I gave everything up, the blood draining from my skin, half my heart ripped from my body in order to fuel his. When he returned to life, he looked into my eyes for but a moment and kissed me. And then he died. His life was meant to be over, and the brief moment we shared was his life, one last kiss because I was no longer the girl he loved, but something entirely different. I was granted the shroud of darkness, my home is our burned cottage, and my name became Broken Heart."

"Who was the voice who answered you?"

"The Great Wishing Star," her voice grew bitter, "The girl who was jealous claimed I was an evil witch who stole her betrothed, she appealed to the Great Wishing Star for assistance. His Care Bears lit the fire and she watched it burn. It was only till after the deed was done that they realized their mistake. The Great Wishing Star allowed me that last moment, but feigned to enlighten me as to the length of the moment. For that I will never forgive them."

"Is that why you approached me?" James stepped closer to Broken Heart, "you figured that you'd use my love for Christy as a motive to gain revenge against the Great Wishing Star?"

Broken Heart smiled crookedly, "I'm surprised it took you so long to figure it out, but its not just the Great Wishing Star. He had an early band of Care Bears that were meant to help, but it was their idea to burn the cottage. It was their 'love' that allowed me to survive in this state. She killed herself after that. But the Care Bears soon forgot their mistake and The Great Wishing Star would not let me die. That's why I must have your help Dark Heart. Yours and Christy's love was so strong that it nearly erased any trace of your evil."

James threw out his hand and grasped her neck as he pushed her against the wall. Her skin was icy and her eyes burned like fire. She smiled. He tightened his grip, "How dare you use Christy in that way?" She was grinning now as the cottage grew smoky and hot. "She is my love, my heart, and you are using her for your own means. I will not let you use her in this way." The hole in her chest burned with fire. "Don't think for one moment that you own me." He released her and she fell against the wall laughing.

"You cannot kill what is already dead," she laughed as she rubbed her throat, "I do not intend to own you, but I have already made you apart of my plan. Besides, you do want to save Christy, don't you?"

James turned his back, "How?"

"With your love, my power, and a little bit of black magic," she placed a cold pale hand on his shoulder.

James turned his head towards her, "What's the catch?"

"When the time comes, you must give me your power. In exchange I can guarantee that you will have Christy back. Do we have a bargain," Broken Heart smiled, "James?"

The young man with flaming red hair lowered his head, "My name is Dark Heart." He turned and faced Broken Heart, hand outstretched, "and we have a bargain."

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