Link led me into a clearing in Faron Woods. It was late at night, and the clouds were covering the stars and moon. He let go of my hand and drew his sword. "Stay here," he told me desperately, "If you hear anything at all run. If I don't come back get to the nearest bird statue as fast as you can." I didn't get a chance to ask him why before he charged back off into the forest.

I stood there, trying to make sense of what was happening. One minute I was peacefully sleeping in our little cottage on the Surface when Link had come running in from his nightly rounds. He had awoken me with a start and told me to get outside and run into the forest with him.

Now he's gone before I even have a chance to question him. Not being one to disobey him- he's always right about these sort of things- I sat down and waited in silence until I heard the roar of some kind of monster in the distance. I instinctively stood up and called out his name, forgetting he probably couldn't hear me.

For what felt like an eternity I stood there, listening to what sounded like a battle rage out in front of me. So close I could hear the death cries of the creatures yet so far that I couldn't see my knight and make sure he was okay.

What felt like an eternity passed before the sound of a heavily labored walk made me get on guard again. I was about to run when I noticed that the form that was emerging from the shadows. I gasped and ran and caught him before he fell. "Link…," I breathed. I laid him on the ground gently and got a good look at his wounds- or as good as I could see on a night as black as this. His face was heavily bruised and his cap was missing. There was a horribly deep gash on his chest, cutting straight through his tunic and chainmail. His breathing was heavy. "Oh Link…" I hugged him, wishing there was something I could possibly do.

"Run, Zelda."

My eyes shot open. I looked at him through the tears in disbelief. Did he really think I would leave him here? I think not! The look in my eyes must have spoken my defiance for me because he asked me again, with a pleading edge to his voice.

I wasn't running. I wasn't leaving him. I stood up and took the sword from his hand.

"Zelda, what are you…" his question ended in a labored cough.

I wasn't running. I wasn't leaving him. He protected me, I protect him.

"I'm not leaving Link." He didn't reply. I didn't want to turn around to see if he could reply.

My hands shook as I remembered all those techniques long forgotten from the Academy. I squinted through the tears as the first Stalfos appeared.

"I'll keep you safe Link, I promise."