Authors Note!

So everyone who reads my fanfiction know that I only write MBAV fanfiction. Well I have a few ideas for a Kickin It Young Justice & Big Time Rush. But I also have a new MBAV fanfiction. So I want to see what you guys think about them.

Kickin It- Jack has a twin that he hates. And the Black Dragons use him agents Jake. Jacks twin is terrible at karate. But Jacks twin is a player.

Young Justice- Robin is evil and is a member of the 'Injustice League'. The 'Injustice League' sends Robin on a mission to get info on 'Young Justice' and the 'Justice League'.

Big Time Rush- Kendall is a bad boy rocker. He meets Big Time Rush (James, Logan and Carlos). Kendall is friends with Lucy. Griffin wants Big Time Rush to have a bad boy and he choices Kendall

MBAV- Ethan is a vampire and is a super hero called VXN. But Jesse put a curse on him that makes Ethan grow as evil as him.

I will post all of them at some point, but not all at once. I will mostly put one up when I finish one of my other stories. For the Alternate MBAV I'm going to make stories for the TV show.