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Monday, 3:21 pm

I cannot. Believe. You did that.

Oh, what Jade?

Stop being smug. You know exactly what I'm talking about.

Oh thaattt…

Why did you EVER think that was okay? To kiss me in public in front of everyone, when we're not even dating, and more importantly, I hate you? You're not even allowed to LOOK at me in public , and you KISSED me!

Humiliating, wasn't it?

Cut the attitude. And on top of it, now everyone thinks I'm dating, ugh, Beck Oliver.

Even after you punched me in the eye and kicked me in the stomach?


Well then.

Ugh. That was not okay, nor will it ever be okay. I. Don't. Like. You.

I think you enjoyed it.

Seriously? You kiss like a wall.

Well, considering you were kissing back at first until you realized what was happening…

I. Was. Not.

And was that a tongue I felt on my lips?

You have now lost the privilege to talk to me.

Are you sure? You talk to me an awful lot for someone who supposedly hates me…

Monday, 3:30 pm

This never lasts…

Watch. You're going to snap any second now.






Monday, 4:59 pm

I guess you really meant it.

Tuesday, 5:06 pm



Tuesday, 7:08

You have a car.

Huh? Jade?

My car stalled and I need a ride. Everyone else has already left, even Trina.

I thought you hated me.

Don't get your hopes up. I'm only asking you because no one else is available.

Assuming you are, that is.

I am.

Great, pick me up in fifteen.

I'll be there.

Tuesday, 3:37 pm

Well, today certainly was an interesting class/

Don't talk about it.

How ironic. Seventeen kisses in two days.

I said, don't talk about it.

But I suppose 16 were stage kisses…


But one was real…

I'm going to stop talking to you.

I wonder why Sikowitz made us re-do it 15 times until he "believed."

'Cause we obviously have no connection.

Pardon me?

Ha. "Pardon me," You sound like my grandmother.

Back to your point, if you have one…

We have no connection. We hate each other. There is no way that kiss would be believable.

Why did he pick us then?

Exactly. He thinks we're dating and we would connect. All because of you.

Hey, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it!

Did I really send that?


Well… this is awkward.

Well, how do you think I feel?

Hey, I'm the one who said it!

How would you feel if an arrogant, smug, jerk told you he enjoyed kissing you?




I have to go now.


Beck Oliver couldn't believe he had done that. She obviously didn't like him back. He didn't even know that he liked her. He had obviously felt… something but he could never quite identify what it was. Jade was, in short, a rude, mean, cruel, ruthless, gothic, bitch. But Beck saw something through that. She… She… She was incredible. She put on this icy exterior, but she had the way of making someone feel so, special, so different, without even trying. He thought back to Sikowitz' class this morning, and how Sikowitz chose them to play the couple. The stage kiss had obviously meant nothing to her… hadn't it?

But yesterday, his revenge-scheme, she had started kissing back, until she realized exactly what was happening and who she was kissing. What did that mean?

Jade West couldn't believe he had done that. He had enjoyed kissing her? She hadn't felt anything really… well, that's what she was trying to tell herself. The looks he gave her during class, before the scene… His goofy grin and warm eyes had coaxed the slightest of slight smiles out of her, but of course she had hidden it. Did this mean she liked him?

No, she was Jade West and he was Beck Oliver. Sure they texted, quite a lot actually, but said almost no words in person. Jade West was not supposed to like guys, especially not guys like Beck Oliver, hot, popular, and always cool.

She would never admit to Beck that his scheme to embarrass her had actually been her first kiss. Of course, she wasn't going to feel anything special about that kiss, she had absolutely nothing to compare it to. While, it was defiantly different from her little brother Nathan kissed her on the cheek, but any kiss would be.

She had to stop thinking that way.

She hated Beck Oliver. At least she thought she did.

Now thinking about it, and she would never ever admit it, ever, it was kind of a love-hate relationship. It was different from the relationship she and Sinjin had, which was plain hate for him.

No, instead, her antics and insults made him chuckle, which Jade would hate, if it were anybody else. And his attempts to insult her, they made her laugh, but another thing she'd never admit.

…So what happens now?

Wednesday 3:52



So what's up?




How was Sikowitz' class?

If you hadn't ditched, you would've known.


Well, we got an A on our romance scene.

That's good.

People were talking about us.


Yeah, you know, Jade West, dark hair, greenish blue eyes, about ye tall, gothic? And Beck Oliver, Tall, suave, incredibly handsome.

I know A Beck, but I'm not sure it's the same one.


Well anyway, what were they saying?

They said that we wouldn't last more than a week as a couple.

Ha. Sure shows what they know. They're all blonde, lip-glossing, hair-spraying idiots, and stupid, football-loving, women-deriving chauvinist pigs.

You're so negative.

You're so positive.

Negative Nellie.

Postitive… Pauly.

Pauly? Really?

I needed a name that starts with P.

Well then.

You're such an idiot.







What? We're all going to hell anyway,

I suppose. Screw romance, and screw the status quo.

Got that right. Wanna prove them all wrong?


Great. I'll give you a ride tomorrow morning.

It'll feel good to hold something over on those Barbie and Ken boxed-sets.

What a sense of humor.

I was being serious.

Sigh. Of course you were.

Oh, so you want to break up with me? I knew it! They were right!

What? Jade! No! I never said that!

Well then.

Sigh. See you tomorrow babe.

What, I don't have a name anymore?

…We're dating now.

And that wipes my name from your memory?

Sigh. Fine, I'll see you tomorrow JADE.

See you.