This very special day was something exciting and grieving to get into a world of discovery. No could truly understand the fascination as much as the two Fenton adults. They have spent fourteen years working on something that never gave up their passion. They wanted to keep putting a roof over their children's head and not have to worry about it every single day to make enough to go by. It would not be every day to get a home job that pays enough to support them both, let alone raising their daughter and son over sixteen years now.

Something about the day was giving its sense. It was going to happen, but no one could truly predict the meaning or the feel of everything around them. Their oldest child, the only daughter has gone off to the library, and not really perusing into her parents' interests. Rather, she prefers they weren't thinking normal parents.

Their youngest child, the only son who has a heart of interests for them and knows they can only love him enough to try to get into these things. The son didn't know any other choice and he didn't want to miss out something they're proudly to get into.

The Fenton parents and the boy joined into the basement. Everything was such a mess, tools lying around, chemicals spilled on the counters, and the computer needed to be dust off. Some of the lights were out on the opposite side of the room and just enough to see from the main point of the possible discovery.

The large man, who happens to be in a bright orange jumpsuit, holding up a giant plug in his silky gloves or work gloves. He was so eager to make it happen today and the woman beside him was about to explain. She was a fine curved woman in a full jumpsuit included with a hood and protection goggles. The wife was sure enough that their calculation would work this time, she managed to make sure everyone wore their jumpsuit. Including their son and he didn't argue this time about it.

"As you can see we have spent fourteen years on this very special case. We have created the one and only," She whipped the large covered up to reveal an empty and mechanical portal, "Ghost portal! We can be able to enter into their paranormal ectoplasm's world to our study beyond than we can ever imagine! Today, Danny, we are going to be the first to witness such wondering place!" She had a daring smile, knowing everything they have put into this.

Danny, their son, nodded along to what his mother was speaking out about. Now, their eyes gained up at the plug and the man excitedly plugged it up. They quickly looked over at the portal, building up at what they were seeing, and noticed how the sparks of electricity went off. It didn't continue.

It certainly disappointed Jack the most of everything. Another sparks jumped and their hearts jumped up to see the possibilities of the changes.

Everything hasn't changed a single bit. They slowly lost faith and the man couldn't understand it. He knew it should have worked by now. Why wouldn't it?

"…I'm going to the store and get more supplies. This portal is going to work whether it likes to or not!" The man demands of the action to prove ghosts actually existing.

The woman nodded and he rushed off to the store for the day. Danny glanced at the ghost portal, pondering about things, and gotten closer to see. His mother has joined by his side and trying to understand. She mumbled something about the past, but he couldn't hear her to catch it.

He smiled, "Hey mom, maybe in the inside that needs to be checked."

She patted his shoulder, "Good idea, Danny. Let check, could you get the G-meter?"

Danny nodded and went off to the counter that had many chemical spilled. He knew most of their invention. The woman, Maddie, decided to step in and glanced around the portal to see if anything fell out or missing something that had to be there. Her hand softly pressed the machine and the machine purred. It glowered up to the neon green shade and she flinched around to see the action of this machine.

It grew brighter and suddenly, flashed right through her violently. She screamed out of unbearable pain, much worse than she has dealt with delivering both of her babies. She felt like she was being killed over electricity and ectoplasm work. It burned her up alive, feeling unstable, and blind. She could no longer breath, choking up to such desperate for air, and the need to be saved. She practically begged herself to make it through. She felt things she never knew existed and kept striking her out for mere twenty second.

Her jumpsuit colors switched around, her suit became black as it can be, and her belt, gloves, boots, and her vision goggles turned blue like her suit used to be. Her hair changed so suddenly into a state of panic to her sudden and unexpected death. Her hair has gone to fine silver, her eyes turned neon green, and she formed ghostly glow around her.

Her legs could barely stand, but she walked out of the portal and saw her son running to her worriedly. She collapsed and he managed to catch her, not understanding what just had happened here. He was so worried, he placed her on the Fenton bed that's provided down in the basement and noticed a white and bright ring split to return to human. He didn't get what or why that happened, but he hoped that she would be fine for now.

He checked her pulse and it was the same as usual. Danny didn't understand, but he was more than enough to be glad she's okay. He ran up to the stairs and closed the door as he locked it up. He didn't know what to do, but he witnessed what happened to her, and saw…she died?

… … …

Maddie groaned and rubbed her forehead to get a sense of waking up. Danny jolted over to her and saw her violent eyes opening. She shook her head and trying to recall the incident she recently had.

"Wha…what happened?" She whispered.

Danny sighed, "…I think…a part of you died, mom, but you're alive now."

Maddie jerked her head up and sat up to level with her son. She didn't exactly understand the meaning of it. She died a part of herself, but she's alive? It made no logical sense to her.

"How long was I out for, sweetie?" She cringed on the bed.

"…ten minutes."

Maddie stood up, trying to understand what just had happened to her, and knowing that her son was there to see it. No one has truly can believe her this, but she wasn't too sure about anything.


She turned around and saw him pointing at the ground to where she was. She glanced down and seeing that legs slowly phrasing through the floor! She gasped and couldn't comprehend anything at all! Danny rushed over to get her out and she clung onto him for a stable moment. No…she hated to be one of them…she can't be!

"Mom…your legs, they were intangible. Now, they are."

Maddie shook her head, "That-that doesn't happen! I can't be one of the…the ghost scums!"

Danny understood how she felt, feeling like a freak more than ever, and all he could do was be there for her.

It became much quiet, Maddie let her son go upstairs, and he didn't argue with her. He spent his time in the kitchen. Danny replayed everything during the first accident he has almost seen. He almost lost her over to a stupid ghost portal. He sighed and remembered that's she's alive now. What would he have done if that had happened to him?

He wasn't too sure, but he knows this had to be kept quiet from his older sister and his dad. There's no way he wanted to let them know. It'd be worse and that she'll become nothing but a science lab rat. She'll be used, experimented, and much worse. His cheeks drew away the blood and thinking of the things that government could do. What his dad could do to her and turn his back.

Danny felt sick to even think of it that way. No, he chose not to think of it that way and he started to help himself some hot chocolate to ease some tension. He sat down, just to be right there when his mother comes out of the basement any minute now. He thought about situation and lies to come up with. Times to figure out how to handle this problem.

"Only as if it's this simple for Spiderman-" He struck an idea, "…hm, cool, my mom a superhero." He chuckled.

He would be so proud of her. He knew she has major skills in self-defense for ninth degree black belt and that she always carries weapons to defend for herself or against anyone. He knew that she would be able to keep herself in a form of an identity.

Danny nodded at the thoughts that her being a superhero would be cool to have. Of course, people will realize she's a ghost…or half dead maybe? He wasn't too sure about the dead form he saw his mother in before. He wasn't too sure that it was able to come back, it would have been a perfect disguise for her identity, and everything would be something else.

Then, he realized his mug was emptied. He glanced over to the oven's clock and realized she has been down there for a long time. Danny set down his mug and went downstairs to check onto her.

He found her sticking needle up in her arm and how frantic she was about it. She was too shaky and he raced over to her. He pulled that needle out and shook his head.

"Mom! What are you doing?" He panicked…suicide wasn't an option, that's for sure.

She wept, "I-I-I have to fix myself before your father and your sister finds out! Danny, I'm a ghost! Your father hates ghost! Your sister doesn't believe in ghost! Pl-pleas-pleasing! Let me fix my-myself!"

Maddie wept and choked on her tears, uncertain how to handle the truth of her own, and he hugged her. He gave space and forced her to sit down on the bed.

"Mom, when you came out. You were a ghost…then, I saw this ring and it splits up. You were alive again, human again. But fixing yourself isn't going to work, mom. You're still you, mom…but please, don't ever try to do this…stuff on yourself!" He shook her shoulders.

Maddie was going to say something, but a strange and freezing mist slipped through her mouth. They knew the house was warm enough, but they had no clue why that had happened. Something came through the ghost portal and Maddie spun her head to see two ectopusses. Danny backed up and rambled his hands over to some sort of defensive or attacking devices. He found a bazooka weapon. He placed it onto his shoulder and Maddie instantly transformed without thinking of or trying. She felt how cool temperature feels and already floating.

She didn't have to think about it as they wrapped themselves around her and one went after Danny. She fought with her kick and one ectopuss couldn't handle her attack too easily. Danny activated the device and struck it out against the incoming ectopuss. The ectopuss flung to the wall and collapsed to the ground. They groaned in much pain and became frighten at their brutal attacks. They hurried back into the portal and Maddie joined back to the ground.

She observed herself and Danny awed at the new looks his mother has.

"You're totally a superhero, mom!" He chuckled.

Maddie blinked and never thought of the idea like that before. She became a ghost, but not entirely. She was a hybrid. The world's first hybrid to be half ghost and half human. Her son really has given her an idea to become something like it. She wasn't too sure, but this form felt new to her.

"I supposed being a phantasmagoria wouldn't hurt…as long your father and your sister doesn't find out."

Danny grinned, "Phantasmagoria sounds like a good name there, mom." He nodded.

Maddie agreed to the idea and how much it fits her ghost half. She wasn't too sure, but she grew fond of the name. She became…Phantasmagoria.