I hope you guys are happy for this chapter's continuation, but it'll take a while. I had time today and decided to catch up on a few stories here and there. This was one of the stories I chose to write today. :) Enjoy and I changed a lot up in this, so don't expect it to match well with the show.

The Fenton family were hanging around in the kitchen and doing their usual breakfast routine. The daughter with orange hair was sticking her nose into her psychologist book to ignore her father's ridiculous invention. Danny was eating his breakfast with his mom, but the two hasn't exactly eased off anything. Maddie stayed close enough to her son and eyeing on her husband's invention. She couldn't exactly trust any devices they had in the house. Danny managed to disable most of them so it wouldn't rise any suspicious.

Jack yanked his fishing pole device that was glowing green fishing line. He tested its strength and grinned to his satisfying answer.

"Alright! Looks like I'm fishing for ghosts today!" He sung.

Danny and Maddie glanced at each other, unsure what to really say about that, and how it might turn things around. Jazz was annoyed at his participation to something so unrealistic, but she's still blind to what's around her were real enough.

Danny glanced at the clock and grabbed his backpack, "Uh…um, that's great, dad. Have fun…ghost fishing. Mom, are you picking me up today?"

Maddie nodded, "Yes, I'll be there as soon as possible."

Danny flashed a smile nervously due to his dad newest invention. This could be a good thing or a bad thing to watch out due the fact his mother is half ghost. Anything she could touch could affect her personally. Danny headed out to school just enough to catch the bus, Jazz went off to drive to school, and Maddie went to bake cookies. Jack barely got to speak about his ghost fishing pole, but he shrugged off and gathered what he needed to get ready for the day.

… … …

Lunch hour was available and Danny spotted the most beautiful girl in school. Her skin was smooth and much tan skin. Her hair was naturally wavy and thick hair. She got a full grown figure and definitely attracting a lot of the boys in school. Danny and Tucker drooled over to the girl, but Danny couldn't help but want to be asking that prettiest girl out to the school dance for the tomorrow night.

"Would you boys quit drooling? Girls like Paulina are dime a dozen." Sam struck her fork into her salad.

Immediately, the boys took her literally and Sam rolled her eyes. Tucker and Danny were checking how many dimes they had.

"How many you have, Danny?"

He shrugged, "I dunno, three or four maybe."

"Dang, I got one. You win." Tucker bailed.

Danny shrunk his shoulders, "But I can't even talk to pretty girls and I get weak knees around them."

Sam froze at the excuse, "Oh! You had no problem talking me, Danny!" Her voice gotten all forward.

Danny shuttered and couldn't find himself some words. Sam was fast on her feet and grabbed Danny up. She pushed him over to where Paulina was.

"Go on and get your weak knees some exercise." Sam insisted anyway.

Danny stumbled his feet over and almost fell. He quickly formed himself into a quick cartwheel and fell flatly on his stomach. Paulina sighed out of annoyance and continued to eat her yogurt.

"If it's another I'm falling for you excuse. It is so last semester." Paulina snapped already.

Danny blinked and hurried himself back up.

"Uh, yea-no! Actually," He scratched his head, "Um, I was wondering if-if you like to go to the school dance with me..." Danny walked up closer and his foot accidentally stepped the end of his pants.

His pants slipped off and his cheeks turned red due to revealing his red polka dots boxer. Paulina blinked and definitely did not expect that.

"You know, normally a gentlemen tips his hat. But I'll give you points for originality, Danny." She scoffed in admiring his stupidity.

Danny knew well enough that was no or not interested hint. He could hear everyone laughing at him and Sam joined up with him.

"It's okay, Danny. She's just being a shallow in the mud puddle. Cheer up." Sam placed her hand onto his hand.

Paulina reviewed what she said, "You did not call me shallow!"

Sam smirked, "If it's not getting muddy by you, then yes." She held up her pride, "Come on, Danny. Let's go." She insisted.

Paulina glared at the gothic girl who walked away with Danny. She started to form up a plan at her own interests for revenge.

… … …

Danny came home and found his mom in the basement with his dad. Maddie was nervously watching her husband "fishing" ghost. She didn't have a clue what to expect or how to react to his latest invention. Jack remained clueless. Danny waved at his mom and she walked over quietly. She was going to take her son up to the OB-center by turning her son intangible and the intangible power turned magnetic into her son's body. She screamed when she realized this wasn't her average height and those glowing green eyes.

Jack turned around annoyed with sudden noise. He shrugged it off.

"Danny-boy! Great to see you, I need you to take over so I can take a wazz in the wazz room." Jack said.

Jack tossed the fish hooking and Maddie turned around in her son's body, looking for her son, and she realized...this was one of the many ghost's possessions. Once Jack raced out of the room, Maddie immediately undid her power and Danny felt dizzy and lost. He blinked and noticed the fishing pool in his hands.

"Uh, what happened?" Danny asked.

Maddie frowned, "I believed I have...possessed you, dear. I apologized."

Danny blinked, "Possessed me? You mean like overshadowing. Cool! Um, by the way," Danny's hand lifted up the fishing pole, "Why is this in my hand? It didn't hurt you, did it mom?"

Maddie shook her head, but she was confused how her son doesn't remember. She assumed the 'overshadowing' has its effect.

"Your father was telling...us that he was glad you're here and wanted you to hold that while he's doing his business." Maddie explained.

Danny nodded slowly, "Okay, so, did dad have any luck with-"

Maddie's mouth whipped out a frozen mist and gasped over to the ghost portal. Danny gulped and felt being yanked by the fishing pole. His feet heeled to stay on this side of the dimension since he has no interests of going to the ghost zone location. The string fell and something came out. A gigantic dragon roaring out and Danny dropped the device instantly to run. The dragon snatched Maddie and she chose not to scream.

"I WANT TO GO!" The ghostly dragon demanded.

Maddie concentrated on her transformation, "Unfortunately, my husband is using the bathroom. You'll have to wait."

Danny snatched a device, "In the meantime, let's fight." He powered up the weapon.

Maddie agreed and relied on moving herself out of the ghostly dragon's grip in sort of some spectral manipulation power. Danny fired against the ghost and caused the dragon to groan.

"I WANT TO GO!" The dragon demanded.

Maddie flew around and took a hit, "I'm afraid you have to do that in the ghost zone of yours!"

Danny smirked at his mom's action and his eyes noticed the Fenton Fishing pole was still on the ghost. Maddie redid the attack and slammed onto the ground. Danny ran around, avoided any colliding incident, and finally reached over to the pole. He yanked it off and the dragon fell backward when trying to attack Phantasmagoria. The necklace flew off and landed into a dark navy blue backpack.

The dragon's form shifted into a simple form as it shrunk down to a human size ghost lady. She looked up, acted so innocent, and depressed. Danny kept his weapon up and Phantasmagoria marched up to the ghost.

"My mummy won't let me go to the baaaallllll!" The ghost girl returned to the ghost zone.

Phantasmagoria transformed to her human side, "Mothers do knows best."

Danny nodded, "And I'm on mommy's side." He commented.

They both nodded. Jack returned and they noticed his presence. He handed them a few soda cans and they acted like nothing happened.

"Alright, now, was there anything you both want to say?" He just realized something, "Oh shoot! I forgot to flush!" He dashed out quickly.

Danny and Maddie exchanged glance at each other and felt grossed out after realizing. They dropped the soda cans and rushed to the sink to wash off the disgust on their hands. They shuddered that off.

Danny sighed miserably and headed over to his locker. He was gathering his math - his hated subject - and science. He wasn't exactly looking forward on explaining to his friends why he's late. He rather head to class and deal with normal stuff for temporarily.

"Hey Danny," Someone sweetly called him.

Danny turned his head around quickly to find a Hispanic girl talking to him? He looked...then again, he's being an idiot. Who else has the name Danny?! No one but him. He sheepishly smiled at her and waved.

"Hey, me?"

Paulina nodded, "Of course, silly. You know, I admired how brave you were to ask me out."

Danny chuckled nervously, "Uh...oh, yeah, just ya know, being me-" Danny tried to find something to lean again and fell onto his butts.

Paulina gasped and knelt down quickly to check his injury possibility.

"Oh, are you okay, Danny?" She worried.

Danny nodded, "Uh, yeah, this fall is nothing-"

Paulina spotted something from his backpack that fell out, "What's this?" She gasped in sudden interests.

Danny glanced over and felt confused of the necklace. He wondered how it got in his backpack at all. Could have his sister or mom might have accidentally hid it in there for some reason? Right now, Paulina adored it.

"Oh, my! This is lovely!"

"I-I uh...do you like it? I-I was going to give it to you in case you say yes for to go to the dance with me." Danny felt like acting an idiot for a stupid date.

Paulina smiled, "Of course, I'd love to be your date, Danny. Pick me up at seven!" She kissed him on the cheek and walked off with a flirtatious wave.

Danny flustered and saw her walking away with the necklace. He stood up, accidentally stepped on his jeans', and his pants fell down. Danny frowned at the fact he can't seem to keep his pants still! Or at least stop stepping on them! He felt a hand bounced on his right shoulder and turned to see who it was. The English teacher was obviously not pleased to see Danny's boxer.

"Mr. Fenton, please pull your pants up and put on belt," Mr. Lancer handed Danny a spare belt.

Danny chuckled nervously as he quickly pulled it back up, "I will do," He accepted the belt and placed it on.

"What is up, man?" Mr. Lancer tried to use teenager's language, "It's not like yah to be a fool man." Yet, he doesn't say it properly.

Danny stammered, "Um, accident happens?"

"Mr. Fenton, I want you to tell your parents I would like to have a word with one of them at four today." He requested.

Danny knew he was doomed, but what could he do?

Danny groaned at the fact too many homework comes in the way and dumped his backpack on the couch. He spotted his mom in the kitchen and joined up with her. He sat down with her and noticed how she's stirring her coffee cup endlessly. She normally stirs five times and she was not stopping. It wasn't normal to Danny and knowing the burden of the secret they held.

"Mom?" Danny asked.

She looked up at him, "Yes, sweetie?"

"Mr. Lancer wants to see either dad or you at four to talk." Danny's shoulders dropped.

Maddie shifted her head and stopped stirring, "About what? You haven't gotten in serious trouble, have you?" She glared, "You didn't skip class because of a ghost is loose, did you?"

Danny shook his head like crazy, "No! Besides, that's the last thing I want to do and people calling me a weirdo. Actually, it's about my pants falling down twice and it's because I kept stepping on my jeans." I muttered.

Maddie was stunned to hear that, "Oh, I'll talk to Mr. Lancer." She smiled.

Danny nodded, "Okay, but what about dad?"

Maddie agreed with her son. They couldn't hide everything very much, but Maddie didn't know much of other ideas. Danny sprung an idea.

"Why not practice overshadowing Dad?"

Maddie nodded the suggestion, "I supposed that wouldn't hurt and he won't remember much of going to the meeting."

Danny smiled, "And practice. It's the first time you did it with me, but you might need practice full control of your powers, mom."

Maddie sighed to give a try. She went downstairs and made sure Jack was aware of her company. Danny sighed and decided to do some personal research before the dance comes up tonight. He couldn't believe his day and he told his friends he had to deal with homework tonight before heading to the mall to meet up with his friends.

Maddie looked at her husband from behind, "Jack, sweetie, we have to go see Mr. Lancer, Danny's teacher, and see what he has to say."

Jack nodded, "If it's bad news, I'll be madder than a ghost could scream evil!" He babbled, "Now, what you were saying about Danny's teacher?"

He turned away and kept focusing on fishing ghosts. Maddie gulped and concentrated on the familiar feeling. She overshadowed her husband and went to the school to meet up the teacher.

Mr. Lancer recognized the Fenton father and welcomed the man into the office. Maddie had to be careful and she easily adjusted to fitting in her husband's body.

"Mr. Fenton, I have some concern about your son and I feel we should discuss on his situations." Mr. Lancer stated as he sat down in his chair.

Maddie sat down and faked her husband's voice, "Of course! My son should be on my concern! Lay'em on me!" Maddie answered.

Mr. Lancer nodded, "As you see, Danny's pants have been...slacking off. He has a belt to keep his pants up. However, his behavior is...distance and I'm worried he will not keep up his grades."

Maddie didn't think her secret of being a half ghost distracts her son so much. It has been a month since, but she wasn't too sure how to gain control in this sort of a thing. Right now, she needed to get Mr. Lancer off Danny before it continues to get worse.

"Oh! Danny-boy has been studying and he sometimes forgets to eat, you know? I'll talk to him and he won't have that issue anymore in class. He sees you quite a caring teacher you are." Maddie was annoyed acting like her husband...and betrayed somewhat.

Mr. Lancer nodded, "I supposed you have a point, Mr. Fenton. Say my man, would you like to get down tonight and look out for school dancers with me tonight?"

Maddie knew she was going to be in even more trouble and this was a big sign of embarrassing her son. Mr. Lancer would have suspected something if going against the teachers. She had to do what's best...survival.

"I'd love to man!" She faked the enthusiasm.

Mr. Lancer calmly smiled, "I will see you dog tonight!" Mr. Lancer dismissed the parent.

Maddie couldn't believe what she has done.

Danny was researching, specifying the necklace he saw earlier on Paulina, and at the mall. Apparently, his friends ran off, and he couldn't get a hold of his mom. Luckily for him, he packed in a ghost weapon. He fought against the dragon ghost and got the ghost knocked down as it disappeared. He wasn't too sure to be concern of the ghost dragon's return or not.

He finally found the necklace and studied on it until...

"-I'm going on a date with a dragon?!" Danny's jaw dropped.

Danny couldn't believe it. It was just yesterday they fought the dragon and somehow, that necklace knocked off as it landed into his backpack. He had to get it back. He dressed up and decided to inform his mom while fixing up his tie and placing the Fenton Fisher inside his dance suit. He found his parents in the kitchen and Jazz watching too closely with her book down. She's smirking and Danny had no idea why.

"Oh, Danny, your father and I are chaperoning the school dance tonight." His mom told him.

He stopped walking in the middle of the kitchen, "Wh-what?! N-no! Y-y-yo-yo can't!" Shocked to find any other words to express it.

His dad grumbled, "Unfortunately, your mom says Mr. Lancer asked us to chaperone and I don't remember the meeting." He scratched his head.

Maddie nervously smiled towards her son and Danny knew he was the blame. He suggested it to his mom and he had to accept that responsibility. He helped himself some water and Jazz crossed her arms playfully.

"I know your secret, Danny. Admit it, you have a girlfriend!" Jazz teased playfully.

Danny panicked at the sound of 'secret', "W-what? No-no, mom's not a ghost!" He stammered and realized, "No, she's not my girlfriend! She's just my date!"

Jazz accepted his denial, "Face it now, Danny. If you marry her and she finds your family is insane, it's better to tell her right now, Danny." She walked away.

"IT'S JUST A DATE!" Danny groaned.

Danny hasn't exactly tell his mom about the necklace situation and he figured as long he kept Paulina calm, that's all it mattered.

He was glad his friends were here and not too worried about the 'monster' attack at the mall. Their minds were far from it. Danny kept checking over to his parents and Maddie made sure her husband 'remembered' the meeting he had. Mr. Lancer chose not to take it seriously in his student's father behavior reasons.

"So, uh…Paulina, I, uh, um, about that necklace-"

"Doesn't it look great on me? I haven't taken it off ever since you gave it to me." She said proudly.

Danny chuckled, "-yeah, about that. That necklace, I have to um, have that back because…" He had to come up a good reason… "…" He spotted his friend, "…it belongs to Sam!"

Danny witnessed Paulina breaking the plastic cup like breaking a fragile glass with super human strength. He panicked.

"But…uh, I'll make it up to you! I'll get you some punch, a very special punch just for you!" He sprung a happily smile for his date.

Paulina scoffed, "You got this from Sam? Aren't I supposed to be-" Her eyes glowed brightly red and began to transformed into a dragon, "-SPECIAL?!" She roared.

No doubt, Maddie retrieved a ghost scent on Paulina and she directed it over to her sun. Everyone was leaving and hardly noticing a ghostly dragon in the room. Thankfully, it was a smooth night. Jack went to get the RV since it was far in the back of the parking lot and long walk to get to it. Mr. Lancer was checking through the bathrooms…mainly the men's rooms.

"Young man, did you know this was going to happen?" Maddie snapped at her son while altering to her ghost half.

Danny nodded slowly, "Yeah, but she's mad because of the necklace," Danny pulled out the fishing line, "Don't hurt her, she was my date."

Phantasmagoria had no idea, but she fought carefully against the ghost. The ghost roared out about the whole, "I'M NOT SPECIAL!?" Danny felt guilty of using Sam without letting her know, but he figured she wouldn't remember. Danny performed a trick by running around the dragon's legs and Maddie forced the trip on the dragon. She quickly flew over to the neck and took off the necklace. She grabbed Danny and flew back inside the building. She was safe to go back to normal and took a breather.

"And when were you going to plan on telling me about the necklace, young man?" She held up.

Danny sighed, "I just found out before you told me about the chaperone. I thought it was going to be easy to get the necklace back from her. Apparently, she got mad because it was from Sam." He shrugged.

Maddie shook her and she had no idea what to do with her son on this case, but at least she took comfort at the idea that she has him to trust on their personal secret. So far, it was a long day and night for them.