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To keep quiet about being a hybrid has become easier for Maddie. She didn't think anyone seem to think outside the box much unless it was that obvious. Especially, Danny is hanging out with his friend, because of time manager's schedule. As Mrs. Fenton, she needed to keep everything normal as best as possible at home and her husband is one of them. Jack is more thrilled on another way to capture a ghost through another device. Maddie didn't deem its importance, but Jack pointed out it was mainly for one ghost to catch.

"This thing will stuck anything in! We'll catch ghost faster than anything!" Jack proudly stated.

Maddie crossed her arms, "Jack, what's wrong with the Fenton Thermos?"

"I don't know how to get that thing to work, but don't worry, honey." He smiled, "This device will be the perfect backup!" He switched the machine on.

The air was pulling in so violently strong and paper was suck in so easily. Everything was falling down into a mess and getting out of hand. Suddenly, it caught the thermos and blocking anything else to come into this weapon.

"Jack! Put the reverse on!" Maddie demanded.

Jack did as he was told and switched over to reverse. The Fenton Thermos spitted out of the mouth of the device and made the rest of the place spitting out with everything. Nothing was getting in control and Jack tossed the control over to Maddie as his hair nearly gotten ripped apart from his head. Mr. Fenton ran out to do something and Maddie shook her head. She went to turn off the machine and it stopped working. Her ghost scent went off and she quickly went ghost to be ready this time.

"I am Technus! I am Ghost Master of Science and Electrical Technology!" He declared.

Phantasmagoria shook her head. She wondered why ghosts tend to shout their names out or if this was their proper way of greeting. She needed to learn more about them first before she can jump conclusion.

"And you will not plan on dominating the world when I am around." She commented, to gather his attention.

Technus grinned, "Dominating the world?" He was liking the idea already, "I shall rule the world with my technologies!" His power kicked in to rise up all technologies in the ghost lab.

Maddie mentally wondered if it's based on obsession for their powers, but it wouldn't have made sense to her anyway. She might have to run this by her son. She flew up against Technus and kicked him down. He could not control some of his powers on focus and he tried to use the coil to pull her away. She tried to fly out of this, but failed to escape. She fussing her way out and found her strength to break the coil.

"Once you are out of the way with my ectostaff, I shall go out and take over the world by connecting to everything in all the names of technologies!" He held out his staff and triggered it.

Phantasmagoria flew straight out to him and he used his staff to electrocute her. She screamed and fell down to the ground. She glared at him, until she realized the Fenton Thermos was in front of her, and she picked it up.

"And shouting your plans? That is not bright thing to do, dear." She removed the cap and trapped the ghost into the Fenton Thermos.

She sighed while everything else dropped on the ground. She glanced around and couldn't believe the mess here. It was horrible and she knew she could easily blame this onto her husband. She quickly flew out, hearing her husband coming downstairs, and rushed to kitchen to keep this out of his sight. She transformed back to her human side.

Danny spent time in the library where his friends were finishing up their last class. He needed to do some personal research and he kept this hidden well from others' sight. He grabbed a computer at the very end of the library, a few books, and checked around his surroundings. He knew barely anyone comes here unless they seek privacy like Jazz or top genius students.

He turned a few pages on this book and he found something to catch his attention. He ought to thank Jazz for teaching him how to research a specific subject without having to read everything. For now, he needed to deal with his own matter. He stopped turning pages and read this paragraph:

A Familiar Spirit is known to gather information and assist their partner. They are to be known to work with higher power and maintain the higher power in order to store balance of the spirit world. They have small source of supernatural powers, yet, unaware of it. Each Familiar Spirit has different power and possibly different from the higher power. However, when a Familiar Spirit sleeps, they help to heal the higher power partner.

Danny was taken back. He thought about last week and how the Fenton Gabber considered him as a ghost. After that, it was that ghost who was claiming him as Ghost Lady's familiar. He figured there must be some obvious connection for a ghost hunter to spot on easily.

He changed over to another book and searched for the right pages again. He wanted to be sure and gather the most information he needs before coming across to another ghost.

Familiar animals are the ones to serve or guard their associate or companion. This is their sorely duty they must do, in order to keep balance of the universe. Familiar animals recognizes power and make sure the power is strengthen in order to survive. They are aware of danger nearby and do their best to be prepared for danger. They can aid with their associate or companion to make things less complicated.

Danny thought back for a little while and realized some connection. He understood everything, he was able to sense ghosts, but differently than his mom could do. This was a helpful research and he changed over to one more books. He turned a few more pages and settled into reading this paragraph.

Familiar Animal Spirit is a great type of a familiar. They are the ones to guide their partner for almost everything to keep peace among each other. They know what to do because they know their partner well; how they think, their strengths, and their weaknesses. They are open to adventure, guidance, support, advice, and open mind. Often, they are commonly known if one meditates to create a connection between the two. It may take several times to gain such strength and meditate comfortably. However, all Familiar Animal Spirit is recognizes for their form due to their partner's interests and trust.

Danny pulled back, shocked to learn about this, and he tried to think about it. He hasn't realized he could be all type of a Familiar. He had wondered if the ghost world's definition is different. For now, he needed to be careful in what he's doing. If anyone sees him in action, they will take him in for questionings and he doesn't like being interrogating on the matter. He went onto the computer and researching some ideal disguises.

His eyes checked over the time and he groaned. He had to meet up with his friends, but at least he knows what he need. Right now, the money is important to deal with and asking his parents wouldn't hurt him at all. He got up, put the books away as where he found them, and went to his friends' class to meet up. Once he was getting close to the door, the bell rang and students were coming into the hallway to get out of the school building. His friends were the last people to come out of the classroom. He grinned to see them.

"Hey, want to go to the amusement park tomorrow?" Sam perked up to ask them, trying to change something new to their agenda.

Tucker shook his head, "No. They're expensive at the amusement park, Sam. With the ticket cost forty dollars and not to mention the food and drinks."

"I could loan you some cash if you want." Sam thought to point out.

"Sorry, but that means repay back and repaying back is out of my reach. Right, Danny?" Tucker wasn't seeing the plan happening.

Danny jerked his attention back to his friends, "Sorry, I was thinking about the stuff I have to deal with tomorrow anyway. I'm not sure if I have time and I need to order something, so it'll leave me broke."

Danny couldn't help it when his mind was thinking about to be prepared for ghosts fighting business with his mom. At least Tucker was supported and Sam was hoping this might change things up between them.

"If you want, I could-" Sam was about to say, but Danny's phone went off.

He pulled out his cell phone and answered it right away.

"Hey mom, what's up?" He asked.

"Could you help your father take the junk to the garage? Plus…I don't know if those green covered goo is safe for me."

"Oh, gotcha mom! I'll be there soon." Danny nodded, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it."

"Thank you, sweetie. See you soon." She hung up.

Danny put his phone away and looked over to his friends.

"Sorry guys, I have to get onto my chores now." He waved and ran off.

Sam sighed, "There goes Danny. Have you noticed he hasn't exactly told us what he's been doing at home?"

Tucker shrugged, "At least he's spending time with us, but I think whatever this is will not last."

"Hopefully." Sam shrugged and headed the direction to her home.

Sam and Tucker figured they could take care of their own things back at home. They knew Danny has stuff to deal with anyway.

Danny helped his dad to move the 'junk', but he was surprised his dad wouldn't give him some money and he expects him to earn them instead. After dropping the stuff in the garage, he knew this would work out in the morning. Today, he's selling everything to make enough money to spare on the side.

"Buy this for ten buck for charger only once, Mr. Lancer. It can take up about ten minutes and charge your device completely." Danny told him.

Mr. Lancer is impressed with something like this to come by something he hasn't seen. He gave Danny a ten dollar and they exchanged for the device.

"Ah, this will be perfect to recharge something I use monthly wise." Mr. Lancer commented.

Danny nodded, "This will be perfect, and it's a great source to charge as much as you want."

Mr. Lancer grinned and felt there was nothing less to expect from his student. He went off his way. Sam joined by Danny's side to hand him a ten buck.

"I'm buying the remote here." She sighed, "So what are you trying to buy anyway?"

Danny shook his head, "You wouldn't want to know."

Tucker leaned back in the garage sale's chair, "Dude, we're your best friends. Of course we would want to know!"

Sam nodded, "Yeah. We're best friends no matter how awkward or complicated it is. Look at Tucker and me, we're both different to our food. Yet, we accept each other and tolerate it."

Danny counted all up the money and muttering how much he needs, "Only about thirty-six bucks to make." His head shook, "Sorry guys, but I'm not ready to talk about it." Especially he could risk both his mom and himself about the secret.

"Alright. So, are you free later tonight? I was wondering…if we could hang at my place tonight."

Danny was surprised, "Your place? We never hung out at your place before. It's always my place or Tucker's." He chuckled, dealing with a customer who gave him a fifteen for some random object he hasn't cared for.

Sam rubbed her arm nervously, "I thought it's time to change it up. We could go to movie instead or something."

Danny noticed another customer and Dash on the other end of the table. He went over. The first customer gave him eleven buck on special adapter to the car without difficulty. After that, he joined to Dash and-

"-listen, Fentina, I need something to protect my computer and I don't have time to look to see if you got that." Dash strictly told him.

Danny understood grabbed the specific order he's looking for, "Got it! This PLDX will give you complete protection and prevent anyone hacking into your computer or look through your personal file. And, if you use this," He lifted a CD, "Disc, it will make sure to alert you immediately and this will," He picked up another flat disc, "Have a backup at all time." He smiled, "I'll sell it for twenty-five buck together."

Dash looked at them and nodded in silent. He pulled out and handed the exact amount requested. Danny was glad to make up to the total amount he needed and excited to what he's going to do tonight. He rushed up to clean everything as he shoved them into the box and put it in the shed – considering his friends weren't around. He rushed everything to get done tonight. He ran into the house and passed his mom a bit. Maddie turned to wonder what he could be up to now. She knew there weren't any ghosts at the moment, so it was safe to say it was something else.

"Danny, why are you running in the house," She asked, as she came to the end of the stairs.

Danny popped his head down for her to see, "Oh, I just need to grab something before I leave the house again."

"Emergency or something?"

His head shook, "No. I always carry my emergency bo-staff, mom. Oh, by the way, I took care of the green stuff and it doesn't seem to do much. Were you know what dealing this morning?"

"Yes, but it was taken care of quickly."

Danny shrugged and figured it was nothing. He went into his room to grab his scooter and rushed downstairs.

"Besides, I need my personal transportation. I'll be back before curfew." He told her.

She nodded, "Alright, but call me if it shows up."

"I will, mom." He carried down his electric scooter and headed out the door.

The night was dark and Danny was riding on his scooter back to his house. He has one hand holding a couple of bags from a couple of stores. He was pleased to see how everything progress and-

His body shivered and he groaned. He looked around to seek any ghosts around until he spotted a ghost flying over to the middle of the town. He turned his scooter around and headed straight to the 'attraction' may occur.

"Come my technologies! Form into the best weapon on Earth! I am master of Technologies and I am Technus!" The ghost shouted out to the sky.

Danny wondered why ghosts tend to speak of their notice. He knew he'd have to avoid using any technologies around, but what can he do? He hid behind the park's wall and watched what was happening. The ghost was forming a large body of a robot. Danny immediately thought of the danger if it could walk and knowing people can get hurt if they see this!

"This ghost…can't be too powerful. I mean, he must be similar to Box Ghost's idiocy and probably has more words and a couple of centuries old." Danny muttered, "Maybe I should see if the research is true. I got to have some sort of powers…" He huffed.

He set his scooter and shopping bags together tightly. He pulled out his emergency defense weapon and took a deep breath. His eyes closed and trying to remain focused from all of his lessons from his mom. He ran up and leapt into the sky to use his bo-staff in an attack.

"Ah, another hero fighting…oh, wait, are you the ghost lady's familiar?" He asked.

Danny muttered with the whole familiar thing or what was the big deal anyway? Right now, he must not lose his concentration and he figured taking down a leg would help level the height…considering it was over ten feet tall. He tried to chop the leg down at his greatest strength, but absolutely nothing! Technus rolled his eyes and picked up his robotic leg to kick Danny away. Danny fell in midair –

"DANNY!" Two voices screamed for him.

Danny landed into the bushes and he was glad they weren't those prickly thorn ones. Wait…did he hear his friends?! What were they doing here?! Oh, no! This could not be good at all! He tried to get out of the bush.

"Once this downloading of PLDX is complete, I shall rule the world by dominating all computers to force all human beings into my slavery to their sacrifice of their technologies!" He laughed, purposely laughing evilly.

The familiar couldn't get out of the bush since it was thick! He wondered when this bush has been worked on! His friends finally came up to him and immediately helped him out of the bush. He was shocked to see them here at all.

"Danny, what were you thinking? You can't fight that monster thing!" Sam complained.

Tucker agreed, "Yeah, you could have gotten killed. Don't you ever learn anything from a comic book? Besides…doesn't this evil monster know the PLDX is the worse backup protection?" His thumb pointed at Technus, which the ghost hasn't noticed due to his glorified moment.

Right now, Danny was in huge trouble…he wasn't going to get away with this unlike last time. His head shook and he needed to concentrate on stopping Technus before anyone else could get here!

"Not now, guys!" His blue eyes drew up to the head and recalled to Skulker. He knew that might work.

The familiar tapped his staff on the ground to extend it long as eight feet and he raced, pounded the staff to support air lift jump, and his feet in defense side kick. He was gathering his useful strength in the upper chest through his arms and whipped around the bo to hit powerful enough. It only left a crack, but proving it was pointless to knock down the head. Now, his body dropping down fast and he bent his knees to prepare for landing. He grunted, feeling like he wasn't getting anywhere successful, and struggling to get some idea to stop him without involving his mom all the time.

His blue eyes noticed the flying devices from everywhere and he recognized it anywhere. He was drawing conclusion that since weapons were made by humans, they're bound to be easily destructive. He hurried up to locate something and he spotted it as ran over to it.

"Danny!" His friends shouted out for him.

His body signaled him a warning from a ghost and he used his staff whipped out for his defense as he turned. It was more of a beamer against him and he was glad for the signaling danger. He had to talk to his mom about his ability to sense danger and knowing where ghosts are. Right now, he has his own matters to handle and he can't let anything get out of hand.

"You shall not defeat me, Familiar!"

He kept running and kept leaping randomly to avoid any hits from the green beamers attacking him. The tactic in mind formed a way and he grinned. He raced up to something red and small through the ground. The beamer hits it the red's cap and Danny smirked at his success. The water was bursting out sky high, but falling down like rain. He was getting wet, but it was the only way he could do right now.

He used his tool against the water by pressuring it down and towards the robot body. Technus was all on electrocution and turning weaker than he was before. He screamed his name out for the name of technologies – which no one seems to care. While one of these hands is holding the bo, his other hand was searching for the thermos.

He frowned and couldn't even find it. This was not the good time to be panicking!

"Where is the thermos!?" His eyes were all over the places to figure out where it could have fallen and-

Where he had fallen down at the bush. He gulped and figured this time will not hurt and what will he do?!

"GUYS! GRAB THAT THERMOS! Take the cap off and aim it at him! Trust me, alright?" He shouted out to them.

Sam and Tucker jolted at his sudden commanded. They glanced at the bush and realized what Danny had meant. Sam snatched it off the bush, took the cap off as she handed it over to Tucker, and aimed it quickly to the ghost. She assumed to press something and it turned on with a great bright blue power zooming out to Technus. He was forced to be drag into the trap and screamed and fought his way out, but failed otherwise.

Sam was awed at such witness to this beauty of device. Tucker was speechless with everything had gone on. Danny was a bit too worried and there's no way of avoiding this anymore. Although, going home wet would be a lot to explain for his mom and a good grounding that's for sure. He walked over to them while shrinking his staff to a ruler size and rubbed the back of his neck. His hand held out to take the thermos.

"I'll um, take that back now. Thanks for the help," He sheepishly chuckled.

Sam closed it with the cap and handed it over to him, "Is this what you've been hiding from us? Fighting those…monsters?" Her dark violet eyes stared at the thermos curiously.

Tucker agreed, "Are you just insane as the rest of your family, Danny?"

Danny sighed, "This isn't a monster. You could say this is your second time seeing a ghost. So, yeah, I've been fighting them since September."

They have gone paler than a white ghost could be. Danny figured he could keep his mom quiet and out of this, but not forever. He knew she'll be found out eventually, right now, his friends come first.

"Are you insane?" Sam snapped, "You could have gotten killed and-and-and why didn't you tell us?" She glared at him.

Danny sighed, "They randomly show up at different times, alright?" His head shook, "If you must know, I wasn't expecting…Technus tonight. I was busy working on uniform disguise in case I am forced to be public. That's why I did the garage sale earlier this morning."

Tucker crossed his arms, "Let's face it, Sam, he's a Fenton and they're serious about ghosts. Apparently, our best friend decides to go superhero." He chuckled.

Sam smirked, "Besides, I doubt the costumes you bought would be stable enough. Come on, you're coming over to my place."

Danny glanced at his watch, "But I got to get home in an hour?"

"Don't worry, leave that to me because you should have been at my place. By the way…the remote was flying and it led us here."

Danny understood how they were arriving to the scene he was in. There was no way he wants his mom to know what happened. He'll just tell her he caught Technus and trap him into the thermos. That's all she needed to know.

Danny was shocked. When they have had gotten to Sam's place and her basement. Tucker was gleamingly with his goofy grin for a techno-geek.

"Wha-what the?"

Sam shrugged, "I was going to tell you earlier about it, but if you told me about your ghost fighting secret a week ago at least, I could have help you out. Now," She whipped out her phone, "I've got some ideas for you." She placed the phone to her ear and smirked, "Hey Helen, it's Sam. Could you bring those specialize you told me a couple of weeks ago? Yes and something for the face too and hide all the hair. Perfect!"

Tucker nodded, "She's loaded, Danny." His thumb pointed at her, "She got almost everything but a bowling alley, but she has a couple of lanes here."

Danny blinked away his blue eyes and stared at Sam speechlessly. He hasn't known about this at all and realizing all those times, Sam was willing to offer money for the past week or how the heck they got away with the zoo's business. He should have suspected something. The doorbell rang suddenly and Sam went to answer the door. Tucker was happy to include his other best friend in this secret and the other secret.

"So, what is it like fighting ghosts? How many have you encountered? Have you dealt bigger ones?" He peered in closely.

"Uh," Danny was uncertain how to respond to this.

"Yeah, I'm curious how you're able to pull all of this off for almost two months now." Sam joined back to the living room with a couple of boxes – small as in hand size.

"It's not easy, but they seem to have quite a personality to tell what kind of powers they have. So far, several for the past two months…although, it's a low count today. Um, yeah, I've dealt a princess dragon, er ghost that was almost a giant. Technus was a bit difficult since he used our technologies, but I knew water is the big weakness." He shrugged, "Not that big of a deal."

"So why did Technus call you Familiar?"

Danny shrugged, figuring he can keep quiet as much as possible, and keep them out of this for a little while. He wasn't too sure how to stay secretive. Sam decided it was a name ghosts would call him. She set the boxes down on the recliner seat and opened the first set. It was a thin like material, almost frail looking due to shape of a flat snowflake. She walked up to Danny.

"All you do is turn this on and put it on the bottom of your foot. It's water-proof, completely indestructible, and easily senses your interests and dislike. Once you put it on, tap your foot and it will alter into a whole new look in holographic, but you can feel the holographic material." She explained.

Tucker gasped and admired such technologies' existence. Danny was shocked and thought about it. He didn't see any harm in this. He kicked off a shoe and a sock. He took the piece and placed it on his bottom foot. He tapped it with the foot and he turned completely differently – minus his face and hair – clothes and styles. He was wearing tight black pants, navy blue shirt that spread out into gloves, and long coat like in dark gray. Lastly, his sneakers – even the one foot is sneaker-less – transformed into a thick mountain boots of silver. The trio awed in its working and Danny feels it through his hands to admire its purpose. Sam went to the other box and held it up to him.

"This will be your mask and keep your hair invisible, so no one will know who you are entirely. The mask will instantly recognize the device you're wearing and work with it too. You won't need take it off ever." In her hand, it was like a small disc shape as the size of a nickel, "You can put it behind your ear, or hair and no one can see it."

Danny nodded and took it from her hand. He set it behind his ear and under his hair as he pressed it to be there. A mask formed and triggered his hair into invisibility. He didn't look like Danny Fenton…he was someone more mysterious looking.

"Now, when you need to get them inactivated is the same way you turn them on." Sam explained.

Danny nodded and tapped his foot. He was back to what he was wearing – even though, he's already dry by the time he got here. He put back on his sock and sneaker and couldn't believe his entire life is changing now!

"Awesome!" Danny hugged Sam, "I'm glad to be your best friend, Sam!"

Danny was glad to have the garage sale, otherwise…he wouldn't have this awesome disguise for the public. What matters now is the bigger secret…