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It might be a two-shot or three-shot, depending on whether you guys like it or not.

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Warnings: none for this chapter, really. Maybe a creepy obsession with Robin from the Joker.

PS. I remember that in "Terrors," the inhibitor collars didn't stop M'gann's telepathic abilities, but they do in here for the sake of the plot.

How did this happen?

That's what was going through the whole teams' minds as they watched the crazed, blood-thirsty man draw closer to their bound bodies. He was smiling-if you could call that manic grin a smile-as he stopped in front of Robin.

It was supposed to be a simple covert mission; that's how they were all supposed to be. The team had been sent to stop a drug deal in a rundown garage located in the southern part of Gotham. Batman, after some simple research, had found that the "drugs" being sold were actually vials of Bane's very own Venom.

The team had jumped into action, taking the unsuspecting sellers and buyers down with ease. Then, a small device dropped in front of them. Robin had recognized it immediately, but before he could warn the others, a green colored gas seeped out from the gadget. The next moment, the team felt themselves become weak and drowsy. Through his foggy vision, Robin glanced up to see none other than the Joker crouched upon one of the support beams of the garage. The clown cackled and waved his fingers as, one by one, the team dropped to the ground, unconscious.

Aqualad, Superboy, Miss Martian, Kid Flash, Artemis, and Robin awoke to find themselves lying on the ground, bound, next to one another. Everyone besides Robin jumped when the Joker suddenly appeared in their line of vision, giggling eerily.

Now, the team watched warily as the crazed clown approached their youngest member. His greasy green hair hung in front of his green eyes.

"Finally!" he cackled, licking his blood red lips as he stared at Robin. "Do you know how long it's been since I've seen you, Boy Blunder?"

Robin glared from his prone position. "You saw me a few weeks ago, Joker," he growled. "When we fought and broke up your little Injustice League."

The Joker cackled again. "No, no, no silly! I mean here, in good ol' Gotham! All I ever see is Mr. Grumpy Pants. I've missed you, Robbie-poo! Why don't you miss me, your Uncle J?" he asked, his eyes gleaming.

"I'm part of a team now, as you can see, Joker. Now what do you want?" Robin snarled. Joker frowned.

"Well, isn't that obvious, Robbie? I want you! You've grown up so…nicely…" he breathed. He bent down and ran a hand over Robin's well-developed chest. The team stiffened as the Joker continued to caress the Boy Wonder.

"And I barely get to see you," Joker finished.

Superboy spoke for the first time, angered at the gleam he saw in the Joker's eyes as he touched Robin's body. "Why are you even here? This is Bane's gig," he hissed.

The Joker turned to him. "The Blue Buffoon's brat, are you? To answer your question, this was never Banie's gig. I overheard these dummies taking about a drug exchange," Joker gestured to the unconscious drug dealers, "so I spread word that they were swapping Venom. I knew Batsy would send Boy Blunder and his little team to stop it- and he did! He fell for it!"

The Joker bent over and wheezed with laughter. Then, stopping abruptly, he straightened up.

"Aren't you kiddies wondering why none of you can get loose? Take a closer look."

The team glanced at each other before looking down at themselves.

Superboy had a sizeable chunk of Kryptonite strapped to his chest along with the ropes tied around his ankles, wrists, and torso. He cursed as he struggled, feeling useless and fatigued.

Aqualad and Miss Martian had inhibitor collars around their necks, like the ones that were used on the prisoners in Bell Rev and the animals they had fought in India. They too had heavy-duty rope around their wrists, legs, and chests.

Kid Flash had several layers or ropes around him to ensure that he couldn't vibrate through them even if he tried.

Artemis's bow and quiver were gone, as were Robin's utility belt, gloves, and even the knife he kept hidden in his left boot. Their weapons were tossed in the farthest corner of the dank garage. The two humans were secured with regular rope. The Joker had neglected the removal of the teams' comm units, but without the use of their hands, they were useless.

Joker saw the looks of disbelief cross the faces of the team and howled with laughter again. "I've always kept a stock of Kryptonite with me…not hard to find when you have the connections that I do," he said, nodding to Superboy. "And that dear lad, what's his name…oh yes, that Mr. Riddler! He kindly lent me a few of those wonderful dog collars on Fish Boy and Miss Green. I'm sure you all know what they do," he giggled.

"What is it that you want, Joker?" Aqualad asked calmly. The Joker cackled and Superboy growled; did this man ever stop giggling?

"I like you, Fish Boy. You've got some manners. As to what I want," the Joker suddenly looked murderous and M'gann gave a small whimper. "I want Wonder Boy back in Gotham. It's because of you five that he isn't here as often. And for that, you will pay," he hissed.

He then proceeded to drag the teens over to the wall of the garage. One by one, he propped them up so that they were sitting with their backs against the wall. All of them but Robin struggled as the Joker watched. He appeared to be in thought.

"Hmm…I can't decide which one to choose…Do I want to hear Robbie's team scream? Or Boy Blunder himself? I haven't heard you sing for me in such a long time, birdie. I've tried getting the Bat to do it, but you know how he is. Stubborn, stubborn, stubborn…" he said, clicking his tongue. He looked at the teams' faces. He snickered when he saw the pure fear on Miss Martian's face.

"What's the matter, girly? Scared of Uncle J?"

M'gann shut her eyes tightly and Superboy growled again, sensing his girlfriend's obvious distress. Joker ignored him, still staring at the Martian. "Yes…Yes, I think I've decided. I'll start with you, missy," he giggled. He started forward, still cackling.

Kid Flash was vibrating. Not out of fear, but anxiety. The Joker turned to him, still a few feet away from Miss Martian. "Flash Boy, is it? Robbie's best friend, I've heard. Maybe I should choose you. Or you, Fish Boy. You are the leader. Oh pooey, it's so hard to choose!" he cried, stomping his foot. He sighed and shrugged, continuing towards Miss Martian. He had just put his white hand on her arm when Robin shifted.

"STOP!" he yelled, struggling for the first time. Kid Flash swallowed and looked at the thirteen year-old to his right. Artemis, on Robin's right, did too.

The Boy Wonder looked furious, scowling. Not one ounce of fear showed on his face as he struggled fruitlessly at the ropes tied around him, glaring at the Joker all the while. "Stop," he repeated in a soft yet deadly sort of voice. The team flinched at Robin's tone.

The Joker released Miss Martian and gave another manic grin, showing off yellow teeth. "Aww…do you care for Miss Green?" he asked Robin in a baby voice.

"Of course I do," Robin snarled. "And it's not them you want, remember? Take me."

"No," Miss Martian whimpered, but Robin silenced her with a glare, leaning forward to look at her.

The Joker seemed to ponder Robin's words. Then, his face broke into the biggest grin they had seen all night. "How clever, Bird Boy! It's like killing two birds with two stones! I'll get to hear your wonderful song and," he hissed dangerously, "punish your little club at the same time."

He clapped his hands like a child. "Oh, I love it! Now then, wait here! I'll fetch my supplies. Don't try anything sneaky-not that any of you can!"

Laughing madly, the Clown Prince of Crime waltzed from the garage.

As soon as he was gone, Robin spoke. "Listen to me," he said firmly. "He's going to hurt me. It's happened before. I-"

Aqualad cut him off. "Robin, I cannot allow you to sacrifice yourself. I am the leader, I will-"

"No," Robin said in the same deadly voice he had used earlier. "I need you all to listen. No matter what happens, don't try to give yourselves in to him. He's not going to kill me; you heard him, he wants me back, not dead. But he won't hesitate to kill any of you. Do you guys understand?"

M'gann whimpered again. "R-Robin, I'm so sorry. I-I-" she whispered, but Robin hushed her gently.

"Nah, you've got nothing to be sorry for, Miss M. If anything, I should be the one apologizing- I should have noticed something was off here," he said in a bitter voice. Artemis spoke then. She sounded slightly hysterical, much like she had when she and Robin had been fighting Red Inferno and Red Torpedo.

"No! Why are you blaming yourself? You've just sacrificed yourself to save us and you're still apologizing?" she hissed.

Robin laughed, and it was a mirthless sound. "This isn't the first time this has happened, Artemis. But I've been trained to observe my surroundings thoroughly and I failed and I'm-I'm sorry you guys will have to see this," he finished in a whisper.

"What-what is he gonna do, Rob?" Kid Flash asked shakily. Robin shrugged nonchalantly.

"Depends," he said simply. "I'll be lucky if he doesn't have his laughing gas with him."

Kid Flash was horrified at how calmly Robin was talking despite being mere moments away from being tortured. Sure, he knew his best friend had seen and gone through some pretty insane stuff, but he was still just a child! A child who had seen horrors the world had to offer by age nine…

Wally was jerked from his thoughts as Robin spoke again.

"I'm serious, you guys. You gotta swear you won't give yourselves in. Please. I'm not doing this in vain, alright?"

There were a few seconds of silence. Then Superboy spoke.

"Let me do it. He can't hurt me. I'm invulnerable, remember?" he said. Robin chuckled grimly.

"Not right now, you're not. Are you forgetting about that green chunk on your chest? You're as vulnerable as me right now, Supey. And like I said, he doesn't want to kill me. Don't worry, guys," Robin added softly, and M'gann started to cry.

"R-Robin, you're o-only thirteen! How d-do you do t-this?" she sobbed.

Before Robin could reply, they heard off-tune whistling and the sound of footsteps. "He's here. Guys, promise about what I said," Robin hissed, looking warily at the entrance of the garage.

"I-I cannot-" Aqualad stammered.

"NOW!" Robin roared. The team flinched again.

"I-I-we…We promise," Aqualad muttered, his head hanging in shame.

"Good. And guys…I'm sorry," Robin said quietly as the Joker reentered.

He was wearing a white lab coat over his ugly purple suit and rubber gloves over his hands, in which he held two large black duffle bags. He stopped whistling as he walked in front of the team again. He had a long fit of laughter and then grabbed Robin roughly around his waist. He threw him a little ways in front of the team.

Robin landed hard on his back without so much a flinch.

"Now then," the Joker giggled, slowly unzipping one of the black duffle bags. "Let's get started."

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