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"Ohh yeah, baby, ugh that's amazing baby boy," Dean groans, fingers twined in Sam's hair. Sam looks up at him through dark eye lashes, plump pink lips stretched wide around Dean's cock. He bobs down again under Dean's gently nudge. Dean's hips rock forward and he moans. "Sammy, baby you're so beautiful."

Sam's cock twitches. He swirls his tongue around Dean and feels Dean's fingers twist tighter in his unruly locks. Sam's only sixteen, and Dean is continually amazed at just how talented his mouth is. And he tells him that. "Love you…beautiful…" he gasps as Sam takes him all the way into his mouth. His cock bumps against the back of Sam's throat and his hands clench down on Sam's head as he comes, shooting white hot streams down Sam's throat. Sam gulps down Dean's seed and grins up at his brother.

"Good?" he asks.

Dean breathes, "So good, baby boy."

Sam's cock jumps. "Dean," he pleads, "Need you in me."

Dean helps him up, guiding him onto the bed. He nudges Sam's legs apart and kneels between them. He kisses Sam's jaw, and then trails down his chest to his stomach.

"You ready, babe?" he asks. Sam nods, cock stiffening painfully. Dean kisses the tip and blows gently, making Sam claw at the bed sheets.

"Shit Dean," he growls.

Dean picks up his head and chuckles. "So sexy, baby," he breathes reaching his hand up to brush Sam's hair out of his face. He trails down to Sam's mouth and Sam parts his lips, tongue darting out to lick Dean's fingers.

"Perfect, baby boy."

"D-dean," Sam stutters.

Dean chuckles. He pulls his fingers back, streaking a wet trail down Sam's chest. He takes Sam's cock into his mouth as he slips a finger inside him. Sam cries out, hips bucking, and Dean inserts a second finger.

"Mm that's right, sexy, you like that?"

Sam's eyes rollback in his head. "Need you Dean!"

Dean pushes Sam's legs up, bracing himself against them as he lines himself up. "Ready, baby?" Sam nods furiously, and Dean leans forward. He kisses Sam as he slides his cock into him. Sam gasps out, bucking his hips wildly as Dean thrusts into him.

"Come on, move for me baby boy."

Sam throws his head back, groaning. He rocks his hips into Dean, pulling him deeper and deeper with every thrust. "Dean!" he screams as Dean's hand finds it's way to Sam's cock. He clenches around Dean's cock.

"Oh, fuck baby, gonna make me come baby boy," Dean hisses.

Sam squeezes his eyes shut. "Gonna come Dean!" he screams.

"Come for me baby," Dean breathes. "Come for me angel."

That sets Sam over the edge. He grips the sheets with white knuckles and bucks wildly as he comes all over Dean's hand. Dean follows seconds later, spilling his seed deep inside Sam. He collapses on the bed next to him, panting.

"Good?" Sam asks again.

"So good, baby boy," he kisses Sam on the lips and pulls him close. "Perfect."