Fated Arrangement

A/N: re-do of the prelude bare with me.


Throne Room, Biscotti Castle

The throne room door was opened wide by one beaming feline with long black har, following her was another with short silver hair. In her arms was a smaller version of he both of them.

"Ah, I'm pleased to see you have received our letter." Said the owner of the castle, her smile just as wide as the black haired feline.

"Of course we did, why we rushed right over after reading your letter Lynn."

The one in name, Lynn had short brownish red hair and beside her was her pregnant wife Himeko. She had long flowing pinkish purple hair, her brown eyes lighting up at the sight of the small feline in her mother's arms.

"Oh, you brought Leo-hime?" Himeko said.

Yuki the one holding Leo nodded. "Even if she is too young. She should still be here to witness this."

The sleeping Leo awoke at the sound of her mother's gentle voice drifting into her ears.

"So about the letter." Lynn changed the subject, eager to hear the response.

"Ah, yes. Yuki and I have discussed it on the way here. We agreed to the Marriage between our heirs. is a great idea." Hana said.

Lynn nodded, standing from where she was seated and bowed. "It's an honor to be joining forced with you, King and Queen of the Galette Lion Army."

Hana bowed back. "As to you, King and Queen of the Bisscotti Empire."

Leo watched not understanding the important scene in front of her.

Sealing not only her's, but the unborn Biscotti Princess.