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Dangerous Freedom or Peaceful Slavery

Jetfire wished that he could live in his dreams.

That morning, as he lay awake in the darkness of his quarters, every molecule of his being tingled with want, with an arousal and desire for Rae so strong that he wasn't even sure if he could make it through the day without some kind of release.

In his dreams he could have her, as much of her as he wanted, however and whenever he wanted. There was no one there to say he couldn't. There was no one there to say it was wrong. It was just the two of them tangled up with one another, no space between them, just words of love. Just pure ecstasy.

His metal, her flesh, mixed together. Human and machine functioning as one. They could both think. They could both feel. But neither of them could have each other because they were too different, biologically incompatible.

Jetfire let his optics go offline, his imagination running wild.

"I miss you, Jetfire."

"Come see me."

"I know you can shrink down to my size…sneak out and come see me. I don't have any rules here. We wouldn't get caught. No one would know."

He shook his head, bringing his optics back online. Something like that would never happen, not like he wanted it to. He sighed heavily as he climbed out of his berth. Though he didn't feel like reporting to his duties, Jetfire knew he had to. It was the only thing that would get his mind off Rae.

This lust was driving him crazy.

Rae grumbled as she went from one store to another in the mall. After her break up with Micah, she felt it necessary to start fresh. She had a new job bartending, a new apartment, new friends (even though they weren't human), and now she felt the need to update her wardrobe. However, as she searched the stores looking for anything that was in her price range, Rae felt herself growing more and more irritated.

"Too bad I don't have an unlimited budget," she muttered under her breath as she pried through a clearance rack.

On her hunt for new clothes, she had managed to score a few new outfits, but it was starting to put a dent in her wallet. She sighed as she pulled a skirt off the rack and glanced at the price. It was marked down to $13.98. Slinging it over her arm, she continued her search through the rack, but eventually gave up.

Knowing it was her size; Rae made her way to the register and paid for the skirt. She took the bag after the cashier handed it to her and made her way out of the store, glancing at the time on her phone.

"6:00 already?" she gawked as she shoved her phone into her pocket. She had come to the mall earlier that afternoon to start on her shopping adventure and get something to eat. She hadn't expected to lose track of time the way she did.

Deciding that she had done enough shopping for the day, Rae headed out of the mall, bags in hand. As she walked out, she glanced at the bus stop. The next bus wouldn't be coming for about 30 minutes, the amount of time it would take her to walk back to her apartment. She adjusted the few bags she had as she walked past the bus stop and headed down the sidewalk in the direction of her apartment.

As she walked, she thought about giving Jetfire a call when she got home. It had been a few days since she last spoke to him and she always missed him. Maybe if he wasn't too busy tonight she would stay the night.

A sudden clap of thunder brought Rae out of her thoughts. Startled, she glanced heavenwards just as a big drop of rain landed on her head. "Oh no!" she exclaimed. She was still a good 15 minutes away from her house. Desperately, she glanced around, hoping in vain that there would be another bus stop nearby, but there wasn't. She sighed heavily as the rain picked up. Knowing it was no use to run, she resigned herself to the fact that she was going to get soaked.

She nearly jumped out of her skin when an engine suddenly revved loudly. She glanced over as an all-too-familiar motorcycle pulled up on the edge of the road.

"Hey!" the rider shouted at her, "I'll give you a lift!"

Rae looked to him as smile went across her face. She slung all the bags around one arm before jumping on the bike behind him. The rider revved his engine and took off once again.

By the time Jetfire was dismissed from his duties for the day, he could hardly take it anymore. They had done little to distract him from thinking of Rae. He was so aroused that he didn't even know what to do. He had gone back to his quarters in hopes of calming down, but he couldn't. He could only think of Rae and how badly he wanted to take her in his arms and finally show her what his words couldn't express.

"Your obligations to Optimus are more important."

Jetfire winced. He didn't want them to be. He didn't want Optimus to come first. He didn't the war to come first. He wanted her to be the most important thing in his life. He wanted her.

"No, no, no! You can't do this. This isn't lust. One time with her wouldn't enough."

"Damn it," Jetfire cursed as he sat down heavily on his berth. He could sneak away, he would have time, he could confess everything, show her everything. He glanced over at his desk where the pretender technology lay abandoned.

He could go for a drive with Caliburst. Maybe that would clear his mind. Maybe that would calm him down.


Jetfire knew as Rae gave him directions to her apartment that there would be no turning back. If she was willing, he was going to have her, and not just once, but as many times the night would allow. He was burning for her, and he wanted her to burn with him.

He felt Caliburst slow down as they pulled into the parking lot of her apartment complex. Jetfire went through the motions of pretending to park Caliburst and turn off the engine before he helped Rae off.

"Come on," she said as she grabbed him by the hand, "Let's get inside."

He let her lead him into her apartment. He felt his synthetic heart flutter as she laughed, closing the door behind them. "I'll get you a towel," she said as she made her way into the apartment, "I'd offer you a change of clothes, but I don't have any for you."

"That's alright," he replied, watching as she disappeared down the hall.

Jetfire glanced around, taking in his surroundings. He presumed he was in what the humans called the living room. Curious, he walked into the kitchen only to see an open letter on the table. Without thinking, he glanced at the letter.

Restraining order approved…Micah will be released from jail on April 19th

"Here you go," Rae said as she handed him the towel.

Jetfire took it and began toweling himself off. "Micah is in jail?" he asked, though he already knew.

Rae glanced at the letter before looking back to him, "Yeah. We had a fight."

"Did he hurt you?" Jetfire asked and watched as Rae hid her hands behind her back.

"I took the time to get away from him, if that makes you feel better—

"That's not what I asked."

She sighed, defeated. Slowly, she let her arms fall back to her sides. It was then Jetfire saw the scars on her hands. Horrified, he took her hands in his, running his callused fingertips over her still healing wound. "Rae…what happened?"

She hesitated, breaking eye contact. "I had come home from work late; he thought I was out with someone else. He attacked me right in the parking lot…he came at me with a knife. Someone saw he was attacking me and called the police. He knocked me out and fled, I woke up in the hospital." She shook her head as she took her hands out of his, "Don't worry about it. I'm alright."

Jetfire felt sick. "You need a bodyguard," he said.

She smiled, "Someone like you?"

"If you let me."

She twirled a wet lock of hair around her finger. To Jetfire, she was teasing him. "What were you doing riding around in the rain?"

"It wasn't raining when I left. And I couldn't stop thinking about you; I thought a ride would clear my mind. I didn't expect to see you," he replied.

"Do you need to be anywhere?"

"No, not tonight."

"Stay a little while? I can toss your clothes in the drier if you don't mind wearing a towel."

He smirked, "Would I have to wear the towel?"

"Oh, you're in that kind of mood," she stated, tossing a smirk at him.

"Well, I certainly won't push any boundaries."

There was a sudden twinkle in her eyes that he didn't recognize. It looked like appreciation, like trust…

"I'm going to go dry off. Feel free to use my bedroom to change out of your clothes."

"Yes ma'am."

She showed him where the bedroom was before disappearing inside of the bathroom, leaving the door slightly ajar. Jetfire immediately stripped completely out of his soaked clothing, his synthetic body feeling immediately better once he was stark naked. He wrapped the towel around his waist just as Rae emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel. He was glad the towel he was wearing covered his erection.

"Make yourself at home," she said as she gathered up his clothes and stepped out of the bedroom.

He listened as she put the clothes in the dryer before turning it on. He sat on the edge of the bed as Rae came back in, closing the door. He watched her as she went over to a mirror and began to brush the wet tangles of her hair. He couldn't hold back anymore.

As she set the brush down, he approached her, encircling his arms around her waist from behind. He pulled her against him, letting his lips brush against her skin. He shuddered. This was all he wanted.

She turned in his arms, a devious gleam in her eyes. She kissed him, forcefully. Jetfire felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up as he kissed her back, matching her intensity. However, she broke the kiss long before he was satisfied.

"Do you want me?" she whispered in his ear, her voice low.

"Don't tease me," he growled, kissing her neck.

She chuckled lightly, "Come get me."

Jetfire ignited. Before she had a chance to get away from him, he scooped her up before tumbling onto the bed with her. He kissed her fiercely, trailing kissing down her jaw, her neck, her shoulder. He crawled on top of her, pushing her into the bed with his weight. He felt her fingertips trace down his abdomen before they pulled off the towel he was wearing.

"Primus, yes…" he thought before he quickly did away with her towel. Jetfire made sure to take his time, letting his hands and eyes go where they had only gone in his dreams. She quivered beneath his touch, moaning gently.

"You're so damn beautiful," he breathed.

It wasn't long until she was just aroused as he was, bucking her hips into his to signify she was ready. Willing to oblige, he spread her legs, and, with a soft kiss, he entered her as gently as he possibly could. She winced and a small cry passed her lips. Jetfire kissed her forehead, knowing that he had stretched her further than what she was used to. He waited, allowing her to adjust to his size, and when she was ready, he proceeded to make love to her. He moved at her pace, going gently at first before quickening and deepening his thrusts. He loved how beautifully her body responded to his, as if they were made for each other.

After a while, he could feel her muscles tightening around him, her breathing becoming more staggered. She was close, as was he, but when she came…

A gentle cry escaped her lips as her back arched. He buried his face against her neck as she gripped him tightly. "Jetfire…" she breathed.

The way she moaned his name…it sent him into the most powerful, pleasure-filled climax of his life. And he didn't care that she had said his actual name. Maybe she knew it was really him, maybe she didn't. He didn't care; she was thinking about him, she wanted him.

Jetfire kissed her as he came down from his euphoric high. They were both out of breath, but neither of them wanted to pull apart.

"Jeffrey," she managed to say between pants.

"What?" he breathed, chuckling.

"Can we…can we do that again?"

He smiled. It was going to be a long night.

Jetfire dreamed that Optimus caught him. He dreamed that Rae was taken away from him, that he was banned from ever seeing her again. He woke with a start and sat up, breathing deeply. He glanced around, taking in his surroundings.

Rae was still sleeping peacefully beside him.

"Primus," he breathed as passion filled his heart so strongly that it hurt.

He allowed the previous night's memories to flood him. He didn't regret anything, he didn't want to leave. This was where he belonged, where Rae belonged. Side by side, in each other's arms.

In love…

Jetfire glanced over at the window only to see sunlight peaking in through the cracks of the blinds. Panic suddenly surged through him as he looked over to the clock on Rae's nightstand. It was 6:30am.

"Frag!" he thought as he quickly got out of the bed and left the bedroom. He had to report for duty at 7:00. He had thirty minutes to get back to the base.

Not wanting to wake Rae, he pulled his clothes as quietly as he could out of the drier before slipping them back on. He then ran out the door and climbed on Caliburst.

"Let's go!" Jetfire yelled.

Caliburst didn't have to be told twice as he raced out of the parking lot and headed back towards the base. However, neither of them noticed a black car with a slashed Autobot insignia following them.

"You stayed the night with her?"Caliburst asked.

"Yeah…thanks for waiting."

"If you keep doing this, you will eventually be compromised. You can't keep this a secret forever."

"She's worth it," Jetfire stated.

Caliburst didn't press the issue any further and instead concentrated on getting back to the base. He eventually reached the mountain the base was in, but stopped outside so that Jetfire could put his armor back on. Caliburst hurried inside the base, leaving the Autobot second in command to put on his armor. Jetfire was quick to put it on before using the pretender technology to resume his robot form. He was just about to head inside the base when something crashed into the back of his head with such force that Jetfire immediately fell to the ground.

His vision exploded with stars, but through the haze, he made out a familiar figure looming over him. "Wheeljack?" he breathed before he lost consciousness.


Jetfire's head felt like it was spinning as he waited for his vision to clear. When his optics were able to focus, he saw Red Alert looming over him. He blinked, confused. "What…what's going on?" he asked as he sat up.

"We found you unconscious outside of the base," Red Alert explained, "Judging from the size of the dent I removed from your helm, someone must have struck you from behind."

"I thought I dreamed that."

"Do you remember what happened?"

Jetfire knew he couldn't tell Red Alert where he had been. He decided his best option was to fake amnesia. He shook his head, "No. Wish I did."

"Well, be careful. Last thing we need is someone sneaking around attacking us. Optimus wants you to spend today recuperating…Jetfire?"

Jetfire was staring down at his wrists, a horrified expression on his face. The pretender technology…it was gone.

"Jetfire, is everything alright?"

The second in command looked to the medical officer. "Uh, yeah," he lied, "Sorry, I'm seeing things. I'm going to go rest in my quarters."

Red Alert nodded, "Alright, but be careful."

Jetfire nodded and quickly left the medical bay. However, he felt panicked. Red Alert hadn't said anything about the pretender technology. That meant he hadn't taken it. Jetfire stopped dead in his tracks.


Megatron laughed as he slipped the pretender technology onto his wrists, examining the way the light glinted off the two golden bands. He looked back to Wheeljack, who was bowed before him. He smirked, "You have done well, Wheeljack."

"I live to serve, Lord Megatron."

Megatron chuckled again. "Tell me," he said, his voice full of mirth, "What is Rae up to today?"

"She is going out tonight, with her friends."

"Do you know where?"

"Yes sir."

"Tonight then," Megatron said, "I'll give this technology a trial run. I'll make sure Rae has a good time."

Jetfire paced his quarters feeling terrified. Apparently he had been out of it most of the day. There was no telling if Rae was safe or not. He didn't know what to do, and he had called Caliburst to his room to discuss the situation with him.

"What is wrong?" the Minicon asked.

"The pretender technology…Wheeljack stole it," Jetfire answered bluntly.

"Red Alert said you had amnesia—

"I faked it. I couldn't tell him what had happened, not without revealing my affair with Rae."

"Jetfire, Rae could be in grave danger. According to Starscream, Megatron is interested in Rae. What if Wheeljack was retrieving the pretender technology for Megatron?"

"I need to call her…I need to know if she's okay—

"What will you tell her? You haven't told her the truth about Jeffrey. She won't know what you're talking about if you tell her the pretender technology was stolen."

Jetfire growled, "Then you will go and make sure she is safe."

Caliburst glared at Jetfire before saying, "I will do as you say. If Rae is at the apartment, I will bring her back here. But this is the last thing I will do for you until you tell her the truth."

Jetfire sighed heavily, feeling guilty as he watched Caliburst leave the room. It wasn't fair what he was making the Minicon do. This was his fault. He should've told her the truth right from the start. But now…now that he had slept with her…

Things were going to get a whole lot worse before they got better.

"What kind of guy just fucks you and leaves?"

Jenna rolled her eyes exasperated as Rae continued to wail in the bathroom of the nightclub. She hugged Rae tightly, wiping the tears from her cheeks. "It's okay, Rae," she said for what felt like the millionth time, "Guys are evil. They don't have feelings. We'll find you someone else tonight and you can be as mean to him as you want."

"He didn't even leave a note!" she persisted.

"Rae! Get a grip!" Jenna said, shaking her, "Come on, I'll help you get your mind off him. We'll get you a guy to buy you drinks. Trust me, we'll get you drunk enough to forget all about this."

Rae wiped her remaining tears away, "I could definitely use a drink."

Her friend smiled, "Everything is going to be alright. I promise. Let's go have a good time, okay? Let's show that guy how strong you are."

"Thank you."

"No problem," Jenna remarked as she took Rae by the hand and led her out of the bathroom.

Michelle immediately came up to them. She gave Rae a tight hug before asking, "How are you doing?"

Rae felt like breaking down again. Her face crumpled and she immediately buried her face in Michelle's shoulder. "I trusted him!" she cried.

Jenna glared at Michelle. Michelle smiled sheepishly in return. "Sorry," she said.

"Alright, I've had enough of this," Jenna remarked and turned around. There was a man standing behind her, his back to her. Seeing he was alone, Jenna immediately grabbed him by the arm and yanked him over. However, when she caught a glimpse of what the man looked like, she felt a breath catch in her throat.

Whoever this man was, he was beautiful. His hair was jet black, his eyes such a unique shade of brown they almost looked red, his skin was pale, and he was built like a god. "Whoa…" Jenna remarked before quickly shaking her head.

He glared at her. "Do you mind?" the man asked in a deep, baritone voice causing both Michelle and Jenna to swoon.

However, Rae recognized the voice. She turned and beheld the man. She had no idea who he was, but something about him seemed eerily familiar. And the way he looked back at her…she watched as a smirk went across his perfect lips.

"Sorry," Jenna quickly interjected, but the man kept his gaze on Rae, "My friend, Rae, she's had a rough day. She literally got fucked over by a guy last night."

"He was a red head," Rae admitted, wiping her tearstained face, "It's true that gingers have no souls."

The man's eyes flashed. "A red head you say," he mused, "Perhaps by the name of Jeffrey?"

Rae's eyes twinkled, "You know him?"

"I do, but he's certainly no friend of mine," he replied.

"Well, we'll leave you two alone," Jenna stated as she grabbed Michelle by the arm and led her away.

Rae watched her friends walk away before she looked back at the man. What was it about him that seemed so familiar? She had felt this way with Jeffrey. He had been like a human Jetfire. But this man who was equally as beautiful…there was something dark about him, threatening.

"What do you say you and I go talk some place a little quieter?"

Rae nodded and allowed him to lead her out of the club. However, rather than chatting in the parking lot, she walked with him down the street. She let some silence pass between them, counting her footsteps as she asked, "Have we met before? You seem really familiar."

He grinned, "Perhaps we have, but I can't recall."

"What's your name?"

"I will tell you should it become necessary."

"Secretive, I see. I don't know if that's a good trait in a man."

"You're not innocent, not like you want to believe you are."

Rae looked at him, "Oh, and you are?"

"I'm far from it," he replied as he stopped walking.

Rae stopped walking as well, beholding the man in front of her. There was something about him that awed her, that drew her to him. She had felt like this around Jetfire, but unlike Jetfire, this man terrified her right down to the core.

"So you're dangerous…"

He stepped closer to her, cupping her face in his hand. "I can free you from Jeffrey, from everyone else."


He grinned, drawing her closer. He encircled an arm around her waist. "Yes," he said, marveling at how soft her skin was.

"I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery."

Megatron grinned wickedly. "Then you're perfect," he said before leaning forward and capturing her lips with his.

Rae sighed into his kiss. It was forceful but passionate, hungry but sweet. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him closer. Like poison, he flooded her veins. She forgot about Jeffrey. She forgot about Jetfire.

"You bitch!"

Both her and Megatron broke the kiss. A glare was fixed in Megatron's eyes as the last person Rae expected to see approached. Horrified, she stepped back, sidestepping behind Megatron.

"Micah…" she managed to breathe.

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