Title: Thayer's Promise

Disclaimer: I do not own the Lying Game TV show, neither the books. I am writing this for fun and not profit.

Pairing: Emma/Thayer, Sutton/Ethan, past Emma/Ethan

Rating: K

Wordcount: 1076

Summary: After Ethan betrayed her with her own sister, what was left for Emma to stay?

Author's Notes: This was written on a whim. It's set somewhere after S01E18. Very simple is not my first languange and I do not have Beta, so please excuse any mistakes. Not exactly my first fanfiction, but first I dare to even publish. Here you go, darlings! I hope you'll like this.

Thayer's Promise

The door slammed with such a force that it almost broke the glass. Emma was shaking while she leaned against them. There was something satisfying in the sound, Emma thought. There was nothing she could destroy without risking Sutton's wrath, but girl could dream. And that was the essence of everything, really. It wasn't her life, it was Sutton's, it wasn't her boyfriend, it was hers as well. At least at first. But even so. How could they? They didn't have the common courtesy to wait and tell her to back off before jumping straight to the bed and then mock her aftewards? Without mistake, Sutton's voice was full of mockery and disdain.

Then she laughed.


Stupid question, really.

She already knew that courtesy was not in Sutton's dictionary. Although, she though better of Ethan, she was obviously wrong in her assumption.

Sitting down to the table, she noticed a photo of them. Taking it out the glass frame and slightly crumpling, she finally allowed herself something she was able to hold off until now - to broke down and cry. It took her a few minutes to calm down and compose herself again. And with a little bit clearer head, she could finally think. Why the hell should she cry anyway? She could do so much better than Ethan, especially if he wasn't able to stay even a few days with Sutton without immediately sleeping with her. It was most likely pointless to hope and wait that it might ever be different and kind of pathetic too. Putting the photo into the drawer, she wiped the remains of her tears. She was done with self-pity. And she was also done with them. There was nothing here to persuade her from leaving Phoenix immediately in the morning. As much as she loved Sutton's family and her friends here, they were never really hers to keep. Emma felt a bitter laugh trying to force way out. How could they possibly miss her? They even didn't know who she was. And those who knew, well...


Oh, God.

She forgot that Thayer promised to come, offering his support after that fiasco with Ethan at the court. Not to show him any of her emotional distress, she took a deep breath to calm herself down before turning around. Hopefully he would leave soon and she can dissapear without anyone noticing.

„Thayer..." she paused, standing from the chair „You didn't have to come, really. I am feeling fine."

„Emma" his eyes narrowed a bit, taking in her dimmed eyes and strangely blank face „Something is wrong, I can tell. Do you really think you can fool me? I know you and you are not that good at lying." With those words he moved closer and touched her elbow, just to feel it slightly trembling.

There was a hollowed laugh coming from Emma, as she took her eyes from him and looked at the window with unseeing eyes. „You are speaking about knowing Sutton. And I am not her. She looked back at him with a small sarcastic smile. „I can never be."

Thayer was really concerned now. She sounded sad but accepting. As if convinced that everything she was to them, was just a replacement for Sutton, before she gets back. But that wasn't the truth. At least not for him and if he could judge, neither for Mads. How could he make her see that?

„Emma, I'm not speaking about Sutton, I am speaking about you. I know you. Caring, selfless Emma, who is loyal to her friends and gentle towards her family. There can't be really anyone who is more opposite to Sutton. And I am more loyal to you than to her, you have to trust me."

His words seemed to brough her out of her stupor a bit. She was still shaking a little but something of the old Emma was lurking behind the shadows in her eyes.

„You mean it?" she asked softly with slight hesitation „Will you stand with me against her, if I would decide to stay and things turn ugly?"

He hugged her then. Emma was a bit surprised, but than again, it was nice to lean on someone when your world is a bit shaky. For Thayer, he had to hold her to convince himself, she was not leaving. At least not immediately and if he had any say then never. Now that he had time, he would give her something to stay for.

„Me, Mads...and I think that once everything will be out, Laurel as well. You were better sister to her than Sutton could ever be. Even the Mercers will eventually understand and accept you. Have faith."

A finger under the chin made her look into his face. Thayer did it because he wanted to make sure, she was going to see the truth in his eyes as it was important for him make her believe his next words.

„Emma" he started quietly „I hope you understand that I will always be here for you."

She knew that of course, somewhere deep inside she knew they all cared about her and were not going to abandon her for Sutton and she wanted to tell him, but his next words made her unable to do so.

„I promise, Emma. Whatever happens, I will be here."

And at that moment, looking into his serious eyes as he said it, feeling his slightly faster heart beat, she finally understood what he meant. Not just now, but before, when Ethan was hiding with Sutton at that ranch and he had offered very similar words of promise. She didn't understand then but she did now. And suddenly, Emma felt much better. It will také her some time to get over Ethan, but Thayer was here and he would wait until she's ready, she was sure of it.

So Emma did the only thing she knew she had to do to let him know she accepted the ramifications of what he was offering, to give him know she was open to that future. She laid her head on his chest and held him tightly.

„I am here for you too, Thayer."

And as she felt him sigh in relief that he was not going to be rejected, she knew that staying was the right thing to do. Because she didn't have to run anymore. Thayer was her hope.

Everything was going to be alright.