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I straitened my bow tie and inspected my reflection.


Now, to get my wife.

I headed for the console and hummed a little tune River had taught me.

I love her voice. So sweet and melodic.

As I approached the console, I noticed something was wrong.

Levers and switches were throwing themselves and the TARDIS began to move on it's own.

Panicked, I ran to the console and tried to stop it.

"No, no, NO!" I shouted in frustration.

Great. Now I would be late to get River.

"Some birthday, eh?" I said aloud sarcastically, angry that my surprise for her had probably been ruined.

The TARDIS became still and, in my anger, I stormed out the doors without checking the scanner to see who had brought me here.

I stopped in my tracks as I took in my surroundings.

The room was pure white. There were stairs up to a doorway and a little chair in the corner.

My hearts began to race a little as I recognized this place.

Demon's run.

My thoughts were interrupted when the chair turned around.

A woman sat in it.

She wasn't pretty, but she wasn't ugly. She wore bright lipstick and a black eye patch.

"Hello, Doctor."

"Kovarian." I spat.

"I just brought you here for a little talk, that's all. No need to be rude."

She stood and walked toward me.

"What do you want?"

"I just want to show you something, that's all."

I couldn't decide what my emotions were. Angry. Sad. Cautious.

When I didn't answer, she laughed and walked over to a screen I hadn't noticed before.

I followed to see what it was, curiosity getting the better of me.

"I think you'll recognize this person, Doctor. You failed to save her, and then she failed to save you." Kovarian said ominously.

I swallowed.

It was River.

She was in her cell, waiting for me. She had something in her hands that she was fiddling with nervously but I couldn't see what it was.

"What do you want?" I repeated, slightly annoyed that she had been watching River.

"I wanted to let you in on a little secret. As part of Melody's conditioning, we installed a self-destruct for emergencies or," she paused, "for leverage. You see, Doctor, if I but give a command, her entire body will become nothing but an empty shell of conscious pain. She will be dead, but in eternal agony. Brilliant fail-safe, isn't it?"

I clenched my fists in rage.

"Don't you dare." I hissed through my teeth.

"My, my, Doctor! I think you're mistaken. See, I hold the cards here. Now, I'll leave her alone. But ONLY if you never see her again."

I froze.

No way was this happening.

"Go to her, yes. This is the last time, though. Tell her you never want to see her again and make her believe you, then leave and never go back. Break her heart or I'll break her body. Your pick. And don't forget," she said, pointing to the screen, "I'll be watching."

She grinned wickedly and disappeared.

I stood there for a moment, in shock.

I couldn't believe the choice she had given me.

What was the point of me never seeing her again?

I realized it didn't matter. If that's what it took to keep her safe, I'd do it.

I walked back to the TARDIS slowly.

"It's her birthday." I said quietly to no one as I flipped the levers and flew to Stormcage.

When I landed, I did my best to focus on looking angry so River would believe what I said.

I took a deep breath and walked out the TARDIS doors, immediately beginning my rant so she wouldn't say something and make me slip.

"River, we're done." I said, ferociously. "I don't ever want to see you again."

Her face showed her shock. No doubt, she though I was joking. I saw her slide whatever was in her hand under the pillow as she looked at the anger in my face.

I didn't let her speak. I just continued throwing jabs at her and telling her off.

"And did I mention? You are the WORST mistake I ever made. EVER." I yelled. "You embarrass me! Don't count on ever seeing me again, River. I don't love you anymore."

I decided the tears running down her cheeks were proof she believed my act.

I couldn't bare the hurt look in her eyes. I loved her so much! It was killing me to watch as I hurt her.

I turned and stormed back into the TARDIS, slamming the door behind me and immediately sending her into flight as I burst into bitter tears.

I would find a way to fix this.

I only hoped she would believe I still loved her once I had figured it all out.

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