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Alright everyone. Last two chapters are up! Now, there will be one more BUT, as I mentioned before, it could possibly crush your soul. So, if you wish to end this fic peacefully and have proper closure, chapter 22 will be the end. You have been warned!


I smiled as I heard mum confront Kovarian. She was fearless.

My hands flew to my stomach as a soft kick landed just below my ribs. Not much longer now, my love. I thought, content with the thought of having a family of my own. My Doctor, our baby, and me.

I heard my father yell, "NO!" and footsteps running.

There were several moments of commotion but suddenly I couldn't breath, let alone make sense of it. Kovarian had a vice-like grip on me. It was all I could do to keep from falling to the floor in a lump. Slowly, I let myself slide down the crate behind me, fighting for air. There was also pain. So much pain. It was unspeakable. I didn't feel like I would be able to breath even if she wasn't closing off my windpipe.

My head rolled on the floor, fighting to stay conscious. The commotion seemed to be louder...no...further away? I couldn't tell. Nothing made sense.

Suddenly, a hand grasped mine and I felt myself being lifted into someone's arms.

"Come on, River. Stay with me." I heard someone say. I knew the voice, but couldn't quite place it.

Whoever had picked me up was running down a never ending corridor as fast as they could. We just kept going.

My head grew light and I could feel my consciousness slipping. I shut my eyes. There was just no air...

Suddenly we flew through a doorway and I heard someone snap their fingers.

My eyes snapped open just as we entered the TARDIS.

All at once, air filled my lungs and I gasped and choked, coughing and wheezing, desperate for air.

I stumbled out of the arms of my rescuer and immediately collapsed to the floor, dizzy and weak from lack of oxygen.

My fingers ripped at the necklace I was wearing, convinced it was part of the cause of air restriction. That was my first mistake.

In all the panic and everything, I had forgotten that it was acting as my perception filter.

The instant I dropped it to the floor I began to breath normally. My lungs drank in the air and my conscious mind began to return. The pain in my body was dull and almost gone completely. Then, I realized someone, whoever had brought me here, was watching me.

Slowly I turned my head and let my eyes take in the tweed suit, bow tie, and suspenders. The look on his face confused me. He was relieved, yet worried. And was that...shock? It hit me as I felt a soft kick inside my belly.

I looked down and saw the perception filter mocking me on the floor as my hearts quickened.

"Sweetie, I -" I started, but I couldn't go on. No words would come out of my mouth, no matter how hard I fought.

The ghost of a smile appeared on his face and he sat on the floor next to me. For a moment, we just looked at each other, hardly believing the other was there. Then all at once we found ourselves in each others' arms, crying and laughing and kissing.

"River, I am so, so sorry." he said, pressing a kiss to my forehead.

"I am too, my love. I should have come sooner. I shouldn't have doubted you."

We sat in silence for another moment before another kick interrupted my thoughts. It was a painful one this time and I made a soft noise, placing a hand gently over the place where it hurt.

The Doctor's eyes grew worried and I knew he was about to make a big deal out of something small so I smiled and grabbed his hand, placing it over a third kick so he could feel.

"I-That night you left, I was going to tell you...but I never got a chance. You're going to be a dad, sweetie. Not too much longer, now."

I spoke softly, still a little strained from the encounter.

"You are so beautiful, River. I am so sorry for every time you had to endure that. I-" he began to sob and I shifted so his head was resting on my chest. I hushed him softly.

"It's alright, my love. I'm here now."

Mum and dad entered the TARDIS, slamming the doors behind them and shouting for us to get us out of here.

The Doctor stood and helped me to my feet. We danced around the console, sending the TARDIS into the time vortex. My hand was reaching for the blue stabilizers when I noticed he had already put them on. I smiled at him and he smiled back, winking.

We landed outside mum and dad's house and made our way in, not saying much, knowing it would have to be discussed in detail all too soon. Mum and I put on some tea and joined dad and the Doctor in the living room.

"What happened after I left?" the Doctor asked dad, reaching for a jammy doger.

"Well we fought more soldiers, but Rory scared them off after not too long." mum answered.

"After they left, we cornered Kovarian and made her tell us how she'd made the connection between herself and River." dad said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out an eyedrive. "It was this. The Silence had something put into her when she was a baby and Kovarian's eyedrive gave her leverage. We took it."

It spun on the coffee table as dad tossed it down.

"I still don't understand why she did it." mum thought aloud.

"I guess that's just the trouble with us." the Doctor said.

"What's that?" I asked, snuggling into him as he ran a hand along my midriff.

"We always seem to be able to fix things that don't make proper sense, but for some reason we almost never find out why. The universe is funny that way. We always find ourselves wishing for closure or some sort of explanation and all we get is a mystery. Things would be a whole lot easier if we just knew what sort of reasoning we were up against. And yet, here we are, happy and together, and the universe is smiling."