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Chapter 1

Carol POV

The shot rang out as Daryl pinned me to the ground to keep me from running to my undead daughter. The only noise was my sobbing; filling the open countryside that a few minutes ago was filled with gunshots, probably drawing walker's attention. Daryl was whispering words into my ears to calm me down, not understanding the pain I was feeling in that moment. The pain when a mother loses her child.

I don't remember much after that. Daryl trying to drag me away from the group of putrefied bodies that were strewn out in front of the barn, to me storming away crying. Then I was in the RV with Daryl in front of me. His eyes were filled with an emotion I hadn't seen since Rick and the group left Merle back in Atlanta. It was pain and sorrow. This man that had almost died trying to find my baby girl, was now feeling pain that she was gone. This man that did more then her father had ever done for her. The man that I had un-knowingly fallen in love with after he handed me the pickaxe to destroy my husbands brain with.

Daryl and Andrea were trying to convince me to come outside for Sophia- that walkers- funeral. But I couldn't go. Sophia was gone and that body covered in blood was not her anymore. My little girl was gone and wasn't coming back. And that's what I told them. I could see Andreas eyes fill with pity, pity I did not want. Daryl's eyes turned into anger, the deep blue turning into stormy waters. He was angered that I wouldn't go to her burial service, but I just couldn't.

I slept and slept, staying away from the other members of the group. I didn't want to feel pity from anyone, and I didn't want to face Daryl. I didn't want to have to see his anger, or have him ignore me. It was too much.

So I zoned out of the ruined world, just for a minute. I'd talk to him, but it'll have to wait. I couldn't let him leave. I needed him too much.