I'm so far out of my comfort zoneD: I usually write -Man stuff, cause you know, my life revolves around it, but I love Pandora Hearts, so my brain has been begging to write this. I hope you guys loooove it:D

Disclaimer: I don't own Pandora Hearts, and its beautiful art! (ღˇ◡ˇ)

The late autumn's sun was just about to set, stars were twinkling in the sky, trying to shine past the barely visible clouds, and leaves were dancing in the soft wind. A young boy was lying down under a tree staring at the dreamscape. He grinned, but just a little. "That cloud looks like a cat. I wonder what Gil would do if he saw it…" The blonde headed child, Oz, turned to his side, despair and guilt engulfing his thoughts. "Shit, I knew fath-that he hated me. I should have kept my mouth closed. Now Gil is locked up….and I'm all alone. Who is there to care about me now?" Oz sat up and rested his head on his knees. "What a truly terrible person I am, getting my only friend in so much trouble."

"Yes. You are."

Oz knew that voice. "Father…is that you?"

"Who else would it be you stupid piece of garbage. But that doesn't matter at the moment. What matters is you let your servant disrespect me. Did you think that was funny?"

"But father…I didn't tell him to do anything. Actu-" A sharp pain in his side knocked the air out of Oz, the pain was from Zai's foot. His father kicked him. And he kept kicking Oz till he heard bones cracking.

"Don't you dare talk to me like that, now, that boy is your servant, so anything he does is your fault. So really, you are the one who needs the punishment. Now stand up.

Oz couldn't though. His ribs were fractured so badly even the slightest movement was agony for the poor child. But Oz did it anyway, hoping his father would leave him alone. Oz's hopes were soon dashed.

"You disgust me. Maybe I'll beat you to death, now wouldn't that be the greatest thing!"

Zai began hitting Oz with his cane. Just to add effect, Zai gained strength from his chain, Gryphon. Bruises and blood were everywhere. It came to a point where you couldn't tell if you were seeing the front or back of Oz's face, it was so gored up. Strangely though, Oz never made a sound. I deserve this for what I did to Gil…Oz thought to himself. The blood loss mixed with the pain became too much for Oz to handle though, and the poor boy passed out. Zai continued beating the his son. At some point Oz went into shock from the amount of brain trauma his father was causing him.

Zai grinned.

"It's strange how the almighty B-Rabbit can die just from a few hits with a cane. Pathetic." Zai spat on the newly made corpse. "Goodbye, son."