Prision 'Buddies'

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Why was I here? I was framed, that's what it was. Shirosaki was the one who stole the TV and he planted it in my house, the bastard. Now I had jail time for no reason whatsoever.

How would I graduate high school? Plus, I was considered an adult, so I was stuck with all of the dangerous convicts that actually did stuff. Apparently, I would even have a 'buddy' that I could 'spend time with and relate to'.

I have to admit, I was scared. What if my partner had killed someone and didn't like my hair? How ironic that would be, considering the fact that the cops didn't believe my story because of the damn color.

The cell door clanged open, jolting me out of my thoughts and making me jump. A man was shoved in along with a guard that was having trouble keeping the convict's fist out of his face.

"You asshole!" The prisoner shouted defiantly. "I was so close to escaping, you fucker!" The guard rolled his eyes. "Yes, yes I know Grimmjow. You were also that close to killing that victim."

He shoved the prisoner into the wall and slammed the door, not even bothering to acknowledge me. The prisoner straightened up and brushed himself off, muttering profanity under his breath. "Stupid damn guard…."

I was trying to melt into the corner while he tested the bars on the door, seeing if they would budge. Finally, he saw me and gave a demented grin. "Well, who are you, carrot top?"

I rolled my eyes inwardly. Honestly, the guy had no right saying that to me when his hair was blue. Bright blue! But the anger gave me the courage to speak. "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki, and you are?"

He cocked his head, as if he was surprised by my calm response. I guess it didn't show that my inner world was crumbling from fear because he said, "Grimmjow Jaggerjack. How interesting, you're not afraid."

I gave him a look. "Why would I be afraid?" He just grinned. "Must be a newbie. What are you in here for?" Geez. That stung. Well, I wasn't gonna let him have the last word.

"It wasn't me. My friend stole a TV and planted it in my house. The police didn't believe that story because of my hair, of course. Why are you in?"

If it was possible, his grin got even wider. "Rape. My victim's still in the hospital and I've been here for 2 years. I was sentenced for 10 more, so let's be friends, alright?"

I shuddered. Poor girl, she must have been scarred, raped by a monster like him. He interrupted my thoughts, "You look nice in orange, strawberry." My vision went white, my body subconsciously acting in reaction to the name.

Suddenly, Grimmjow was rubbing his jaw and frowning. "Damn. You pack a good punch, berry. I don't think I wanna be enemies." Holding out his hand, he said, "Friends?"

Fuck. I punched him. But god must be smiling down on me today, he wasn't gonna beat the shit out of me. I took his hand saying, "Sorry man. I was just-"

I was slammed against the wall stomach first, with him howling in my ear. "Friends? You just punched me in the face! Yer gonna pay!" I shook violently. "I-I'm sorry man! I really didn't mean-"

He tore off my top and threw it aside. Yelping, I tried to escape but he held me fast. He was beyond shouting and his voice now had a low and dangerous edge to it. "Did I tell you that I didn't rape a woman? It was a male."

I froze. A male? He put a guy in the hospital for 2 years and since I was lucky, I got to see how. He kept talking, seeming to enjoy my reactions. "They don't check on us, by the way. So no help's gonna come, if that's what yer hoping for."

Damn. I was really unlucky. I was getting raped on my first day. Damn. I kicked him in the knee desperately but he pulled my leg out from under me, slamming me to the floor and sitting on the middle of my back.

"It's so much easier this way, thanks partner." I could feel his grin and shivered as he raked his nails down my back. There was the zip sound of his top being pulled off and then the tearing of fabric.

Not my pants, thank the gods, but his shirt was now missing a 18 inch section that was now being tied around my wrists. I pulled my arms away form the cloth and was rewarded with a nail digging into my spine.

I cried out in pain and he took my wrists, binding them behind my back tightly. He got off of me and pulled me to my knees, my head resting on the ground with my ass in the air.

No, this wasn't happening, this couldn't be happening. I was a virgin, saving it for a girl when I was married, not for this crazy rapist who was tugging off my pants.

"Stupid kid," Grimmjow growled, unzipping his own pants and pushing them down along with his boxers. "Did you actually think you could escape this prison without a fuck? What kind of fantasy are you living in?"

He was dead on and I couldn't have been more speechless. I was hoping to just live through it and not really talk to my cell mate, rather than getting raped by them. My world froze when something blunt nudged up against my entrance.

No. It wasn't happening. No. I resorted to the last thing I could think of. Begging. "P-please," I choked out, tears forming in my eyes. "L-let me go, Grimmjow; I'm begging you." He stroked my back. "Yer still a virgin, aren't ya, Ichigo?"

My face scraped across the floor in a halfhearted effort of nodding. I guess he was in deep thought because he didn't shove in. "Hmmmmm…maybe I'll let you off just this once." He was letting me go? My hopes soared until his fingers were shoved into my mouth. "Suck."

How disgusting. He probably masturbated with that same hand, but I was grateful for the little act of kindness. I coated the digits thoroughly, not missing an inch. When he thought they were ready, he pulled them out with a pop and shoved one roughly into my ass.

I squeaked and tried to move away form the intruder. We had shifted so I was sitting in his lap, my legs around him and my head resting on his collarbone; so I winced and leaned towards his neck.

He growled a warning. "I'm givin ya mercy, so live with it or take me dry." A second and a third were quickly added to the first, and I felt tears rolling down my face as he scissored them around.

It hurt terribly until he curled them and brushed against that little bundle of nerves that I knew was my prostate. I moaned against my will and saw stars, Grimmjow disappearing for a second. He grinned. "That's enough."

Removing his fingers, we returned to the first position and he was once again at my entrance. "Relax. Tense up and it will hurt a lot more." I tried to follow his words, considering that he was being generous but still screamed in pain when he entered me.

It felt like I was being torn in two even with his fingers stretching me. I sobbed uncontrollably while he shoved all the way in with a couple thrusts. He moaned in bliss. "Did anyone tell you that you're like heaven, Ichi?"

I could barely focus, trying not to pass out. Without warning, he pulled almost all the way out and shoved back in, purposely missing my prostate. I was limp with shock and tears oozed out of my eyes as he thrusted in and out until he came with a groan.

I didn't need to look to see my torn rectum. The semen was soaking into the wounds, stinging them and dripping out of my ass slowly. I fell to the side totally spent. Grimmjow knelt down next to my head and kissed my ear, stroking my hair and pulling my head into his lap.

"What a shame, you fall apart from a little misuse. Ah well, at least you won't fight back now." He was right again. It was all I could do to stay awake. My stupid brain decided to make a reply, though. "I'm glad I'm only staying the night, hopefully they won't have rapists in the prison I'm being transferred to."

He grinned wickedly. "Well then, I'll have to get in all the fucking I want with you then tonight, won't I?" I went rigid. Stupid, stupid , stupid me! Why did I say that? Why? He was already going back around for round two. This was going to be the worst night of my life.

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