Part 2 of my Valentines Day specials. This is a teaser for a new fanfic I'm going to be writing. I have a lot of faith in it and it will not be abandoned. Inner Circle and New Life are both on indefinite hiatus, but I still want to finish them after doing full story rewrites.

The title will be A Death to a Beginning. Chapter one is Revelation upon an end.

That aside, I hope you enjoy this and look forward to more.

Revelation Upon an End

"You were the one who got the A's in class Kurosaki. How much time do we have?"

"Why I'm flattered Jaegerjaques. I didn't know we were on a last name basis relationship. I thought I was 'Orange haired bastard' and you were 'Blue haired asshole.' I also remember you being the one to get their full 12 hours of sleep with the aid of said classes."

"Ah, screw you Kurosaki. Just tell me, how much time?"

"Eh, 15 minutes, judging by the distance. Give or take a few."

The blue haired demon sticks a finger in his ear and flicks away his find after close inspection, ignoring Ichigo's look of disgust. He uses the same hand to motion towards the scene in front of him.

"Look at our gangs. The sorry bastards are finally getting along. Ain't it ridiculous?"

Grimmjow was right. Rather than going for each other's throats and/or privates, the rivals were all in various states of togetherness. Moans and groans echoed from inside the buildings, End-Of-The-World orgies frantically trying to get as much pleasure as possible before the nuke hit. Age old enemies prepared to watch the world burn.

A pair of significant Orange and Blue haired enemies did, at least.

"So, how humiliated are you feeling?"

"What reason would I have to be humiliated other than tha fact I'm hangin out with you, berry head?"

"A whole entourage of fights, death threats, and knives to the stomach, and you lose to an explosive."

"It actually feels pretty fitting. Nothing alive can kill this sexy beast, so why not a bomb? A pretty cool death story to tell in hell."

"Yeah, if they don't rip out your vocal chords for being so obnoxious while your heart was still beating."

"It's so nice to know I'm ending my life during a snarky conversation with you. How much time now?"

"God you're impatient. It's not going to hurry just because you keep asking! 6 minutes."

"Just enough then."

Before he can react, Grimmjow pulls out a beaten up iPod, scrolling rapidly through an unused playlist and selecting a song. He grabs Ichigo as the music begins to play.

~Forever young by Alphaville~

"God dammit Jaegerjaques! What the hell is this?!"

Grimmjow just pulls the embarrassed teen closer to his chest. Their convenient height difference makes for a picture perfect dance couple, even if one of them is a little less than willing to be a part of it.

"We've been enemies for our entire lives Kurosaki. We came out of our Mothers' wombs clawing at each others throats."

"We've established that we hate each other. Now get to the point."

Ichigo had to admit that slow dancing with Grimmjow wasn't all that bad. But he couldn't like Grimmjow! Grimmjow was on this planet to be the itch he can't scratch, the bane of his existence. Grimmjow didn't even KNOW what being close to something meant!

So, why did he feel so close to him right now?

The high-pitched squeal of the plane opening its hatch cuts through the last 30 seconds of the song. The bomb is slowly revealed.

Both gang leaders clutch each other tightly, not caring about who saw or what the other one thought. The dance felt even slower as the clamps hissed their way free of the projectile.

"A penny for Yer thoughts Ichigo."

"What is it Grimmjow?"

"Do you think, in another world, that, I dunno,"

Ichigo sucked in his breath as the explosive angled itself towards the ground. His adrenaline coursed in the form of liquid fire through his veins at a pace that would have put Lamborghinis to shame.

"We could have been something other than enemies?"

Finally. He says it. Ichigo slides his arms around Grimmjow's shoulders to pull him forwards.

"You know what I think Grimmjow?"

"Hm? That you should hurry up and say your words?"

"I think we could have been anything."

He leans in for a kiss as the bomb is released. How ironic it is, finally confessing his love knowing full well they wouldn't ever get a chance to act upon it; Grimmjow laments.

Is this what the only book he ever bothered to pick up (a trashy romance novel he stole from an old lady) described as a death to a beginning?

The missile connects with the Earth.

I feel like it's lacking(minus the fact it's so short). But I like it nevertheless. Reviews are appreciated! ^_^