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This request is for Alrye! As I mentioned earlier, my weak point is Demon/hybrid fics and this plot summary piqued my interest.

Summary: Grimmjow is a hybrid captured by the government and Ichigo is assigned to teach him how to communicate as well as study him since he's good with animals.

Warnings: You all know them by now. M for a reason.

The Meaning behind the definition

Ichigo Kurosaki appreciated many things; warm showers on cold days, his giant-ass black tomcat Zangetsu, and his twin younger sisters are a few examples on a long list. One of the things not listed, however, were phone calls at four in the morning after he went to bed at two. Unfortunately, due to his lack of decent plumbing, his cat's natural tendencies to spend most of his time doing god knows what, and the hermit-like location of his asscrack apartment, he got what wasn't on his nice list much more often than what was.

His phone's ringtone wasn't even calming or soothing or anything that alleviated his grumpiness.

"Yes. Kurosaki here. If there isn't a life at stake, then I'm going to sleep."

"God, finally, someone picks up! Ichigo! We need you here stat!"

The loud banging noises that sound like filing cabinets being thrown against the wall and the enraged howls of an unknown beast are more than enough to wake Ichigo up.

"Got it. I'll be there in 15 minutes."

Ichigo had no idea what he was getting in to as he tugged on his pants and buttoned his shirt with the aid of curses in three different languages.

Saying it was total hell in Government Research lab no.6 would be a harsh understatement. Ichigo was for the first time on this goddamned unearthly wake up mission unable to be annoyed. He felt shock, dread at what his task would be, and a little bit of respect for whatever monster was able to get this organized workhouse looking like it had been buttfucked by Satan himself.

Scientists ran around in crazed beelines, putting out desk fires or shredding files. The interns all seemed to be in a state of shock, most of them curled up in the corner with haunted looks in their eyes. What Ichigo had heard over the phone was most likely the filing cabinets, because the once neatly lined storage devices were ripped open by something with serious claws. Their paper guts landed everywhere, coating every flat surface or simply flying around though the air. It was as if the rapture taking place right before his eyes.

"Ah! Ichigo! You made it!"

Long time colleague and companion Rukia Kuchiki hurdled a few trainees in the process of crossing the turmoil. Her hair was mussed up even more than usual, paper shreddings hanging off her labcoat and her mane of black. However, her eyes were bright, focused, and maybe the tiniest bit crazy. Ichigo decided to ignore the crazy.

"Three hours. I leave for three hours after triple overtime so I can get some goddamn shuteye. Does the Lab really just fall apart if I'm not here working my ass off?"

"This is different. We caught…..something."

"Something? Something good or something bad?"

"I don't know actually. We weren't able to question its motives as it created this pandemonium."

"So…bad. Okay, so where do I come in?"

"You, Mr. Kurosaki, have the honor of getting to ask the monstrosity itself what it sides on!"

"I talk to the beastie then? That it?"

"You're the best one here with animals Ichigo, we all know that. Plus,"

Rukia led him back over the obstacle course to the testing room, the door to which was locked and had what was probably the only unburning desk shoved up against it. With a well-placed kick, the desk was sent flying into the wall, scattering a few traumatized apprentices. She used her swipe card to unlock the door and gestured to the hunched over form in the corner.

"We figured, since you have such a close bond with Zangetsu, you had a little experience with felines."

Before Ichigo can stop her, she shoves him into the room, tugging the key card off his lanyard and slamming the door shut behind him.

"Sorry Ichigo! But he's demonstrated the ability to remember faces, and you're the only one here who he hasn't formed an opinion about! Look, he's not trying to kill you! I think he likes you!"

Ichigo was about to scream at Rukia to let him the hell out of there before he got a good look at the animal. He relaxed and rolled his eyes.

"Bloody hell Rukia," He muttered. "No wonder he's not attacking me."

A long cobalt tail sat limply on the ground in a loose curl around its owner as a matching pair of jungle cat ears pointed in Ichigo's direction. Dull, drug hazed eyes watched him wearily, looking like they wanted nothing more than to close and let their owner rest. Cerulean hair stuck out in every direction like it had a mind of its own and covered the back of a tanned neck. The whole image would have been much more appealing if his mouth wasn't dripping blood and wasn't forced open with a gag made from half a stapler and the fire extinguisher's hose.

The humanoid beast was in a semi-defensive position, if such was possible with both arms knotted behind your back. His left shoulder was popped out of his socket in a messy fashion. And he was covered in blood, ashes, and bruises. Not counting the massive scar peeking out from his stained V-neck, that is. Ichigo simply couldn't feel afraid of such a pitiful looking creature.

Walking up to him slowly, Ichigo crouched down so they were eye to eye.

"Hey there. You seem to be in a spot of trouble."

In a failed attempt at seeming intimidating, the feline jerked his head forwards and ended up slumping against the wall from the waste of energy he couldn't spare.

"Oh, relax. I'm not a quack like them. Hold still."

Ichigo decided to call the hybrid Blue, for lack of time to think of a more original name. Blue closed his eyes wearily and let his head tilt back against the wall, exposing his neck. The universal sign of the animal kingdom for consent. He must not give up that much, because he kept jerking to get away instinctively when Ichigo rolled him onto his stomach.

Being careful with his dislocated joint, Ichigo untied the crude bindings made out of someone's t-shirt. Probably an unlucky intern's. Tossing the ruined article of clothing aside, he moved so his knees were on Blue's back. He tensed up and tried to shove him off with his uninjured arm, which Ichigo caught easily. Positioning his hands at the left shoulder, he paused before he began popping it in. Blue turned his head to make eye contact with Ichigo. The icy orbs shined with what looked like shock and a little fear at what Ichigo could potentially do to him.

"What? Don't trust me? I wouldn't trust me either. But you've got no one else here willing to set this into place. Here, I'll even count for you. One-"

He twisted Blue's arm in one expert motion and popped the shoulder cleanly back into place. Howls muffled by the gag accompanied the feline's frenzied struggles to get away from Ichigo. Before Ichigo relinquished his position on Blue, he tore off the most likely painful gag and tossed it to the side.

Blue had him pinned against the floor in an instant.

Fighting the urge to struggle for freedom, Ichigo relaxed his shoulders and looked Blue right in the eye. The feline's right arm was curled tightly around his neck, his knees straddling the orangette. Blood dripped steadily from split gums, like a red rain that was methodically polka-dotting his face. Most likely, Blue was trying to reestablish his dominance through intimidation. That wouldn't work easily on Ichigo, but he was hard pressed to not flinch when a maw of razor sharp canines was thrust towards his neck. Fevered breath blew in puffs at his collarbone as Blue smelled his victim.

"…..Cats. You smell like cats."

Blue could speak. This would save him tons of time and energy.

"That's probably from my guy at home. In face, he kind of looks like you."

Blue's grip tightened on Ichigo's neck as he narrowed his eyes.

"Do ya think that's supposed ta be a joke?"

"Do you think my badass cat is a joke?"

Both of them glared at each other and declared in perfect harmony, "I'll kill you if you do."

Rukia rolled her eyes and smirked while she watched them through the door's window, completely ignoring everyone else trying to clean up the chaos.

"I knew this would be an interesting experiment. Hey, intern!"

A rather miserable shirtless intern trudged over. "Yes Ma'am?"

"I've told you a million times. It's Rukia. I don't need formalities. I need a supply basket prepared. Kurosaki's going to be sleeping in there today."

"Yes Ms. Kuchiki."

As he shuffled away, Rukia rolled her eyes and facepalmed. The interns were so uptight, it made her go crazy sometimes. But, back in the testing room, a few mildly interesting events were about to be performed.

"Let me go."


"Look. I'm tired, I'm overworked, I'm 20 and live in a ratty ass apartment, I can't feel my right foot, just let go. I'm juggling too many first world problems to deal with whatever you are."

Blue leaned his face close to Ichigo and snarled.

"I won't take shit from ya, Orange. I want out of here. I'm getting out within the next 15 minutes or you start losing fingers."

Fed up with being the victim, Ichigo threw his hands into the air in exasperation.

"You think if I had my key card I wouldn't get out of here?! I want to go home and you smell like an ass. Get your face away from mine."

Blue's eyes flared with anger and he got up, shoving Ichigo back and staggering slightly at the sudden rush of movement, the drugs still slowing him down.

"What was that Asshole?! Want ta fight?!"

Pondering the challenge for about 5 seconds, Ichigo nodded and grinned like a maniac, cracking his knuckles. He was growing pissed and this dumbass was the perfect punching bag. Making a rather rude gesture at Blue, he called out, "Sure! Unless you don't think you can take the heat."

Blue's grin matched his. The feline got onto a defensive stance, his once unanimated tail lashing out with aggression.

"Yer gonna regret tha day ya challenged Grimmjow Jaegerjaques to a fight, Orange!"

He swiped high and Ichigo ducked low, launching a furious swipe to his knee. Blue-no, Grimmjow-used the force to his advantage, letting it sweep him off his feet so he landed point blank on Ichigo's chest. The sudden weight falling on Ichigo's torso forced all the air out of his lungs. He gasped and cursed when his face was shoved to the side.

"Fuck! Get off of me you stupid cat! And remove your smelly ass from my torso! This is a new shirt!"

Grimmjow grinned maniacally, twisting his wrist and forcing Ichigo's neck into an awkward angle.

"Sorry Orange, but no one loses to me and leaves alive. Though ya were pretty damn cute while it lasted."

He raised a clawed hand and pivoted his body, aiming for the pulsing jugular that ensured a messy, beautiful kill. Ichigo closed his eyes tightly. The last thing I see isn't going to be that jerk.

What he hadn't calculated was Rukia's devilish part in this crazy, spur-of-the-moment plan. The snap of a dart gun averted Grimmjow's swipe by exactly half a centimeter, a perfectly executed shot.

"Shit! What the hell was that?!"

Grabbing at the now emptied dart sticking out of his shoulder, Grimmjow glared furiously at the small team of interns, led by Rukia herself. He opened his mouth to say something else, but his eyes rolled back into his head and he passed out.

Ichigo was trapped under Grimmjow's body, unable to move but he could still speak.

"Dammit Rukia! You could have at least gotten him to move first! He weighs a fucking ton!"

The young scientist smiled coyly.

"Why should I have moved him? You're not leaving here for a while."

"What are you talking about?"

"New orders from the head honcho. You have to stay in here and study that weirdo. See what makes him tick. Find exactly how much 'a fucking ton' weighs. You have two weeks. We're setting up temporary beds and a fully functioning bathroom. Get good results and expect a promotion."

Ichigo acquainted his face with his palm with the one arm he could still move. I knew I shouldn't have answered my phone this morning.

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