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The Meaning Behind Definition, Part 3

Six weeks. The line still acted in full force.

Ichigo's interviews had stopped. In fact, he hadn't made any contact with Grimmjow at all since their fight. To pass the time, he filled the remainder of the journals with sketches and doodles of various escape means.

Rukia had sent him a letter through an intern. Four more weeks and he would be set free. Grimmjow, however, would remain in the lab for further experiments.

Did he care?

The feelings did. Ichigo couldn't seem to get rid of them, no matter what he did.

It was maddening.

Grimmjow thought he had a beautiful relationship with humanity. The basis of that relationship involved, well, nothing. The lack of feelings between the two parties created a beautiful sense of unburden, which Grimmjow had taken full advantage of.

That bond crumbled rather quickly during this co-confinement. He still wasn't sure what did it. How had Ichigo been different from everyone else? What made him stick out?

Maybe Grimmjow's desperate need for a fuck forced him to become attached to the one thing refusing to fulfill his urges.

Or maybe this was his first time experiencing an emotion that was a stranger to cats;


Ichigo sat with his back to the line, the closest he had gotten to Grimmjow in weeks. Should he apologize? How do you apologize to someone? If he apologized, would they hook up?

Stop it Grimmjow. There are more things to life than sex.

He padded over and sat directly behind Ichigo, making it so they were back to back. Ichigo flinched but didn't move away at the feeling of Grimmjow's back pressed against his, blue hair tickling the back of Ichigo's neck. It definitely stirred up some excitement in the feelings Ichigo had.

"So, does it really exist?"


"You know. Love."

Ichigo hadn't expected Grimmjow to start off the conversation in this way. He picked up the dictionary next to him and flipped to the L's.

"Love; Noun: An intense feeling of deep affection. Verb: Feel a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone or something. Merriam Webster does not lie."

"Don't spout words at me Kurosaki. There's a meaning behind every definition. So, what do ya think's behind love?"

"You're more clever than I thought Jaegerjaques. Definitions tend to intertwine. Love happens to intertwine with trust and…intercourse."

Both of them tensed a little, the subject of sex proving to be extremely awkward in past conversations. Grimmjow didn't want to break the moment. He liked physical contact with Ichigo, and opening his mouth would probably ruin everything. Yet, of course, his impulse takes charge and he talks on his own accord.

"I'm sorry, you know. About the stuff I said before."

"I'm not that mad anymore, it's okay-"

"No it isn't. I shouldn't shove my face into places I don't belong."

"Maybe….maybe you do belong."


Did Ichigo kill the moment? Dammit, of course he did! It's the stupid feelings' fault! Damn things, jumping in his vocal cords and leaping out of his mouth.

Okay, he admitted it. Something, some stupid little detail had tripped him up and made him fall into a cesspool of attraction for Grimmjow. In his defense, it had been a while since he'd gotten out in the world. Work tugged and twisted him to the point of forgetting how to talk to the pizza guy when he shows up at your door after having the urge to start a conversation with him.

Yet, with Grimmjow, every syllable clicked perfectly into place, the words he said coming out clever and making him sound appealing. Rukia and Renji forced him before to talk with both girls and guys who shared the exact same interests as he did.

But if Ichigo was Mercury, Grimmjow would be Neptune. Complete astronomical opposites only sharing their point of gravitation.

Could it be their opposition that made all the difference?

"You make theories, right Kurosaki? You're a scientist, no?"

"Y-yeah. I mess around in the labs. Theories usually follow."

"Well, I've been making one of my own."

"My God! Continue on that road, and you just might get to an experiment!"

"Oh, but I've already gotten my theory. Research too. The experiment is the next part, right?"

"I'm not calling you wrong. What are the variables?"

"The theory is that we're attracted to each other, be it some ungodly magnetic force preventing us from pulling apart or actual romantic feelings. The variables, as you might infer, are you and I."

Should hearts pound this fast? Is it healthy for them to feel like they're going to burst out of your chest in a fountain of blood and adrenaline?

"You want to have sex."

"Don't deny that ya want to too."

Grimmjow turned around and set his hands on Ichigo's shoulders. The physical contact after so long felt nice. Ichigo shivered, leaning back to settle on his chest, Grimmjow's solar plexus centered between his shoulder blades. He wanted to just give in so, so bad…

No. Just because Ichigo liked him, he wasn't going to strip and have wild animal sex with Grimmjow. And, considering Grimmjow's race, it most likely would be literal wild animal sex.

He turned to face Grimmjow.

"I don't grow fond of things easily. For some reason, you're different. Why should I trust you?"

"I believe the same could be said fer me, Kurosaki! What reason do I have ta trust you?"

"Shit Jaegerjaques, do you want to have vagina time or something? Set free the skeletons we have in our closets?"

Grimmjow seemed to take his statement seriously.

"Well, why the hell not. Only got one anyways, might as well set it free."

Ichigo moved back when Grimmjow began tugging off his shirt, ears flat on his head in concentration and tail curled gently around his thigh.

"This is what happens Kurosaki,"

The shirt's hem flew up over his shoulders. The tip of the scar Ichigo had seen before extended all the way down his toned torso, stopping near his hips and almost half a foot wide at the largest part.

"This is what happens when ya try to protect yer poor kidnapped sister from getting her face burned off by a loan shark with a blowtorch."

He grabbed Ichigo's hand and they both flinched when he touched the discolored tissue. Grimmjow clenched Ichigo's wrist tightly.

The way he trembled just the slightest bit, how he wouldn't meet Ichigo's eyes, it was almost like he didn't let people touch the scar often.

Or at all.

Did he look up? Did he look down? Did he gaze into Grimmjow's eyes because he knew the motherfucker wasn't talking bullshit?

"My mom's dead. Drowned. I was too young to get in the river and save her."

"If this is a joke, I'm going to kill you Kurosaki."

"I don't make jokes Jaegerjaques."

"I'm beginning to notice that."

"Now kiss me you asshole."

They didn't do one of those tentative peck-on-the-lips kisses, and they didn't suck face either. Actually, they probably did the latter. Ichigo didn't notice much other than Grimmjow's tongue in his mouth and his tongue in Grimmjow's. He concentrated on controlling the kiss, a battle he lost in less than a minute and a half. Grimmjow didn't need to tell him he had kissed before. Ichigo found himself backing up until his back hit something sticking out of the wall.

Holy shit.

They were making out on the Testing Room door.

The Testing Room door has a fucking window.

Hesitantly, he broke the kiss.

"Maybe we should move."

"Hn? Why?"

Ichigo gestured to the window. Grimmjow was silent for a moment, then grinned eerily.

"Good find Kurosaki."

Without warning, Grimmjow flipped Ichigo around and shoved him gently into the window, pinning him there with him hands slamming down on either side of him and grinding into him from behind.


"What do you see Kurosaki?"

He pressed his face next to Ichigo's, making him shiver.

"Nothing. It's dark. Must be night. Only people here would be security."

"Then I guess yer gonna have ta be quiet."

But Ichigo wasn't just going to let Grimmjow take over.

Rather than trying to turn around, he slid straight down and tugged Grimmjow's pants on the way, making them hang a little precariously around his thighs. He already knew Grimmjow didn't wear underwear. Leaning in close, he teased Grimmjow for a second by exhaling slowly, his breath ghosting over the hybrid's erection. Grimmjow grabbed his hair.

"Well? Are ya gonna be a fuckin' tease or are you going to suck my dick Kurosaki?"

"Actually, thanks for the idea. I will be a fucking tease if I want to Jaegerjaques."

He licked the head of Grimmjow's member slowly, sliding a finger over the veins on its underside. The gasp in response was audible. Still taking his time, he sucked the very tip of the dick, pushing his head back when Grimmjow tried to force his head forwards. He moved only when a long blue tail snuck its way up his shirt, making him lose concentration by brushing his nipples. By the time he regained his composure, Grimmjow was at the back of his throat.

It felt sinfully good.

The main problem now was the tail doing terribly inappropriate things to his torso, and the fact that he couldn't do anything about it without relinquishing his hold on Grimmjow's hips.

"Caught in a situation, Kurosaki? I would ask for a reply, but that mouth looks pretty busy."

That almost swayed Ichigo to flip off the asshole. Instead, he pulled back his head and wiped his mouth calmly, swatting away Grimmjow's hand when it grabbed for his hair. Noting the lust in his partner's eyes, Grimmjow got down to the ground with him, running his hands up Ichigo's shirt while his tail slid down to tease his hipbones. He ended up all but tearing Ichigo's poor clothing to shreds, trying to get it off as quickly as possible. When they both sat naked, panting and melded together, a sneaky brush of blue playing around a certain orangette's genitals, Ichigo arched his back to lick Grimmjow's ear.


He got swept off his feet and tossed over a muscled shoulder at the request. They went forwards, the ride ending with him dumped over the side of the bathtub, half in and half out. Grimmjow had grabbed the shampoo. Ichigo began to get out of the tub.

"So, you bend over and-"

A hand shoved him back over the rim.

"Oh no Kurosaki. Those who suck cock like little sex gods and say they're straight go on bottom."

Ichigo flinched when he felt Grimmjow move between his legs from behind. The stupid fucking tail blindfolded him when he tried to turn his head.

"No looking. You can trust me, right Ichigo?"

His mouth felt like he gargled with sand. Shivers and shakes popped up sporadically in his extremities. His erection pressed against the cold porcelain siding.

This was the greatest he's felt since, well,


He turned his head forwards, trying to ignore the snap of the cap opening. The finger at his entrance proved to be impossible to overlook though.

"It's going to hurt if you don't relax, I'm telling ya that right now."

"Just fucking do it already!"

One, no, two fingers slid smoothly up his entrance. It stung and felt weird and he was tensing up because fingers should most definitely not be going there.

No. Relax.

Don't you dare pussy out on this.

He thought about his fingers, curled tightly into balls. His hips, bent forwards over the edge of the bathtub but not aching from the pressure yet. Anything but the stretching.

"Now yer relaxing. See? It ain't so bad."

The fingers crooked, they brushed against something, and it wasn't.

Suddenly, it was fucking fantastic.

"Fuck yes! There, there again!"

Panting and moaning freely now, Ichigo fucked himself on Grimmjow's fingers, a sight Grimmjow was all too happy to watch. His tail snuck around Ichigo's front and wrapped around his member tightly.

"Then yer gonna like this even more."

The fingers left, but something much bigger and more blunt rubbing against his entrance. His abdomen tightened. Grimmjow kissed him gently, rubbing Ichigo's shoulders to get him to relax.

"Fast or slow?"


"Do you want to start fast or slow?"

"Which one's better?"

"I've always liked fast."

"Fast it is then."

Grimmjow gripped Ichigo's hand.

"You're going to hate me for the next minute."

He quickly snapped his hips forward, ears flicking back at the immediate tension in Ichigo's body, followed by a strangled shriek.


It fucking hurt.

Grimmjow traced his hands gently over Ichigo's trembling body. Quickly moving, he thrust in and out, looking for his prostate again.

"Relax. Relax."

Ichigo gritted his teeth and closed his eyes tightly. The tail stroking his member and Grimmjow's back fitted over his were the only things keeping him from going insane. Stupid fucking Grimmjow. 'I've always liked fast.' Stupid ass.

"Ah! Fuck!"

A lightning bolt of pleasure lit up every nerve ending in his brain. Then again. And again. And again. Suddenly, Ichigo was pushing back against Grimmjow, bracing his arms against the side of the tub for leverage.

"Fuck yeah!"

"Turn around."

Grimmjow flipped Ichigo forwards to face him. He kissed him as he wrapped his own hand around Ichigo's erection.

And, there it was.

They both felt it.

It was the love.

Ichigo hissed out Grimmjow's name, coming and feeling Grimmjow follow after a few more thrusts. They both leaned back against the bathtub, panting and trying to casually wipe the sweat out of their hair.



"I love you."

Grimmjow kissed Ichigo's head.

"I love you too Ichigo."

"Want to take a bath?"


And so they did.

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