So, this is my first fanfic ever... Kinda nervous.

I would just like to say that I do NOT own the Teen Titans-much to my chagrin. I do NOT own the characters Beast Boy, Raven or *shudder in disgust* Malchior. Now, some may wonder why my first fanfic is on the Titans when my name is YJ-Obsessed. . . well, originally, I was gonna be all about the Titans, but I then discovered the wonders of Young Justice. But I had already written this story and I couldn't bear to not share so. . . there you have it.

Hope y'all like it. . . comments and criticisms of how things could be better soooo appreciated.

Raven and BeastBoy: Proof that opposites do attract

Raven. Small, ivory skinned, purple headed. . . . perfect. She never really seemed to be all that affectionate. I didn't even know if she HAD affections. That is until Malchior. Man that guy really screwed her up. First, he tells her that he loves her.
Then, he somehow convinces her that no one else does, or could ever. What a jerk! The thing that really takes the cake, what REALLY gets to me. . . she loved him too. And he turned into this demon dragon sorcerer prince thing, and broke her heart. I could hear her crying from the common room. Not that anyone else did, with me being part animal and all.
I couldn't take it. I had to talk to her. I was the only one who could. She trusted me. I could tell. No matter how many times she slammed that door in my face, I knew I was her favorite. I knew she felt safe with me. She was always a little less guarded when it was just her and me. I thought about that as I walked to her door. *Ah, man.* I thought. *Now I really hear it. Maybe I should go back. I don't think I need to bug her. . . . No. She needs to hear this.* I knocked on her door.

"Hey, Rae?" silence. "uhhhh. It's me. Beast Boy."
"What do you want?" she sounded resigned. Like she didn't see the point anymore in even living. I may not be an empath,
but I am good at reading people. "Rae, come on open the door. I wanna talk to you." I suppose she used her levitating powers, because I never heard her feet touch the ground, so I was slightly shocked when her door opened Her eyes were all red and puffy. She looked so small. ya know, smaller than normal.
"What is it Beast Boy?" she had some of her old monotony back in her voice, but that wasn't really good.
*I want her to let down her guard, not put more of it up,* I thought.

Beast Boy. Loud, green, obnoxious, elven-eared. . . . . . . incredible. There wasn't one moment that I didn't want to be around him.
Except for right now. I did NOT want him to see this. Bad enough he had already heard me and my pathetic tears. No doubt he would want to cheer me up. I wasn't empathing, I just knew Beast Boy. Beast Boy. I loved that boy. Not that I would ever tell him that. He knocked on my door and called, "Hey Rae?" I didn't say anything. I was trying to stop these ridiculous irrational tears. As if Mal - I mean, as if HE mattered. He wasn't even my age. Gross right? But he had made me feel so- "uhhhh. It's me. Beast Boy." Right. Beast Boy was at my door. "What do you want?" I tried -and failed-to sound irritated but I just couldn't do it. I was drained. Then, I heard something I didn't expect in his voice. That wonderful voice that made me melt, even though as an Azarathian I should be more emotionally controlled. Fear. "Rae, come on open the door. I wanna talk to you."

I tried to compose my self as I lifted my self off the bed with my powers. I opened the door, and managing to return some monotony to my voice, said "What is it Beast Boy?" I did feel his emotions this time. Sadness. Like he didn't like me this way. *Don't be an idiot, Raven. He doesn't cae for you. . . Not like you'd ever hope him too.* I told my self.
"Are-are you okay?'' He seemed to have genuine concern in his heart, eyes and voice. *Maybe,* a small voice in my head pondered.
" I am fine, Beast Boy." he didn't buy it. "Look, Rae," I noticed he called me that a lot more lately. He was the only one that got away with it. "I-I know that today was not exactly how you planned. I know that Mal- that HE hurt you. I just want to make sure that. . . that he didn't you know. . . give you the wrong idea of how we feel about you. . . . H-h-how I. . feel. . . about you."

"I know how this will sound. Like any other love-struck girl, caught up in some crush. But he made me feel special. Like I wasn't a weirdo. . or a freak. . .or. . . .. creepy. And PLEASE don't start trying to tell me that I am not all those things. I look in the mirror,
Beast Boy. I know what I am." I cut off Beast Boy as soon as he opened his mouth. he shut it immediately. *I figured as much.
Always trying to alleviate others' pain.* I thought with a small smile that not even he would have noticed.
"I wasn't. . . . I mean, I don't think . . . . . You really aren't. . . . ugh. Let me start over. Okay." he took a breath trying to collect himself. "I know you are a bit of a freak but. . . Okay, okay. You are WAY freaky. Happy now?" He chuckled a little at my face when he said 'a bit.'
"Look, my point is this. You may be a little dark and gloomy, and you can sometimes be a little intense to the rest of us. But I just want you to know that . . . . well, you may think that you're alone in this world, Raven.
But your wrong. You have a team, a family. You- you have ME. Ya know. . . if you want. I will always-"

I cut him off with my sudden display of emotion. I jumped out of my doorway, and wrapped my arms tight around his neck.
I buried my face into his shoulder and let some more tears out, just with out the sobbing. I hadn't let anyone see this part of me-
the vulnerable side since I left Azarath. He hugged me close. "So I guess you do wanna talk?"

*Whoa! Dude! Raven is giving me a hug? An actual hug? Well, I guess it does pay to be sensitive*
I hugged raven close. I heard her quietly-to human ears anyway-cry into my shoulder. She was letting her guard down if only for a moment. And how sweet a moment it was.
"So," i said"I guess you do wanna talk?"

She pulled back and looked at me, tears streaming down her face. She looked unsure of what to say. "I-I don't think that I am quite ready to talk about it, Beast Boy." I felt my face fall, despite how hard I tried not to let it. "Oh. Okay, I guess I'll just-"

"Beast Boy, wait!" Raven called out, panicked, and grabbed my arm as I turned away. "I am not ready to talk. . . . about today but. . .do you think that maybe we could just, ya know, talk?" She asked looking up at me through her lashes. *Like I would say no* "Yeah-" I cleared my throat when my voice cracked and tried again. "Yeah, we could do that." She smiled and took my hand, leading me into her room. *Oh. ! I am going into Raven's room. . . and this time with permission!* Maybe Malchior wasn't so bad a guy after all. I mean, if I ever see him again, he is totally going down but. . . he did give me and Rae the chance we needed.